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Text Chapter 172: Zombies Are Still 1 (Qiu Yilin Nan plus more)

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    Zhuang Zhou assigned tasks, and the screenwriters went to work on their own.

    This belongs to the preparatory stage, and the real start has to be arranged very late. Before that, he still has a lot of things to do.

    In the blink of an eye, after the new year.

    The post-ai of "Mr. New Zombie" was completed, Zhuang Zhou and Tsui Hark returned to Beijing together, Tsui Hark continued to improve the post-production, and planned to launch it before the Spring Festival.

    Zhuang Zhou met Yang Tianbao and Tang Yan, and chatted about "Passing Through 1990".

    The heroine was born in a rural area, her family was poor, she studied for several years, and followed a relative to work in Shencheng in 1990.  At first in a small glass factory, specializing in watch glass.

    She goes to work during the day and goes to night school at night, learning all kinds of skills crazily.

    What she is in charge of is screen printing, that is, printing patterns on glass.

    ?Being outstanding at work, the boss appreciates it, but is squeezed out by his colleagues. After a wave of bullshit, he finally resigns and works on his own.  With unremitting efforts and a bit of luck, the heroine's career is getting bigger and bigger, and the fields involved are getting wider and wider.

    Coinciding with the elimination of big brothers and the rise of small and light mobile phones, the heroine decided to turn to the mobile phone glass industry. She worked diligently in her career and never forgot her original intention in life, and eventually became a leading company.

    This is a prototype, a real female entrepreneur.

    ?The time spans more than 20 years, the female protagonists act from young girls to middle-aged, the background is the tide of reform and opening up, women start their own businesses independently, and there are high-tech elements, which fit the times, are popular and professional

    In the past, it was a role that powerful actresses were vying for, and it was a proper award-winning style.

    Now, it is in the hands of Yang Tianbao!

    There is also the second female lead, who was the heroine's partner at the beginning, but later had different ideas, parted ways, was deceived into bankruptcy, almost committed suicide, and the female lead came to help and reconciled.

    It is a very tortuous and complicated character.

    Now, it's in Tang Yan's hands!

    Zhuang Zhou looked at this pair of crouching dragon and phoenix chicks, full of emotions. This is worse than Khrushchev's love for corn, Yui Aragaki married John Khan, and someone is unreliable at five o'clock every day.

    "Mr. Zhuang is really young and promising. I admire you the most."

    "I've wanted to meet you for a long time, and I only had the chance today, ah~ Of course, I also want to thank you baby."

    Tang Yan showed almost humility, and Yang Tianbao kept rolling his eyes.

    There is one thing to say, Yang Tianbao does not have any actor qualities worth building, and he relies entirely on his skills.  At any rate, Tang Yan still has something, it's this sister Yu's temperament.

    Why did Zixuan succeed?

    Sister Yu's design wins half, and the shape wins the other half. Zixuan's forehead ornament, as shown in the picture above, just covers up Tang Yan's facial defect - that huge forehead.

    Coupled with delicate makeup and clothes that highlight slender waist and long legs, success is inevitable.


    At this moment, she was flattering for a long time, but when she saw that the other party didn't respond, she whispered weakly until she didn't say a word.

    "Walking Through 1990" is a resource that she got with Mango with great difficulty.  Unlike Da Mimi, she has achieved a class leap, she is just a middle-aged female star who is about to pass away, and she should go behind the scenes after a few more years.

    "This drama is mainly to help the baby, and I want her to take it a step further. But I also welcome Miss Tang's joining. You are a very good actor, but unfortunately your potential has not been discovered."


    For a moment, Tang Yan didn't know whether it was a compliment or a loss.

    "So you can accept this drama with peace of mind. If you are interested, we might as well talk about cooperation."

    "Really? Thank you Mr. Zhuang, I've always hoped to be able to film your movie!"

    "Well, I'll find you again if I have an idea."

    Zhuang Zhou wants to be happy, if I put this pair together, it will be even more interesting!

    No, no, this kind of thing is not close.

    If I put Da Mimi, Tang Yan, Yang Tianbao, Liu Tianxian, Nazha, Reba, Nana In short, these female stars will be piled up in one play to compete with each other.


    Sister Shuangzi will be moved to tears.

    But having said that, everyone in the circle knows that if you want to be popular now, it's not about changing your face, but acting in Mr. Zhuang's custom drama.  Just like Lu Ke's "Red Tide" and baby's "Black Tide".

    ? Da Mi Mi¡¯s family has a big business, so I have to take care of the company first.  But other stars who were not close enough were more or less thinking about it, and Tang Yan had a rare cleverness and took the lead.


    Tsui Hark's studio in Beijing.

    ?In addition to Zhang Jiazhen, Chen Guofu, Er WangYu Dong and other bigwigs who are deeply involved in the Hong Kong circle are all there, skipping and watching "Mr. New Zombie".

    100 minutes, not long.

    After watching the film, everyone marveled at Lin Zhengying's resurrection and Wang Zuxian's return to youth, and congratulated Tsui Hark for restoring the purest zombie film.

    What is pure?

    It is a set of settings that started from "Mr. Zombie" and continued to be perfected in Lin Zhengying's series of works.

    For example, the formation of zombies means that the dead breathe more.

    Before death, due to anger, suffocation, suffocation, and resentment, a breath gathers in the body after death, and finally forms corpse air and becomes a zombie.

    Later, he further explained and proposed the concept of coffin bacteria.

    Refers to the corpse being trapped in the coffin, and a resentment in the body goes up the throat, forming something like a fungus, and this fungus turns a person into a zombie.

    Another example is when Uncle Jiu catches ghosts, those decent hands, eyes, body movements, paper, pen, ink, swords and swords These settings have been continuously improved, forming a unique zombie film system marked by Lin Zhengying's personal image.

    Just like Jet Li in martial arts movies, Stephen Chow in Nonsensical, and Charlie Cao in pornographic movies.

    This is called pure.

    Put it in the mainland, although the censorship of the Internet University is loose, but certain rules must be followed.

    For example, zombies can't be "dead people breathe more", and they are doing feudal superstition!  So we can only put on a shell, pretending to be a real person, mutating a real person, and dreaming.

    And so on, self-deception.

    Zombie movies are not allowed to keep corpses, so will they look good?

    So when Mai Junlong's "Zombie" came out, fans praised it because it was right.

    "Mr. New Zombie" is also divided into two editions, the Mainland Harmonious Edition and the Hong Kong Unharmonious Edition. The other contents are similar, except that the Mainland Edition has one more setting:

    At the end, the climax is over, ah, it turned out to be a fucking dream!

    "This film will be simulcast on the entire network, but we have to do the promotion ourselves. It is already in place, and we can start at any time."

    Zhang Jiazhen said: "But I think the point is not before the event, but after the event. This film will definitely cause huge waves, and we must be prepared to deal with large-scale public opinion attacks."

    "I contacted the best marketing team in the industry, with more than a dozen sets of plans, they will always keep an eye on Weibo, Douban and other positions, everyone can rest assured that they are absolutely comprehensive."

    Zhang Jiazhen had the temperament of a talker, and said: "Let's be the vanguard, the pressure is quite heavy, but if we do it well, we can reap the fruits as quickly as possible."


    Several people chatted over there, Tsui Hark was very boring.

    As the backbone of the Hong Kong circle, he has to do some work, but he is over 70 years old, and he just wants to make a few more movies.
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