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Text Chapter 165: Mr. New Zombie

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    Lao Wang, named Zuxian, lied about his height of 172.

    Born in Taipei, his ancestral home is Shucheng. He played basketball since he was a child. He made his debut at the age of 17. He is good at playing fox ghosts and ghosts. His long hair is fluttering and poignant.

    It has been popular in East Asia for more than ten years, and it can sing Missing is a kind of cake.

    Lao Wang's debut work was "This Year's Lakeside Will Be Cold" in 1984, playing a female ghost.

    This role seems to be destined by the sky. In the peak period of more than ten years later, she played the most female ghosts, fox fairies, and snake demons.

    Throughout the history of Chinese films, Lao Wang is an absolute leader in shaping such characters.

    Back then, Hong Kong was such a big city with only so few people, and basically they all worked together. It seems that Lin Zhengying and Lao Wang had no intersection, but they actually worked together on four films.


    Zhuang Zhou looked at these two people, and then looked at other actors: Qian Xiaohao, Xu Guanying, Wu Ma, Li Saifeng, Lou Nanguang, Yuan Hua, Zhong Fa, Huang Xia, Tian Qiwen.

    Good guy!

    They are almost the original cast of "Mr. Zombie", and they are also the most familiar faces in the wave of zombie films.

    Looking at the outline of the script again, the structure of the zombie film is very neat.

    "Who is the director?"

    "We want to find Tsui Hark."

    "Oh? Not Liu Guanwei (Mr. Zombie's director)?"

    "His set is outdated, and now the audience pays attention to novelty. Besides, Zu Xian has come out, of course Tsui Hark is going to shoot it!"

    "I agree with this!"

    The two had a cup of sympathy, Zhang Jiazhen hesitated to speak, and said: "But Tsui Hark made a request, he wants to see how your AI face change works, and to participate in the post-production.

    After all, this is not a real ancestor, so there is no way to teach it on the spot.  "

    "Okay, I just happen to have other clients who want to watch it, so I'll make arrangements for it. This movie will be available to you for a month, and it will be released at the end of the year."

    "In such a hurry?"

    "Don't worry, you guys can make a movie in a week. It's ok for the actors to do whatever they want. My special effects are fast, so there's no need to delay the cycle. Speed ??up, Mr. Zhang!"

    Zhuang Zhou looked very much like a pyramid scheme, and said: "Besides, I also need director Tsui Hark, let him finish the filming quickly."

    "You have a new drama?"

    ? Zhang Jiazhen's eyes lit up, no one knows that this master is like a crouching dragon and a phoenix, who was born to surprise the world, not only has the technology, but also beats the industry in terms of production.

    No one has ever made a big country heavy weapon before, but he made "Red Tide".

    No one made a domestic cyber before, he made "The Kuroshio".

    Now how many people are staring eagerly, wanting to mix up a role in the next work.  The same is true for Zhang Jiazhen, saying: "Mr. Zhuang's new work, we will definitely support it. If you need anything, just ask."

    "Well, it's really troublesome this time, I have to make arrangements."


    While the two were talking, the filing information of the tentative "Mr. New Zombie" was photographed on the radio and television review table.

    Since the Film Bureau broke away from Radio and Television and established the National Film Bureau, theater films are no longer under the management of Radio and Television.  However, online universities and online dramas belong to online audio-visual, and they are still managed by radio and television.

    ?The so-called filing is to provide information such as the title, genre, content outline, budget, platform to be broadcast, actor information, film remuneration, etc., and wait for official approval.

    There are more than n copies to be reviewed every day, but this one was printed out separately and photographed in front of several responsible persons.

    ""Mr. New Zombie", modern, legendary, Beijing xxx Film and Television Culture Company."

    This company is newly registered, so it is naturally the new vest of the big guys behind the scenes.  The content and budget are nothing, the eyes of a few people have been fixed on the actor information column:

    "Starring actors: Lin Zhengying, Wang Zuxian"

    Later, there is a special note: "This film uses a combination of real people and special effects characters, using the latest computer technology to restore several familiar actors, and has obtained portrait authorization from their close relatives and relevant legal parties."


    Silent for another long time, one person finally said: "Has Lin Zhengying died long ago?"

    "The 90s are dead."

    "Are Xu Guanjie and Wu Ma dead too?"


    "Aren't we going to hell?"

    "Hey, as a government employee, how can you say such a thing? Didn't they talk about computer technology?"

    "Then shall we pass or not?"

    "The law does not prohibit it, and it does not violate the regulations. Special effects characters,It's rare, we've all seen a lot, right?  The resurrection of the dead is a bit strange, but it is not without precedent. Hollywood has done it several times, but it is the first time in China.  "

    "And look, the intended broadcasting platform is written on it!"

    "Youku, Qiyi, Goose Factory, Mango, Station B oh!"

    This person became more and more surprised, what do you mean, this drama is going to be broadcast on the whole network?  ?  ?

    ?From the legal point of view, "Mr. New Zombie" has no violations, and from the yishi form, there is no sensitivity.  Mainly, they couldn't imagine what kind of character this computer technology would be like?

    Maybe it's another gimmick made by several major platforms, make something that looks like something that doesn't look like it, just grab a vote and leave.




    All parties came to discuss with Zhuang Zhou non-stop.

    Each of the major platforms has a so-called new type of work, including the interactive series of Da Mi Mi, which are all mainland stars;

    There is another "Mr. New Zombie", directed by Tsui Hark, starring Lin Zhengying and Wang Zuxian, and it is the first time to try the real face-swapping technology;

    There will be the second season of "The Kuroshio".

    Zhuang Zhou was busy, coordinating various researches, and had to give his own opinions.  After all, in the face of a new technology capable of changing the industry, everyone is excited, and everyone has no idea.

    This wave is regarded as a big alliance in the Chinese entertainment industry, and it is ranked according to the entire season of works.

    "Mr. New Zombie" comes out first, let's see the response, if it meets the basic expectations, then all platforms will flock to it.

    And these are actually not what Zhuang Zhou wants to make in his next film.

    He will not indulge in the brilliance of the previous film, but only wants to continue to challenge, expand genres, and try new things.

    Today, Shen Cheng.

    After breakfast, a car departed from the hotel and drove to the industrial park in the southern suburbs.  Stopping downstairs, a few people came down, it was Zhuang Zhou, Tsui Hark, and Sun Maoxian, the mainland representative of Netflix.

    When "The Kuroshio" was launched, he told Netflix that he wanted to cooperate deeply, so Sun Maoxian also followed.

    Several people went upstairs and came to the shell company in Zhuangzhou Lane.

    This is probably the most conscientious shell company in history. It bought the unit, hired real professionals, and was really doing special effects and AI research and development.

    It's just that the egg came first, and then the chicken.

    He holds the finished software of Miracle 1.0 and Miracle 2.0, and is not afraid to ask questions. There are many reasons to fool him.  Because when he was not famous, he had already set up a "getaway" company.

    No one knows the previous situation of this company, anyway, the patent is in his hands.

    Several people walked around and came to the post-production studio specially built by Zhuang Zhou to demonstrate how to change faces on the spot.  There are two computers side by side, one is face a and the other is face b.

    Face A kept making various expressions, while Face B remained motionless, like still water.

    And next to the face b is a facial outline composed of countless small mosaics.  These mosaics were changing wildly, beating like living creatures, and finally covered her face.


    Tsui Hark and Sun Maoxian were amazed at the delicate and exquisite expression of the transformed face.
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