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Text Chapter 169 Definition of Creation

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    ? Since Zhuang Zhou met with the vassals of the Eighteen Routes, the film and television circles have been filming.

    He mostly didn't care, only occasionally glanced at the second season of "Mr. New Zombie" and "Black Tide", as well as the award-winning drama prepared for Yang Tianbao.

    Winning the prize is not a whim.

    It is a thing that Yang Tianbao must do when his popularity has accumulated to a certain level.

    Of course, it also has its own bad taste. Thinking about the news that "baby won the Golden Eagle, the first step in the grand slam journey", he would die laughing.

    # Absurd faction Huayu#

    So when Yang Tianbao returned to Beijing from Hengdian, someone immediately connected him.

    As we all know, drama is a sharp weapon for winning prizes, so what exactly is drama?

    Simply put, it is a serious subject.

    ?Revolutionary martyrs, scientific feats, poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, achievements of reform and opening up, the lives of people at the bottom, the display of real contradictions, etc., are all serious dramas.

    In the past, the main drama was a separate circle, and it was not incompatible with the entertainment circle.  Now, the boundaries are very blurred, and more and more celebrities and traffic are running to act in dramas.

    There are also those big and small flowers who have reached the bottleneck, and they also want to use the drama to transform.

    Because the theme of the main theme is hot!  It was so hot that it looked like a basket, and everyone wanted to jump into it.

    "Age of Miracles is jointly produced with Mango TV. It must be launched before May next year. Because the primary elections of Golden Eagle and Magnolia will start at that time, and you will have to wait for the next one if it is later."

    "The current policy on online dramas is very lenient, and TV drama awards are very acceptable. We are eligible when we go online on the platform, and we don't need to broadcast it on satellite TV."

    "The title of the play "Walking Through 1990", about 20 episodes, set in the 1990s, tells the story of a woman from the countryside who overcame all difficulties, started her own business, and eventually became a leader in the industry."

    "Your popularity in "The Kuroshio" can be consumed for a long time. If you star in a drama, even if the audience has doubts, you will definitely have nothing to say after seeing the broadcast effect. It can be called a key battle for your transformation!"

    "The male protagonist is a familiar face in the drama, and he is very comfortable in acting in this kind of drama. He has an ordinary appearance and will not have extra gossip hype. And we will control your love scenes and focus on career."

    "The second female is a bit special, similar to your situation, and wants to transform."

    "Who is the second female?"

    "Tang Yan."


    Yang Tianbao himself thought it was funny.

    Fifty steps laugh at a hundred steps!

    Tang Yan's life is worse than before. This person was playing Silly Baitian in his 20s, and he was still playing Silly Baitian in his 30s. This year he is 40 years old. A new drama just aired is actually still silly.  white sweet.

    The black fans couldn't bear to be black, so they just ignored it.

    As for now, Tang Yan may not even be able to take on Silly Baitian. After all, she is too old and unwilling to act as a mother. She wants to break into the drama circle, and people look down on her.

    Although she became the boss and signed a newcomer, she didn't have any decent resources herself, so how could she find a newcomer?

    Unlike Yang Tianbao, she has a strong sense of variety, and she can't even be a resident guest!

    Tut tut!

    Yang Tianbao suddenly felt superior.

    Once upon a time, the two were representatives of Xiaohua born in the 1980s, and both were rated as "Four Little Flowers".  A little bit of plastic friendship, have been mixed in the Hong Kong circle, there is a feeling of crouching dragon and phoenix chick.

    But in recent years, she has discovered, ouch, the other party is getting old too fast, that is an old state of being at the end of his career and seeing no hope.

    ? On the other hand, although I can't hide the fine lines around my eyes, I think I look great and in good condition - this is the confidence and climax brought about by Xianyu's turnaround.

    "I don't know who she knew about this drama through?"

    "Hmph! She still wants to turn over, and she wants to be the second girl for me!"

    Yang Tianbao immediately made an appointment with Tang Yan, preparing to declare his sovereignty in a high-profile manner.

    Zhuang Zhou's technology, among other things, has ignited these 80 flowers anyway. Originally, they turned behind the scenes one by one, engaged in side jobs and retired, and clicked like this.

    Years of burning passion!

    The tide of violence in the mainland was brought about by 80 flowers.


    "I am Dijia in the northeast, on the Songhua River"

    Zhuang Zhou hummed a ditty and drove towards Shencheng.

    ? Winter has already entered the Northeast, snow has fallen, the road has been cleaned, and the crop fields on both sides are still silvery white.  When passing through towns, you can occasionally see factory buildings with big chimneys, which are where the central heating equipment is located.

    When entering the urban area, first pick up Tsui Hark at the hotel, and then go to the industrial park.

    I have to say that Hong Kong directors have a sense of speed in their bones.New Mr. Zombie" came sooner than Zhuang Zhou expected.  After wrapping up, Tsui Hark went directly to Shencheng, where he mainly participated in the post-production, and chatted about "Shushan" by the way.

    Well, by the way.

    The two arrived at the post-production studio, and there were several assistants. The computer first released a piece of material: a female ghost played by a stand-in, who came to seduce a man in the middle of the night.

    Tsui Hark was extremely curious, and said, "I want that kind of tenderness and temptation, can I do it?"

    "Is it a pitiful one that is weak, or a pitiful one that makes people want to be trampled."

    "The kind that makes people want to ravage."

    "Let me check the material library"

    This is a concept fabricated by Zhuang Zhou, which refers to the performance material library included in AI.

    Tsui Hark watched him turn on the storage, and switched to the large display on purpose. With a buzz, the large screens on the entire wall were densely packed and dazzling.

    There are all kinds of actors, showing a variety of expressions.

    Zhuang Zhou directly retrieved Wang Zuxian's materials and asked, "Is this okay?"


    He clicked twice, Tsui Hark's eyes widened, and he saw another facial outline composed of countless tiny mosaics.

    These mosaics are changing crazily, beating, like a living mask, and after a short time, they perfectly cover the stand-in's face.

    Looking at the screen again, it is Wang Zuxian, charming and seductive!

    "Did you change Zu Xian's original expression to the stand-in's face?"


    "Then I want an expression that Zu Xian has never done, what should I do?"

    "Use someone else's."

    Zhuang Zhou also transferred Maggie Cheung's performance of crying and laughing when he saw Brother Bao's body in "Sweet Honey".

    Then in the same way, first covered Wang Zuxian's face, and then covered the stand-in's face, so I saw her very natural, as if she was born to perform this part, crying and laughing exclusively for Wang Zuxian.

    It's completely different from Maggie Cheung's feeling.


    Tsui Hark was a little sluggish.

    "The alpha dog who plays Go knows that it has been input with millions of sets of chess records. After continuous training and using its own computing power, it can play against others.

    Later, the dog was upgraded.

    It has no contact with human chess records, it just starts from a single neural network and uses a powerful search algorithm to play games by itself.

    With the increase of self-play, the neural network gradually adjusts to improve the ability to predict the next step, and finally wins the game.

    Just like a rookie who doesn't understand anything, he knows Go, gets in touch with Go, learns Go, becomes a master step by step, and even creates a chess path that humans have never gone before.

    The current Miracle 2.0 is equivalent to the old version of AlphaGo.

    It has been input into almost all the great performances since the birth of the movie, and then adjusts itself through computing power to meet the standards we require.  "

    "That is to say, it cannot create performances now?" Tsui Hark asked.

    "That depends on your definition of creation"

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