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Text Chapter 167: The Age of Superstars No Longer

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    When A Yuan came out of the shower, Zhuang Zhou was fiddling with the laptop.

    There is a little Taoist inside.

    As early as the two first met, he pinched this avatar and named it Chen Yingning.  For so long, it has been placed in the computer, tightly covered.

    The little Taoist priest still looked the same, blue sermon gown, white socks and cloud shoes, hair tied in a bun, and a wooden hairpin stuck in it.  She has a small face and a slender body, thin and unobtrusive, and her neck is as tall and straight as a lotus leaf stalk.

    Between the eyebrows and eyes, there is a look of hope, both pure and airy.

    Zhuang Zhou looked at her as if she was the most perfect work of art.

    It is indeed a work of art, which uses the world's best virtual technology and high-intelligence performance training, which can compare to any actor.

    There are two modes, one is manual and the other is ai.

    Manual, similar to the current virtual anchor, a real person wears a set of equipment, like playing a double reed.  Scientific name: real-time dynamic capture virtual image technology.

    The real world existed years ago.

    Zhuang Zhou changed the clothes of the little Taoist priest. Sometimes he was formally dressed as Huayan, and sometimes he was like a fairy. He had a great time playing.  This is going to be used for live broadcasting, becoming an Internet celebrity, rockets are flying all over the sky, and creating a new generation of Daoist celebrities!

    Foyuan is so weak!

    A Yuan came over, leaned on his shoulder, and asked, "Are you finally going to push it out?"

    "Push a little bit."


    "When everyone is obsessed with it, when everyone discovers the truth later, I look forward to their reaction."

    Zhuang Zhou put his arms around A Yuan's waist, kissed and kissed again, and said: "This time I have to stay for a while, to accompany you well."

    "Come on, you are working hard, so stay with me by the way!"

    Ah Yuan saw through this man.

    Sure enough, Zhuang Zhou then checked the account of the Blue Star Company in Dielou. With the export of cultural works from the earth, the funds were already extremely sufficient.

    Before, he asked Ah Yuan to pay attention to the outdated technology of the vr industry. This time, it is not only vr, but also glasses-free 3d, holographic projection, special effect software, etc., all of which are required!

    Because virtual idols are a single-category industry, if you want to maximize your advantages and grasp the most powerful cards, you need a series of matching packages.

    Similarly, do these things exist in reality?

    ? Of course, naked-eye 3D, holographic projection, etc., will be unveiled at every technology exhibition. The effect is actually good, but the cost is too high.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to retreat, painting cakes.


    Singapore, Netflix Asia Pacific Headquarters.

    After Sun Maoxian came back, he and Song Le'an advised President Bailes, and Sun Maoxian also brought a video of "Zhuang Zhou demonstrating AI technology".

    Bailes did not question the effect of the face-changing, because he had also watched "The Black Tide" and specifically found Li Qihong's information, confirming that this is an outdated old actor in his 50s.

    Right now, the Asia-Pacific region is convening a meeting of executives.

    As a front-line employee, Sun Maoxian gave a lecture on this in-depth cooperation project.  Everyone was shocked at first, and then inexplicably excited, except for Jin Minying.

    "I disagree!"

    "Although Netflix pursues a localization strategy, it has always been based on its works, and strives to exchange quality for members and word-of-mouth for the market.

    Over the years, we have done very well. Representative works from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and other places have followed one after another, and the membership in each district has also continued to grow.  We don't need to self-destruct our signs and play tricks that will definitely be attacked by public opinion!  "

    Sakamoto Kota, who is in charge of the Japan region, said: "But the growth of members has been getting slower and slower. Compared with the population of the Asia-Pacific region, it can even be said to be stagnant. Our market development has encountered a bottleneck."

    "That's because it's not good enough!"

    Jin Minying was emotional, and said in an almost quarrelsome tone: "The quality of the work is always the first, and everyone including me must review it!"


    A few people rolled their eyes and said high-sounding, isn't it because they are afraid that the Chinese will steal the business?

