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Text Chapter 157: The Kuroshio 1 (Prancing Horse Tianshan Plus)

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    In this society, science and technology are highly developed, population explosion, class solidification, and the gap between rich and poor is hopeless.

    Everyone will be implanted into a stack as soon as they are born. The stack is a device for storing memory, which can be freely converted into a prosthetic body to obtain a certain sense of eternal life.

    However, prosthetic bodies are expensive and are in the hands of oligarchs. Ordinary people may be able to buy the cheapest prosthetic body by saving money all their lives.

    This is the outermost setting.

    Like "Red Tide", the film does not throw out the world view at once, but slowly reveals it through details.

    Cyberpunk is dystopian, with elements of control and resistance, reflected in various places.  Every cyberpunk work will tell you to resist!

    However, they never said, how to resist?  What to do after the resistance?

    There has never been a protagonist to really resist this kind of rubbish social form, but to think about some seemingly high-end philosophical issues.

    For example, the Japanese-style cyber "Ghost in the Shell", thinking about the relationship between machinery, soul, and body.  For example, the American cyber "Blade Runner" thinks about the relationship between bionics and humans.

    There is no Chinese cyberspace.

    There is now.

    Xia Ye is a standard low-level population, without a high degree of education, barely subsisting, the biggest dream is to make more money, and moved to the Shangjiu District with her sister, I heard that there is a paradise.

    Close the stall at night.

    She was wrapped in a rubber raincoat, walking with one deep foot and one shallow foot, and there were holographic projection advertisements everywhere, and the ambiguous light circle dyed the street in pink and purple tones.

    "One would be great, what about the other two?"

    "It only costs a few coins per minute, and you may not be able to afford it in high-end stores, but I'm approachable, and I come to Qingre Biohut"

    If you are overseas, it is okay for netizens who watch the overseas version.

    However, those who are in the mainland and use various methods to watch the overseas version of the netizens, all of them are fucked!

    Because the scale of those holographic advertisements is too amazing, men and men, men and women, women and women, people and pets, people and robots, half-hidden, half-hidden It's hard to believe that it came from mainland creators  handwriting.

    "Beauty, do you want brain oil (drug)? Mammoths, zombies, wandering spirits, all the latest!"

    "Hey, beauty!"

    A white peddler, speaking fluent Chinese with English interspersed, entangled all the way.

    Xia Ye just ignored, left the big market quickly, and returned to his residence.

    It is a building complex that restores the Kowloon Walled City, restored to the extent that cyber fans can scream at the sight of it.  This is like a strange steel fortress, leaving only one passage to enter and exit.

    Step in and lift the hood of the raincoat. The buildings inside are dense enough to keep out the rain.

    She came to a building with the signboard of "Auspicious Apartment" and entered the gate. There was a large hall on the first floor. Several white people were playing mahjong. Ah San was eating glutinous rice. The old Taoist received a black girl and gave her  Mom does electronic super

    The old wooden stairs creaked and suddenly became heavy again, as if a big guy was going downstairs.

    Xia Ye quickly stepped aside, and sure enough, a giant man of more than 2 meters walked down, the muscles that had been cheaply transplanted had been deformed, and he looked like a bloated bear.

    With a look of sadistic satisfaction on his face, he disappeared into the rain.

    She continued to go upstairs and came to her own floor. She heard a faint cry, saw the door of a certain room was half closed, paused, pushed the door open and entered.

    The light and shadow changed, blood red and blue phosphorous flames illuminated the small bedroom, and it was as eerie as hell¡ªthis was the light pollution caused by holographic advertisements.

    A petite figure huddled in the corner, weeping.

    The whole body is naked, the legs are curled up, and the pink hair hangs down, unable to cover the scars all over the body.  Some look like being whipped, some like being bitten, and some like puncture marks, like a broken doll.


    The girl raised her head and straightened her body slightly, revealing four symmetrical faces.

    Xia Ye looked at her, didn't know what to say, just handed over the dinner in her hand, and when she turned around, a small "thank you" came from behind her.


    Fali Ji dodo was inexplicably unhappy watching her movie debut.

    She remembered that there were still a few lines of dialogue in this scene, but now they were all cut out, and she didn't introduce her own background. It was just such a person, such a scene, and clicked on the screen.


    My sister didn't return late at night, and couldn't be contacted, so Xia Ye decided to look for her.

    The freshwater crocodile is a well-known?Well, it's a bar on the surface, doing some dirty work in private.  Lying at the door are greyhound sisters, one black and one white, both 180 tall, equipped with recurved limbs, half human and half dog.

    She went in to inquire, and found a group of young people celebrating their birthdays.

