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Text Chapter 156 Online

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    Speaking of the friendship between Yang Tianbao and Da Mimi, it dates back to the time of "Song in the Cloud".

    But at that time, they were just acquaintances, not friends. Later, Zhang Dada went through the needles, and the two had needs for each other, so they became plastic sisters.

    At that time, Yang Tianbao needed some film and television and marketing resources, and Da Mimi needed some fashion resources, so the relationship was really good.

    Although the plastic sister flower is plastic, the advantage is that it can last for a long time.

    "Jiaxing also bought some portrait rights, but it is not as good as the big factories. I think your technical value is not only in the face, the key is to develop new works."

    Da Mimi talked eloquently, and said: "We and the goose factory are the first to test the water, please check it out."

    "What drama do you want to do?"

    "Customization, interaction, or something else."


    Zhuang Zhou nodded and said, "But we have to wait until the end of "The Black Tide"."

    "Well, I understand, I understand, who doesn't know that she is your sweetheart"


    Yang Tianbao pretended to be shy and bumped her with his shoulder.


    Zhuang Zhou shuddered, thinking that if he got along with them a lot, it would not be surprising that one day he would become a plastic sister.

    "The two versions of "Kuroshio" are online at the same time. I will give you the resources of the overseas version. It is ok if you don't want to leak it."

    "Okay, I still want to go back to Hong Kong to see it."

    "Hey, then let's watch it together, it's still lively with so many people!" Da Mimi suggested.

    "It's not very convenient, I'm afraid it will be embarrassing."

    "Wow, you still have nude scenes?"

    "Bah bah bah! Whoever has a nude scene belongs to someone else"

    Yang Tianbao thought for a while, and suggested: "How about this, I know a place where private movies can be played, which is similar to the theater environment, safe and confidential.

    It happened that you called all your employees, and we also called a few friends.  "

    "Well, yes."

    Zhuang Zhou agreed that the impact of the two versions is indeed quite different, and customers must appreciate the results

    After a period of publicity, "The Kuroshio" is already in place.

    Finally came the day to go online.

    Yang Tianbao found a secret private theater with a hundred or so seats and boxes.

    ?In addition to Da Mi Mi, Yao Lin also brought a few colleagues to join in the show. Zhuang Zhou also called Lu Ke, Zhao Jun and other main creators, Wang Xia Qi Wu Hai, Lao Mo and others.

    After the first wave of face-grabbing battles, all parties tended to calm down, and it was still the same sentence: face is the foundation, works are the core, and gimmicks are the key.

    After getting the face, the next step is to look at the work.  Jiaxing must have reached an agreement with Goose Factory to be the first experimenter, so Da Mimi got close to him.

    Of course, it's a little strange that so many people watch pornographic movies together

    at the same time.


    Fuli Ji dodo sprayed water after the performance, and was about to broadcast, saying: "Thank you for the gifts, let's stop here today, I'm going to watch "The Kuroshio".

    Don't forget to support everyone, it doesn't cost much to open a membership, and I'm holding four waves in it, which will definitely make you so happy, okay, goodbye!  "


    Li Qihong's family stood in front of the computer, waiting for "The Black Tide" to go live.

    She hasn't filmed for many years, and she is very nervous, especially after seeing the previous trailer, she looks quite indescribable when she was young.


    A fanatical up master like Yamei was prepared early on.

    She decided to read the harmonious version first, and then the pornographic version.

    And in various places, everyone who pays attention to this drama, and everyone who knows the inside story of the AI ??face-changing, took time to at least take a look.

    The aftermath of "Red Tide" has not yet calmed down, but the turmoil of "Black Tide" has arrived.


    Cyberpunk is a feeling.

    Steampunk, Cthulhu, Wasteland, Xianxia, ??Wuxia, etc. are also a feeling.  It is the kind of temperament that the audience will know if it is right or not at a glance.

    Hong Kong, District 13.

    Lili light rain, dark clouds clinging to the gray towering buildings, thick knotted pipes and z-shaped steel bridges, like the blood vessels and bones of the city, supporting and containing the people living in it.

    The big market in District 13 is the largest trading center at the bottom.Lu Ke's character is Tang Shuyu, an identity policeman.

    Holding an umbrella, she squeezed through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, hearing Chinese with various accents, and occasionally a few whispered greetings from Japan or Vietnam, but was immediately drowned out by the noise of the crowd.

    She turned a street, and in front of her was a row of simple stalls covered with waterproof sheds, with halogen bulbs hanging above her head, flickering dimly.

    "Officer Tang!"

    "A bowl of noodles."


    Tang Shuyu put his umbrella away and sat down. There were only two stools in front of the booth, and the waterproof shed just covered the edge of the stools. If he was not careful, his back would get wet.

    The camera showed her the front, but the close-up was a phantom, a woman cooking noodles.

    Finally, when it was served on the table, the camera swiveled.

    "Your face is healed."

    Yang Tianbao's face was filled with soft light, and it was shown in front of everyone for the first time.




    At this moment, an unknown number of netizens sprayed out in front of the screen.

    Whether it's a mule or a horse, you can tell the truth at a glance!

    In the trailer, Yang Tianbao is miraculous, but witnessing it with his own eyes still feels magical.  Take the simplest point, Yang Tianbao likes to laugh, and he looks good when he smiles.

    But after watching it for a long time, you will feel that her smile is very fake, as if it was artificially carved, a dead object without half agility.

    But in this one just now, she was also smiling, but full of nature and lightness, as if breathing life into this dead object.

    Not only lively, but also a little cute, not at all like a girl in her 20s, not in her 30s.

    This is even more terrifying!

    Police Officer Tang was eating noodles, dressed in uniform, with a straight waist.

    Yang Tianbao's character is called Xia Ye, and the two are not friends.

    She put her arm on the narrow counter and asked, "I've always wondered why you always patrol in person?"

    "if not?"

    "Shouldn't you sit in the office and drink tea comfortably, or drive a car that flies up with a whoosh, and go to the Ninth District to catch fugitives handsomely?"

    "I don't like the Upper Ninth District."

    "Just kidding, who doesn't like Upper Ninth District?"


    Officer Tang was about to answer, when he suddenly heard a noise behind him, getting closer and closer, drowning out the sound of the rain.

    When the two of them looked, they saw a bunch of guys with all kinds of paint on their faces, naked to the waist, holding signs and walking through the big market.

    "You're all going to hell!"

    "Don't use mechanical control, AI will imprison us, long live freedom!"

    "for freedom!"

    She watched the crowd pass by incomprehensibly, and said: "These people are marching more and more times, and there are some other groups, I can't tell them apart."

    "They belong to the Association of Natural Persons. The others are wind mediums, psychic associations, and the damn werewolf club. They all often appear in District 13."


    Her eyes showed the admiration of "worthy of being a policeman".

    Officer Tang looked at this innocent stall owner, and didn't intend to communicate too much, but just shrugged: "That's why I like this place, you can't see this in the Upper Ninth District."

    "elder sister!"

    Just at this time, the protagonist's younger sister, Xiao Hua, who just debuted in Hong Kong, ran over and drank a few sips of water in a hurry: "I won't go home for dinner at night, I'm going to freshwater crocodile."

    "What are you doing with the freshwater crocodile?"

    "Amin's friend's birthday, we want to celebrate, well, I'm leaving!"

    The younger sister ran away in a hurry again, perfectly achieving the cannon fodder achievement.
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