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Text Chapter 164: New Types of Works

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    Speaking of the heroines of China Entertainment, Liu Tianxian and Gao Yuanyuan are the top two.

    Liu Dada, Zhao Xiaodao, Pang Di, Fei Ge, etc. have been heroines many times, and there are also unpopular candidates such as Li Qin, Zeng Li, Zhang Zilin, etc. It is said that the most unpopular one seems to be Haiqing.

    As for Damimi, she is usually one of the harem, and basically she can't be the heroine.  It's like writing Hong Kong entertainment, without putting Guan Zhilin in the heroine position.

    This is determined by personal temperament and public impression.

    Zhuang Zhou met Da Mimi for the third time, and Fat Di for the first time. All the people present here were Jiaxing entertainers, more than a dozen men and women, surrounded by stars like the moon.

    Zhang Yunlong's "Warrior of Thunder", Zhang Binbin's "Si Teng", Gao Weiguang's "Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", Zhu Sudan's "New Yitian Slaying the Dragon", these few Zhuang Zhou are still familiar, and the rest are too strange.

    Of course he was most curious about Fatty, he scanned it up and down twice, and shook his head secretly.

    Fatty's face collapsed too quickly, and now she is extremely picky about her makeup, and like her boss, she has to retouch the pictures frame by frame.

    After saying hello one by one, he asked, "Is Yao Lin here?"

    "Today, all of us at Jiaxing invite you to dinner."

    "Oh, sorry to bother you."

    When Zhuang Zhou took his seat, he seemed to be caught in a vast ocean of traffic, and he was on the verge of falling.

    It's not that he is crumbling, it's that the other party is crumbling.

    When traffic is in its 20s, it is called Xiaohua and Xiaoxianrou, and it can be squandered as much as it wants, but once it passes 30, the sense of crisis comes.

    One is that they are old and their appearance is declining; the other is that the newcomers are updated too quickly, and the decline in popularity is inevitable.  So some of them are silent, and the other part is still in good condition, and those with a little brain are considering transformation.

    From an idol group to a powerful group, from a TV drama circle to a movie circle, from a star to a shareholder These are all called transformation.

    Looking at these people, all of them have fallen into the bottleneck of their careers. If they cannot break through as soon as possible, they will be eliminated in the face of the new wave brought by technology.

    "I wanted to talk to you before "The Black Tide", and I knew you were busy, so I dragged it until now"

    "I don't need to call you, I'm too old."

    "Oh good, I invite you here today to talk about a new play."

    Da Mimi doesn't want to call you either, but she has to make a gesture, and said on the way down the slope: "The first wave of face-grabbing battles is over now, and all parties are researching new types of works. Let us be the vanguard of Goose Factory.  Test the waters first.

    Some immature ideas, please advise.  "

    She paused, and then said: "I want to make an interactive and open drama series."

    "Tell me specifically?"

    "For example, Reba and I came out first. There is a main story line and their own branch lines, but these branch lines need to be unlocked by the audience to see. The branch lines will have new plots and new characters, which will also have an impact on the main storyline." Big Honey Honey  road.

    Fat Di also said: "For example, I was poisoned for some reason. And there is a branch line on Zhang Binbin. If the audience unlocks it, he can get a detoxification pill, which can save me.

    If the audience is not unlocked, then I am really dead.  Or unlocking other branch lines, I may become obsessed, go crazy, and a new story line will be derived.

    These will not be told to the audience in advance, let them explore like playing a game.  There are many similar suspenseful plots in it, and you need to unlock a certain branch to learn the truth.  "

    Like playing a game?  ?  ?

    This girl is just playing games, okay?

    Zhuang Zhou was overjoyed, you did not disappoint me, and asked, "Then what are the unlocking conditions?"

    "The current idea is that the platform sets up another kind of recharge members to watch new types of works. These members can choose whether to unlock, and if the required number of people is reached, it can be realized."

    It's a steak with two skins!

    "Then the volume of this drama is huge."

    "Yeah, it means that each character is the protagonist and has its own story line. Together they form a big drama. Is it technically possible?"

    "It's very simple."

    "That's good!"

