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Text Chapter 171: "Shushan" Universe

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    All the staff are here.

    The old God Tsui Hark was sitting there, Zhuang Zhou stood in front, and said, "Let me introduce myself. My surname is Zhuang and my name is Zhou. I am a newcomer to the film and television industry not long ago."


    The audience spit.

    "Red Tide" and "Black Tide" are going to be popular, no matter how humble you are, wouldn't you be slapping those old seniors in the face?

    "The company is preparing to launch a new project, namely the "Shushan" drama series.

    Today I have invited ten excellent screenwriters and internet writers, all of whom are familiar with the original work.

    Now everyone has a piece of information in their hands, which is a map of the relationship between the characters and the main story line and time points of "Shushan". This is the hard work of the Qilin Jade God, let us express our gratitude"

    "Wow, boom!"

    Amidst the polite applause, Qilinyu smiled reservedly.

    ""Shushan" has been adapted many times in the past 40 years, and each edition is very controversial. Today we will mainly discuss the direction, context and precautions of adapting "Shushan". Please speak freely."

    Knowing that they were being polite, Zhuang Zhou called his name directly: "Master Qilin, what do you want to do?"

    "Okay, I'll make a fool of myself!"

    Qilin Yugong clasped his hands, walked to the front, and said: "The Legend of Shushan Swordsman, the author Huanzhu Zhuzhuzhu, it is said that it was serialized in Tianjin's "Tianfeng Daily" in 1932, and it was not allowed to be written until after the founding of the People's Republic of China. The time span is extremely long  , the whole article is about 5 million words"

    As he spoke, he couldn't help sighing: "Good guy, he can drink more water than us!"

    Then he said: "Some people say it is the most amazing book in the world, and some people say it is just mediocre. Although I am a fan of "Shu Mountain", I have always been objective. Let me share my opinion.

    The advantages of "Shu Mountain" are very obvious. The description of scenery and statues, strange tales and monsters, magic weapon flying sword, as well as the huge and majestic world view and superb writing style are indeed called the first strange book.

    But its shortcomings are equally obvious, first of all, it is scattered.

    For example, in the first chapter of the opening chapter, Li Yingqiong appeared on the stage, and then wrote two chapters with a change of style, and suddenly ran to Zhou Chun.  It wasn't until about forty chapters were written, and the battle at Ciyun Temple was over, that the author seemed to come to his senses, saying that the protagonist of this book is Li Yingqiong.

    This style of writing runs through the entire article.

    Obviously I was writing this character, but suddenly I jumped, and I missed dozens of chapters for no reason, and then I came back to continue.  Even dug a lot of holes and buried a lot of foreshadowing, but in the end there was no hair!  "

    Qilinyu sighed again: "If our web articles are written like this, we will be thrown to death!"

    "This kind of structural disorder leads to jumping main lines, too many branch lines, complex characters, and unclear distinction between leading and supporting roles, which is also the top difficulty in adaptation.

    Secondly, the narration is too straightforward, especially the high-level people who know everything and lack suspense and tension.

    What's more, the characters are made into facial makeup, one of the right way and one of the evil way, and the character lacks color.

    Another thing is that the idea of ??fatalism is too strong, Emei is domineering and double-standard, unreasonable in the name of integrity, and acts like a bandit.

    "Shushan" divides good and evil very roughly, and there is no ideological dialectics of good and evil. Although some people are villains, their crimes are not worthy of death, and they are all beaten to death.

    ?On the other hand, Emei and its allies, such as Zhu Mei, act sneakily, bully the juniors, and slap people at every turn, which is very disgusting.

    This is also the reason why many anti-Emei "Shushan" colleagues were born.  "

    Qilinyu summed up her own thoughts and concluded: "In short, I think there are four points to be aware of when adapting "Shushan":

    The main line must be clear, and the main and supporting roles must be distinct.

    There must be a sense of excitement in the story.

    Characters should be diversified.

    The fatalism and Emei style in the book will definitely make the audience hate it.  "

    "Wow, boom!"

    Another burst of applause, Qilinyu walked down with a beating heart, and let out a long sigh of relief.

    Damn it!  For the first time in my life!

    ? Many authors of online articles are swaying in the book, but in reality, their personalities may be extremely introverted, and even social phobia.

    Qilinyu was somewhat shy, and the Turtle of the Northern Darkness next to him patted him and couldn't help encouraging him: "It's very good, it's good for our online circle."

    When the topic was opened, everyone became enthusiastic and expressed their opinions.

    "Great God Qilin said it in more detail, let me add one more point, that is, the number of male and female characters is out of balance.

    Emei Sanying Eryun, Li Yingqiong, Yu Yingnan, Zhou Qingyun, and Qi Lingyun are all women, and only Yan Renying is a manSexuality, and the sense of existence is thin, just like a big dragon.

    I have watched all the "Shushan" film and television dramas.

    Either elevate the status of Shangguan Jingwo, Baixia Sun Nan, and Situ Ping, or create an original male lead, or directly transgender Yu Yingnan, and form a cp with Li Yingqiong.  "

    "Hey, I have something to say about this."

    A female screenwriter suddenly opened her mouth and said enthusiastically: "The magic reform is fine, the most disgusting thing is to let Ziqing Shuangjian rob men to tear each other, let Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan rob men and let Yu Yingnan and Qi Lingyun rob men to tear each other  !

    Please, everyone, don't be bloody!  "

    After he finished speaking, he paused and became more excited: "Actually, the book is filled with a lot of lily love, a bunch of love affairs in the third life, the man did not ascend in the previous life, and the man decided to reincarnate as a girl in this life, and accompany the woman by her side, Barabara.

    And don't you think there is a lot of love between Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan?  Li Yingqiong's attitude towards beautiful young ladies is so gentle!  "


    All the people present were commotion, and sneakily aimed at a place where the number one Chinese film director, Mr. Xu, was sitting!

    And Tsui Hark's eyes lit up all of a sudden.

    The soul of the lily that once pulled Brigitte Lin¡ª¡ªWang Zuxian, Wang Zuxian-Maggie Cheung, Li Bingbing-Carina Lau, Zhou Xun-Fan Xiaoxuan is burning!


    Zhuang Zhou coughed twice, stood up and presided over the overall situation: "It seems that everyone's opinions are relatively unified, and they focus more on these points. The preliminary preparations for "Shushan" will not be short, and the script must be solid.

    Pay attention, two tasks"

    The room was quiet, and I took out a small notebook to record.

    "The first one, you can either assign it together, or write it separately, and list me the biography of each main character. Sort out the messy threads, including life background, academic experience, magic weapon and spell, and character relationship. Is there any key?  plot points.

    The so-called nodes are passages that can create strong conflicts or dramatic climaxes.  "


    "Secondly, I want to create a series of episodes that are broadcast on a seasonal basis. Each season has about a dozen episodes. I only tell a story and show a few characters. When several characters have appeared and the plot has accumulated to a certain level, I will  Pick a point and make it into a movie."

    "this is not¡­¡­"

    Qilinyu cried out excitedly.

    "That's right, so you must have this concept in your mind, and when you write the script, you should also follow this concept. This is a long-term project that will be broadcast simultaneously overseas"

    Zhuang Zhou clicked, and a few large characters appeared on the big screen:

    "Shushan" universe!

    (Also ?
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