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Text Chapter 166: Three visits to "Mount Shu"

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    "The current AI face-changing technology started in the reddit community in 2017.

    A great god named deepfakes posted a face-swapping video, and at the same time the code was open source, and the technology was spread.  Nowadays, almost all face-changing technologies at home and abroad come from deepfakes.

    However, my technology uses a new algorithm, which is more efficient and can be applied to film and television works. This has been proved many times.

    The general process is to collect various expressions and facial performance skills of live actors to form a repository.  When you need to change the face, you can directly call it from the repository, first change it to the actor's face, and then change it to the stand-in's face.  "

    In the later studio, Zhuang Zhou talked (nonsense) about (making up) and talking about (making up).

    Tsui Hark listened very seriously, and asked, "Is it necessary to use a substitute?"

    "It's okay if you don't need it. It's completely AI face pinching, which has high cost and slow efficiency."

    "That is to say, if I grasp the body of the stand-in well, it's ok, facial post-production?"

    "That's right, it's actually the same as traffic cutout, except that my effect is better."

    "How can it be the same?"

    Sun Maoxian was inexplicably excited, and said: "Film and TV special effects and AI are two different concepts. You have already left the category of special effects. This is a new technology and something that will change the entertainment industry!"

    Tsui Hark nodded in agreement. He is the old monster who is most obsessed with new technologies in the Chinese film industry. He has a small psychological burden and is ready to use it.

    Several people looked around and returned to the city.

    Zhuang Zhou talked with the two separately, first Sun Maoxian.

    "It's best for you to get the portrait authorization of overseas stars. Wherever Netflix covers, stars from that region will be included. This is the basis of in-depth cooperation. Hollywood has played this not once or twice. I don't understand why you are bothered.  "

    "Although Hollywood has tried, but you haven't seen it, it has received strong moral condemnation every time, disrespecting the dead, disregarding ethics, and squeezing the living space of existing actors"

    "Come on!"

    Zhuang Zhou said: "To squeeze the living space, you also take down the portraits of the existing actors, then it doesn't matter whether it is squeezed or not.

    As for ethics, please!

    As long as it can increase membership and increase the stock price, even if I buy a rope that strangles them, Netflix shareholders will happily sell it.  "


    Sun Maoxian had no way to refute.

    "What's more, you have already fallen into a bottleneck. Several major streaming media are besieging Netflix and are just holding on. Now there is a chance to break through the bottleneck. Why don't you give it a try?"

    "Okay, okay, I'll go back to Singapore and report this project to the headquarters in detail."

    "Looking forward to your good news."

    After that was Tsui Hark.

    "With a one-month deadline, is there any difficulty in "Mr. New Zombie"?"

    "It shouldn't be a problem. At most, we can go back to the old way of making Hong Kong films."

    "Have you selected your next film yet?"

    "I'm not sure, the next film may not be directed by me. There are many Hong Kong stars. Every once in a while, a few faces are released, and then they are matched with each other, or they can have a family reunion, and they can play for a long time."

    Tsui Hark is over 70 years old, and his energy is not as good as before.

    Even if the love for movies remains the same as before, many times, the body does not allow it.  His face is still as clear as a Jianghu man, the sharpness in his eyes has weakened, and he said:

    "Mr. Zhuang, I heard that you want to cooperate with me. I wonder what project it is?"

    "A big drama series, with more than a dozen episodes per season, the kind that is broadcast simultaneously on domestic and overseas platforms."

    As soon as he heard that it was a drama, Tsui Hark felt that it was not interesting, but he heard the other party say: "I communicated with all parties during this period, but I still feel that you are too conservative and always want to test the water.

    Then I had no choice but to do it myself and make a work that could showcase new technologies to the fullest.

    Director Xu, are you interested in taking another look at "Shushan"?  "


    Tsui Hark immediately sat up straight.

    In 1983, he filmed "The Legend of Shushan Swordsman", starring Zheng Shaoqiu, Brigitte Lin, and Yuen Biao, and invited the Hollywood "Star Wars" team to do special effects shots.

    Although it won a box office of 15.87 million, the cost was too high and it ended at a loss.

    In 2001, he filmed "The Legend of Shushan" again, starring Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, and Cecilia Cheung, which cost a sky-high price of 100 million and earned 30 million at the box office. It ended in a dismal again.

    Since then, Tsui Hark's vigor has been greatly reduced, and the film and television environment has changed. The audience has never seen the old monster Xu who was at his peak in the 1990s.

    "Actually, your problem, since?Clearest.

    Technology is paramount, and the story is very easy to go wrong. The first two "Shushan" both made this mistake.  This time we smoothed it out, sorted it out, and worked on the script in a down-to-earth manner, season by season.

    ?The original work is eloquent and full of characters, and the branch lines of the characters are messy and complicated. We cut off the branches, reshape the main line, and retain the essence. It must be an amazing work.

    Such a large-scale work couldn't be more suitable!  "

    Tsui Hark's eyes are getting brighter and brighter. He has a complex about "Shushan" and wants to leave something real before he retires.

    What's more, there is the devil Zhuang Zhou who is tempting: "This "Shushan", don't worry about any lack of resources. For fifty years of Chinese film and television, almost all outstanding actors have been included!"



    A honey-colored calf with well-proportioned lines was stretched straight suddenly, the round toes were spread out, and the big toe was forced upwards, and it took a long time for it to hang down softly.

    A Yuan was panting heavily, satisfied physically and mentally, but with unkind eyes.

    She stepped on someone's back, and Zhuang Zhou, who was still reminiscing about his extraordinary performance, fell to the ground, and turned around and said, "Are you crazy?"

    "Are you someone outside?"


    "Are you sorry for me?"

    "Say what?"

    "Then why are you so excited today?"

    "Why can't I be excited?"

    "Still stubborn!"

    A Yuan sat up, crossed his legs, and said solemnly: "If your boyfriend who has been with you for a long time and has lost enthusiasm suddenly treats you intimately, it means that he has probably done something sorry for you to fill his guilt.  "

    "Who said that?!"

    "It's in the book!"

    A Yuan took out a book from nowhere, threw it over, and Zhuang Zhou looked at it: "Encyclopedia of Love Psychology".

    "Don't think about what kind of mess you see all day."

    "I didn't think about it, why did you come back suddenly? You worked hard just now, why did you work hard?"


    Zhuang Zhou hurriedly flipped through the book, refuted it with arguments, glanced quickly, pointed to a place, and said, "Can you read the whole book? It's still written here, and it may also be stimulated by psychology, such as career, friends, family and other factors.  a state of excitement.

    I am obviously the second type!  "

    He took Sun Maoxian and Tsui Hark to visit the industrial park, and the two left.

    He didn't go back to the capital, but went back to Lingshui County. He didn't expect to be questioned.  A Yuan's eyes were still unkind, and he asked, "Are you sure you are the second type?"


    Zhuang Zhouyi was jittery, and changed his words temporarily: "I'm nothing, I just miss you, I miss you, can't you come back and have a look?"

    "Forget it, you don't miss me!"

    A Yuan has seen it through, got up to take a shower, and said from the bathroom: "Why are you so excited? A career breakthrough?"

    "Do you still remember the first avatar I pinched?"

    "The first one, that little Taoist priest?"

    "Yes, after fighting for a long time, I finally saw the light! ?
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