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Text Chapter 170 Let's talk by the way

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    In the workshop, the ground heat is not too hot.

    I heard that there is a big shortage of coal

    Without taking off his coat, Zhuang Zhou held a cup of hot tea and said, "The basis of performance is the sound of the stage. The actor has mastered the basics, and then through modeling, props, understanding, experience, experience, etc., to present the characteristics of the characters.  The audience achieves an empathy effect.

    An actor who plays the role of a high paraplegic.

    He first observes people in his life, experiences, trains, and finds that feeling.  When actually performing, he still has to control his muscles, showing a paralyzed state.

    In the end, the audience saw it, wow, it really looks like it!

    This is called artistic creation.

    AI is different.

    It's based on the face, just to make the performance material work for that face.

    It is only technical.

    But let's think about it from another angle, these performance materials come from those outstanding actors, and they have all gone through the test of time.  AI uses its own algorithm to restore, refine, and fuse them, and accurately distribute them to each face.

    It omits the process of actor observation and training, and directly presents the results, which can still bring strong appeal to the audience.

    Is this also a kind of creation?  "

    "This topic is very interesting"

    Tsui Hark was also holding hot tea, shrunk his body when he was old, like an old man who is about to retire, and said: "Can it be said that AI has stolen the achievements of actors?"

    "If your moral bottom line is high, you can think so."

    "Actually, I think acting is a feeling"

    Tsui Hark took a sip of tea, and said in a hoarse voice: "For the same crying scene, Maggie Cheung acts like this, and Gong Li acts like that, they will show different effects.

    This stems from the characteristics of the actor itself.

    Any performance comes from people after all, and people will add their own things to it, which is unique.  "

    "A commonplace proposition.

    When it comes to AI and artistic creation, there are always people who talk about emotion, soul, and vitality.  But don't you think these things are only for creators?

    An artist who spent ten years painting a painting.

    An ai directly used the algorithm to get the painting.

    Do you think there is a difference in the eyes of the audience?

    In other words, do the audience care how hard you try to figure out the role and how hard you perform?  Most don't, because the audience is on par with the outcome, not the process.  "

    Zhuang Zhou put down his glass and said, "Of course, I recognize the uniqueness of the artist's uniqueness. AI can't do it yet. I'm just talking about the audience's feelings."

    "I know, I understand."

    Tsui Hark nodded and asked, "But you're not afraid that AI will obliterate the performance, and no great actors will be born in the future?"

    "The scope of this is very wide, not just about the entertainment industry.

    If one day, ai, like the new version of AlphaGo, performs from zero contact, learns by itself, keeps upgrading, and finally has a strong ability to perform and empathize.

    So is it a great algorithm, or a great actor, or a virtual actor?  "


    Tsui Hark was silent for a while, then suddenly smiled and said: "Let's continue our discussion, and we will go to the world view of your "Kuroshio", cyberpunk.

    But at present, your technology will definitely subvert the film and television industry, and this subversion is more aimed at creators.

    Audiences in today's entertainment environment are perhaps more receptive than we are to a novel"



    Many years ago, Qilinyu was a classical fairy tale writer.

    What is a classic fairy tale?

    There is no specific definition, but the elements are very clear: such as the ancient background, spiritual root, Qi training and foundation building, alchemy and talisman making, Zongmen family righteous way and magic way, antique beauties and monsters, what is Tao, what is cultivation and so on

    However, what he wrote is a bit biased. He wrote the same person of "Shushan".

    At that time, classical fairy tales were popular, and even the colleagues of "Shushan" made him a little famous, and he became a not-so-big-not-so author of online articles.

    It's a pity that the good days are short, and my readers are getting fewer and fewer.

    ?Because classical fairy tales are no longer popular, fairy tales that add various subcultural elements are only popular now.

    ?Including the overall style of online writing is also changing, the more traditional, the older your book is, and a new generation of readers is emerging, ?They are more pursuing ideas and trends.

    Just like works with a bit of a light novel style nowadays, as long as the writing skills are good, the grades are good.

    So Qilinyu began to transform, and also tried to write light novel Xianxia, ??but it was not very successful.  This time I threw another book, and I didn¡¯t even have the confidence to continue writing.

    Net texts are too introverted!

    I don't know how many brain holes are born every day, and how many brain holes turn into ashes

    Just when Kylin Jade was in the bald moment of middle-aged career crisis, someone suddenly handed over an olive branch, and it was the company that was rising rapidly and famous!

    His home is in Shencheng, and he came to the industrial park early this morning, dressed neatly.

    Seeing the front desk, I was led to a reception room, where there were several people, one of whom I knew.  Both of them were surprised and greeted each other:

    "Ouch, Turtle God!"

    "Ouch, Qilin God!"


    The room fell into embarrassment for a while, and the two sat down in a corner in disgrace.

    This person is called Beiming Shengui, who is also an online writer who is famous as a fan of "Shushan". I have met several times in offline gatherings before. It is normal for business to brag about each other's "God's name" to each other.

    "What's going on, why are you here?"

    "Don't look down on people. Anyway, we were known as the "Shuangbi" of "Shu Mountain". I came here for why you came."

    "I think the lineup is quite big, isn't it?"

    "No, I just listened to it, and those are all screenwriters."

    Just as we were chatting, a few more people came in, and we knew each other at first glance, they were all classical fairy tale writers.

    Colleagues automatically group together, chatting furtively.

    After a while, a staff member came in and said: "Everyone has been waiting for a long time, please come to the meeting room now, we will start officially, Mr. Zhuang and Director Xu have already arrived."

    "Which Mr. Zhuang?"

    "I do not know."

    "Which Director Xu?"

    "I heard it seems to be Tsui Hark."


    "Stop hissing, global warming is caused by man-made things like you."

    A group of about ten people entered the conference room and looked at the people standing above. The young and handsome people were unfamiliar, while the old and ancient ones were too familiar. It was really Tsui Hark!


    Quickly exchanged small glances, and each looked for a seat.

    Tsui Hark was even more excited.

    He has always been at the forefront of Chinese film technology. When "Avatar" was born, James Cameron and Sony jointly developed a 3D camera and created the imax 3D movie concept.

    At that time, many people in China followed suit, but they were actually trying to sell dog meat, and they didn't even know how to use the machine.

    And Tsui Hark spent 2 years learning from the scriptures and made the first officially certified domestic imax 3D movie, "Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate".

    During this period of time, he has been staying in Shencheng, working with Zhuang Zhou in the later stage of "Mr. New Zombie", and has a more thorough understanding of the so-called AI technology.

    ? Of course, Zhuang Zhou acted quickly, and gathered a group of people to talk about "Shushan" by the way.

    (Also ?
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