    Song Le'an calmly said: "The quality of works is important, but for us, the cost is the top priority. We have spent more than 10 billion U.S. dollars in original funds for several years, but the effect is not good.  obvious.

    Unlike Disney, Netflix itself is a big Hollywood company with a Marvel universe and strong global distribution channels.

    ?We don¡¯t have a theater foundation, we rely entirely on the streaming media platform, and use China¡¯s new technology, which can not only reduce costs, but also create new profit growth points, why not do it?  "

    theNetflix is ??boycotted in the United States.

    A week after their movies were shown in theaters, they would be posted online, which aroused dissatisfaction with the theater companies, so much so that they refused to show Netflix movies.

    Disney has also done it at the beginning, such as "Black Widow", which was released online and offline simultaneously.

    In addition to the widow's lawsuit, distributors and theaters around the world are disgusting, and Disney has to compromise, promising that some works will have a 45-day release schedule before they will be posted online.

    Netflix is ??not as strong as Disney. It is in a severe transition period and is already considering the acquisition of theaters.

    In addition, this matter has been said many times, but every time someone asks, I want to emphasize it again: the platform loses money, and it is the members and shareholders who lose money, but its market value is high, and shareholders make money.

    What about the huge expenditure?  By issuing bonds, relying on financing, one round of financing, one round of spending, and financing after spending is over.

    Netflix has come here year after year. After all, it is not a long-term solution, and it has to seek innovation and change.

    President Bailes listened carefully, and waited for the executives to finish their discussions before asking: "In your own country, that is, in your country, who is the most popular star? Sakamoto?"


    Sakamoto Kota frowned, thinking hard: "Ayase Haruka, Ishihara Satomi, Yamazaki Kento, Suda Masaki, Aragaki Yui? Oh, she has retired.

    Sorry, it seems there are many.  "

    "Then ten, twenty, thirty years ahead, who will be the most popular?"

    "Momoe Yamaguchi, Seiko Matsuda, Mingcai Nakamori, Yuji Oda, Takuya Kimura"

    "There seem to be many?" Byles asked.

    "No, it's not the same."

    Sakamoto Haotian regained his energy, and said: "People like Haruka Ayase, when mentioned, people will think, oh, they are indeed very popular. But if it is said to be the most popular, it cannot be said.

    Takuya Kimura and those people, at least at a certain stage, people mentioned him, wow, he is really the most popular!  "

    "Have a sense of dominance?"

    "Yes, it is dominance!"

    "Yes, there are no big stars in Malaysia. We all watch Hong Kong movies. At that time, I thought that Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat were really superstars, the stars of the stars.

    But I don¡¯t know when, no one gave me this feeling anymore.  "

    Song Le'an agreed.

    "So does Hollywood."

    Bailes looked at a few people and said: "In an era when the entertainment industry is relatively scarce and technology is relatively backward, it is easy to produce superstars. From Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Hepburn, to Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, Tom Crewe  That's all.

    Nowadays, the entertainment industry is becoming more and more diversified, and the gold content of stars is diluted by those blowout low-quality actors, superhero platters, Internet celebrities, and anchors.

    This is an era where there are no more superstars.

    Netflix is ??inherently deficient. It has no theaters, no traditional media channels, and no superhero ip.  We are leading in streaming media and lagging behind in other areas, but this time I think it is a turning point to occupy the portrait IP market first!

    Sakamoto, do you think Japanese audiences will like it?  "

    "When Hashimoto Kanna, Honda Tsubasa, Arimura Kasumi, Ishihara Satomi, Kitagawa Keiko, Fukada Kyoko, Aragaki Yui appear in a movie, the Japanese can tolerate everything!"

    "Kim, do you think Koreans will be an exception?"


    Jin Minying hated secretly, the president's attitude was obvious, so she could only ask: "Are you going to recreate a superstar?"

    "Superstar? No!"

    Bailes' answer was unexpected, saying: "As I said just now, this is an era where there are no more superstars. Even if those faces reappear in their youth, they may not have any dominance.

    However, this is the age of entertainment to death.

    If we do this, the eyes of the whole world will focus on Netflix, we will create a new trend, and continue to entertain until death!  "

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