    The boss is Tang Yingying, who came out biting a slender white cigarette stick. She has not become younger, but she has not lost the coquettish energy of the past. She rolled her eyes, revealed her charm, and said softly:

    "Let's go early, my little lover kisses me, maybe somewhere you fooled around, are you a family member?"


    "Look elsewhere, there are none here."

    She pointed to the door, smiled inexplicably, and watched the other party go out.

    Not long after Xia Ye went out, he was blocked in an alley.

    The arc lamp at the top of the alley was broken, flashing a dull yellowish halo, reflecting the tall and thin shadow of the visitor, with messy hair and beard, cloudy pupils, and drooling from the corners of his mouth like a mentally retarded person.  saliva.

    It is Fat Toutuo, Che Baobao!

    A metal centipede like an exoskeleton was embedded behind his back, with his legs spread out, embracing the body deeply.

    This person was obviously confused, only knowing about killing, pinched her neck with one hand and lifted it up, and started tearing her with the other hand like tearing apart a toy.



    Xia Ye passed out from the pain, was awakened by the other party in some way, and then passed out again, wandering between hells over and over again.

    She watched her body parts being removed one by one, she lost a lot of blood, and her consciousness soon became blurred. Finally, she seemed to see the opponent's slender fingers like sharp knives stabbing at the back of her neck in a daze.

    There, is the location of the stack.

    When the stack is destroyed, the person is completely dead.

    "don't want¡­¡­"

    Before she completely lost consciousness, she was still begging.

    She is puzzled, angry!

    She didn't understand, she lived a good life, why did such a thing happen to her?

    Naturally, the protagonist cannot die. At the critical moment, Officer Tang appears.


    Paul Che was drooling, seeing a new toy, he rushed over happily.

    Officer Tang also pretended to be embarrassed a few times, seeing no one around, twisted his neck, dodged to avoid the opponent's fist, turned around with the opportunity, and whipped him hard.



    Paul Che stomped back, showing a bit of confusion, followed by a fiercer face, rushing over with bared teeth and claws.

    "It turned out to be an idiot!"

    Officer Tang snorted, seeing the tall figure approaching, he did not retreat but advanced, and a sharp whip kicked from his right foot, hitting the opponent's temple like a bolt of lightning.

    Paul Che subconsciously stretched out his arms to block it, but was sent flying sideways by the huge force.

    He was even more confused, this woman was actually stronger than himself!

    Before he could turn the corner, a domineering gust of wind hit him head-on, and he couldn't dodge it. He was hit by a kick on the shoulder, and his whole arm fell down with a click. Immediately afterwards, his eyes blurred.  The toe of the shoe kicked straight to the door.

    ? This shot was like a cannonball, and it came like a storm.

    Che Baoluo had no power to fight back, and was beaten passively like a humanoid target.

    More importantly, in order to highlight the rhythm and show off skills, Zhuang Zhou didn't use editing at all, that is to say, this series of actions was completed in one shot-of course, some technology was used.



    The entire audience was dumbfounded.

    It is always said that the current kung fu has no texture, what is texture?  It's just bang bang bang, fist to flesh!  Instead of swish swish swish, what the hell is facing the waves from the air!

    Police officer Tang kicked again fiercely, and Paul Che also went into a frenzy, yelling and hugging her leg, and at the same time grabbed her waist, trying to tear her apart as before.

    She pressed down hard, and the strength increased several times.

    Che Baoluo seemed to have fallen under a heavy burden, and his stature fell short. Police officer Tang stepped on his shoulder and turned over quickly. With an extra cold knife in his hand, he aimed for the centipede's head behind him.


    The knife cuts in, and then quickly cuts off the centipede's nerve connection like boning and skinning, grabs the centipede's head with his left hand, and pulls hard.


    The metal centipede was torn off abruptly.

    Che Baoluo seemed to have sucked out his vitality, opened his slender arms and waved them a few times, before falling down.

    Damn it!

    The fight is over, and I don't know how many audiences at home and abroad are throwing keyboards.

    How many years!  How many years!

    We always say that it has been a long time since we saw a real fighting scene, but there are also a large number of Kung Fu fans overseas, and they have not seen it for a long time!

    And Police Officer Tang dug out Paul Che's stack, looked at the dismembered Xia Ye again, hesitated for a moment, and sighed:

    "You're lucky!"

    </div>??Fall down.

    Damn it!

    The fight is over, and I don't know how many audiences at home and abroad are throwing keyboards.

    How many years!  How many years!

    We always say that it has been a long time since we saw a real fighting scene, but there are also a large number of Kung Fu fans overseas, and they have not seen it for a long time!

    And Police Officer Tang dug out Paul Che's stack, looked at the dismembered Xia Ye again, hesitated for a moment, and sighed:

    "You're lucky!"

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