    Da Mimi's attitude was impeccable, she presented an outline, and flattered her: "Mr. Zhuang is also one of the best producers. I have worshiped "Red Tide" and "Kuroshio" n times, and give me some pointers?"

    Look at Zhuang Zhou, it's another IP adaptation.

    Fantasy drama, with two heroines, one is the eldest lady of a family, the other is a poor girl He looked up, um, which one of you is a girl?

    The current drama is very strange. It has to let 30- and 40-year-old stars play teenage children.  Can't they find a suitable young actor?  they don't know??Are you very disobedient?

    of course I know.

    But I just didn't look for it, I would rather be innocent and innocent with a wrinkled face.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to watch, the two women had their own situations, and based on this as the main line, 6 unlockable characters and 10 branch lines were derived.  Contains some popular elements, domineering president, sibling love, sweet pet Barabara.



    "Conservative, the pioneering work must be shocking, you are quite satisfactory."

    Zhuang Zhou pointed at the outline, and said flickeringly: "There are too few unlockable characters, at least 10 or more, and at least 30 branch lines, including Danmei and Lily, especially the Lily line between you and Reba

    Find a few more screenwriters, if you really can't find a web writer, no one can compare with them.

    The volume is calculated based on 80 episodes, and a part of it will be broadcast first, and then continue to be filmed, with the slogan of absolute customization and wholehearted service to the audience.  We even make our own game, let the audience choose a branch line that we have not prepared, and then we shoot it now!  "


    Everyone was frightened, Fat Di asked weakly: "Mr. Zhuang, special effects are difficult to do, what should I do if I can't keep up with the current shooting?"

    "I can handle special effects!"

    Zhuang Zhou continued to flicker, saying: "The backward production mode in the past will soon be eliminated, and the production cycle will be shorter and shorter in the future. Speed ??up, comrades! A new era of entertainment has come!"


    Speeding up is a word he has been talking about recently.

    After seeing Da Mimi, Zhuang Zhou watched the dramas on other platforms.

    They are almost the same, Youku and Qiyi are custom-made dramas, preparing an IP, and let netizens vote for who they want to see.  I use whoever I want to see.

    In this way, it can still cover a little bit, and the face change is not directly exposed.

    The platform knows that face-changing cannot be hidden, but they don't want to bear the so-called negative impact, so they will try it out first.  At the same time, we have prepared a real face-changing web site, let's see the public opinion and market response first.

    ? On the surface, the platforms are fighting on their own, divided into domestic capital and Hong Kong capital. In fact, these people are joining hands to test the water. Hong Kong capital has long been colluding with domestic capital and making money together.

    So Zhuang Zhou met Zhang Jiazhen again.

    Zhang Jiazhen brought this script from NetUniversity, the first one, it is not ready to go to theaters, and they themselves are a little weak when they go to theaters.


    Zhuang Zhou flipped through the script, and first saw an extremely familiar name, Lin Zhengying.

    Lin Zhengying, a generation of zombie priests.

    ?He was the first to learn Peking Opera. After entering the industry, he became a dragon and tiger martial artist and a martial arts instructor. He was Bruce Lee's right-hand man.  In 1985, he starred in "Mr. Zombie" with Qian Xiaohao and Xu Guanying, which started the upsurge of fantasy films.

    He played the role of the ninth uncle of Maoshan Taoist priest, holding a mahogany sword, distinctive eyebrows, and the image of a serious and sullen master, which has become his trademark.

    Just look at Qidian Yishui's "I Became a Disciple of Uncle Jiu" and "From Uncle Jiu" to know how influential this film is.

    Lin Zhengying once had a girlfriend, Yuan Qiongdan, also known as Sister Pomegranate.

    In 1997, he died of liver cancer.

    "How did you get Uncle Ying's portrait rights?"

    "It cost a lot of money to find his family."

    The deceased does not have the right to portrait, but close relatives have interests in portrait. If you use other people's portraits to make money, the family members can sue you.

    Zhuang Zhou nodded, since Lin Zhengying came out, he must be making a fantasy movie.

    This subject is very popular on the Internet.

    And he went on to watch, the second starring role, wow!

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