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Text Chapter 180: Interactive Drama

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    Zhuang Zhou usually takes the high-speed rail to and from Shencheng and Beijing.

    Because of the proximity, it was only over three hours.

    He still has hundreds of millions of pocket money now, and he still has no car or house in the capital. As soon as he got out of the train station, he saw Lao Mo's Yuhuang Dadi parked securely.

    A year later, Lao Mo's temperament has become more ethereal, and he has the feeling of a fisherman. He can roll in the world of mortals and be born calmly.

    "How was the Spring Festival?"

    "That's it, neither salty nor bland."

    "It's the same with me. I haven't even returned to my hometown, and I'm busy getting divorced."


    "I took a bath, and she went to the club. She came here for a few years, and there was no quarrel. It seems that I mentioned it first, divorce, then leave. It's good, we broke up peacefully."

    Zhuang Zhou looked at him with admiration and said, "Then you are peaceful enough, I admire you."

    "When you have experience, you will be peaceful."

    Lao Mo patted the steering wheel, and was very excited again: "I took a bath for three days, and the technician heard that I was divorced, and there was a big discount for the Spring Festival, secret service, silk stockings and gun cleaning, tsk tsk!"

    He turned his head: "Hey, I will take you there at night, you can try it too."

    "No, no, I don't need to wipe it for now."

    Zhuang Zhou refused.

    To be honest, he was quite curious: a foreigner, who has worked hard in the big city for many years, married and had children, is not as rich as a rich man but has a small family fortune, is in his forties, has a stable income, and nourishes the kidneys for a long time It seems that many people will become  Lao Mo looks like this.

    Don't care about anything, life is only about eating, drinking and having fun.

    Drive the car and go directly to the Age of Miracles.

    This small broken company that caused huge waves is still crowded in this small broken place. It used to be called shabby, but now it is called Dayinyushi.

    The Red Fox is still next door, and all the staff, including the boss, work for Zhuang Zhou. Lao Mo mentioned it several times, the price of cabbage, you buy me and forget it.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't do it, it was always an outsourcing relationship.

    Before filming "Kuroshio", the company had 300 million in the account, "Kuroshio" made 100 million domestically, and "Red Tide" was packaged for Netflix and earned 15 million US dollars.

    There is also "Mr. New Zombie", the account share has exceeded 100 million, and the company will share half of it.

    With such a scale and such a level of profitability, there is no water in the slightest, and it is proud of the industry.

    ? If you follow the way of capital, a bunch of people will come to give you a valuation, and then acquire or raise funds, celebrity shareholders, gambling agreements, launch new works to speculate on high data, new third board listing, the general trend is good

    The new third board is not a listed company, but a trading system for the transfer of shares of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Jiaxing, like Damimi, landed on the New Third Board in 2015, with a valuation of only 25 million. After "Three Lives III" was broadcast.  Jiaxing immediately issued new shares to raise funds, and its valuation soared to 5 billion.

    Of course it is delisted now.

    The Age of Miracles is completely independent, without any external capital intrusion, and a company that does not do any financial operations, but also masters advanced technology.

    Sitting in the office, Zhuang Zhou called one of the Seven Wuhais, and said, "Go and find out what kind of electric expo, virtual reality exhibition and so on this year."


    The staff came back to report soon, saying: "The 2024 Beijing International VR/AR Virtual Reality Exhibition is usually held in September-October."

    "The 12th China Electronic Expo will be held in Qingdao at the end of September."

    "The 9th Global Virtual Reality Conference will be held in Beijing at the end of May."

    "The 22nd Chinajoy Exhibition will be held in Shanghai at the end of July."

    "The 4th dhdc Digital Human Developer Conference will be held in Beijing in April."

    "What's the last one?"

    "The Informatization Development Bureau of the National Internet Information Office and the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee are the guiding units, and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance are sponsored."

    "The specification is not high!"

    Zhuang Zhou paused, and said, "Help me make reservations for all exhibitions."

    "Are you going to participate in the exhibition?"

    "No, visit."


    The employees have been busy, and soon they will send the reservation voucher for the Digital Human Developers Conference. The date is the closest, and it will be next month.

    Zhuang Zhou carefully read the information, ready to take a look at the current status of digital human development.

    Looking here, the phone at hand kept calling. He swiped the screen, mostly ignoring it, and occasionally replying a few words.

    It has only been 3 hours since I got off the train, and my mobile phone is gone.stopped.  Either this one invites the hot spring, or that one invites the show. He has no interest in these nonsense social interactions.

    It's much smarter to be like Da Mi Mi, who will directly make an appointment for work and have a meal by the way.


    As the saying goes: If you are beautiful, look at your thighs, and if you are flamboyant, look at your waist.

    Damimi has both. She has a slender figure like Yang Tianbao. At the moment, she is wearing a hat, a plaid jacket, and a short skirt. Underneath are her thighs wrapped in two thermal stockings.

    She is about 167, with excellent proportions, her legs are long and moist, and the patterned purple thermal socks don't look thick on her legs.

    A word during the day suddenly popped out of Zhuang Zhou's head: wipe the gun with stockings!


    He quickly turned off the fire for himself, no, no, I already have a big baby¡ªhe tui!

    "Mr. Zhuang, I'm sorry to bother you again."

    "It's okay, it was agreed before."

    Da Mimi is 38 years old this year and has been struggling for 20 years. She has a very natural attitude and said, "Please point me to the things I sent you during the day."

    "Well, I'm curious, why did you shoot 10 episodes?"

    "We have studied for a long time, and felt that shooting 80 episodes at once is too much, and the cycle is too long. The most important thing now is to test the market, and it will be hard to say until next year or the year after."

    ? At the beginning, there were turbulent winds and clouds, and all parties moved.

    Da Mimi specially brought Fatty and other celebrities to visit the pier, saying that they wanted to create an interactive drama series, but Zhuang Zhou came up with an idea.  Now that the filming is over, it is a bit unexpected, and only 10 episodes have been made.

    And it is the total duration of all interactive plots after unfolding.

    The name is "Ziyuntai".

    The fantasy drama, with the dual heroines of Da Mi Mi and Fat Di, includes all Jiaxing's artists.

    One is born noble, the other is low in the dust, two people who are out of reach, but they have an intersection of fate, love and hate, love and hatred, lingering and sentimental, the development of the plot depends on interaction, Tanmei Lily has everything you need.

    "You said at the time that there should be at least 10 plot characters, more than 30 branch lines, and a volume of 80 episodes. We did go for the goal, but we didn't know how difficult it was until we actually operated it."

    Da Mimi sighed, and said: "We scrapped 6 drafts of the script alone, and barely sorted out 4 plot characters and 5 branches."

    "Is it that difficult?"

    Zhuang Zhou was surprised (doge).

    "Of course there is. It's like a tree grows and forks, and then these forks grow and grow, and they may return to the main trunk. It has to pave the way for the characters and plots behind. I look at those clues.  headache."

    Da Mimi was very sincere, and said everything: ""Ziyuntai" was originally a fairy tale drama, but it was changed to fantasy, with less fantasy special effects, like fighting spirit turning horses.

    You can definitely see that we are trying to grab the audience first, so we must be fast.  Everything else is almost the same, only your AI technology is left, and it is best to go online in 1-2 months.  "


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