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Text Chapter 181: Hiring people too

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    In 1967, in the offline exhibition hall in Montreal, the first interactive film and television work was born.  At that time, a red and green button was sent to the audience to determine the direction of the plot.

    Decades later, interactive film and television has fully entered the practical stage.

    The first one out of the circle in China is "Invisible Guardian", but this is a ppt-like game.

    The real film and television work should be "His Smile" in 2019. The audience is from the perspective of the female protagonist, who can fall in love with 5 different male protagonists, with 21 choices and 17 endings.

    Immediately afterwards, dramas such as "Love Apartment 5", "Longling Miku: The Last Mountain-moving Taoist" and "Nana's Day" appeared. There is a very awesome one called "Fist Quartet", with 120 options and 13  ending.

    At the same time, it is also doing overseas, such as Netflix, which has filmed "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" and "Survival in the Wild".

    These works have little influence. First, they are still in the stage of user accumulation; second, they have not yet got rid of game thinking;

    Big Mi Mi Balabala said something, and what she said was to rush for time.

    Because after "Mr. New Zombie" got off to a good start, everyone couldn't hold back anymore.

    Regardless of how the two places join forces to make money in private, but on the bright side, this thing has two styles: retro Hong Kong and Taiwan stars, popular traffic wholesale.

    The retro ones have completed the first wave, so naturally it is the turn of traffic.  It can also maintain a kind of enthusiasm for the audience as a whole and enhance consumption enthusiasm.

    But Zhuang Zhou definitely wanted to be critical, and said: "I saw the sample you gave me, and the standard is mediocre. Take this kind of thing out, Tie Fu."

    Without waiting for the other party to speak, he said again: "When making a branch in an interactive drama, you must choose a place that promotes the plot or has a reversal. It needs to give the audience a place to think about it.

    Rather than saying that it is meaningless for the audience to choose whether to wear a skirt or pants.

    Since the audience is allowed to choose, there must be a sense of game in operation.

    But at the core, what we do is still drama.  Game users experience more of a sense of control. The feature of interactive dramas is that after making different choices, they can see changes in characters, relationships between characters, and stories, emphasizing the sense of substitution.

    The game sense of "Ziyuntai" is still relatively strong.

    Fortunately, you are still clever, and launched the Danmei and Lily lines, at least the topic will not be bad.  "


    Da Mi Mi tasted the meaning and asked: "You mean our script is not good enough, we need to increase the size? But it's too late to reshoot, and others have already launched it first."


    "then what should we do?"

    "then what should we do?"

    Zhuang Zhou followed her example.


    Da Mimi bit her lip. Although she showed affection to Zhuang Zhou, it didn't mean she wanted to share a man with Yang Tianbao!

    Even she doesn't know how to order the male models she used.

    Just as he was hesitating whether to act coquettishly and act nicely, the other party said again: "Since the sense of the game is strong, we might as well do it to the end. Don't think about content to win, let's just use gimmicks."

    "How to go all the gimmicks?"

    "Increase the intensity of the Danmei and Lily lines, and set up some choices that are neither dead nor amazing. By the way, bring Bai Qian and Feng Jiu from "Three Lives III". I don't mind two you and two Rebas appearing at the same time.  Are you acting?"

    "Okay, is this troublesome?"

    "It's okay, I'll leave it to me later, and it can go online in 1-2 months."

    After Zhuang Zhou finished answering, he also asked: "Is "Ziyuntai" broadcast exclusively by Goose Factory?"


    "What about the mode?"

    "I heard from Sister Lin that it is likely that a new type of VIP membership has been opened to watch new types of works."

    "Members can choose plot points at will?"

    "They are still discussing this. After all, at the beginning, they will give the audience the maximum discount, but some key plot points may need to be accumulated to unlock the number of people."

    Worthy of being a platform!

    The two of them finished talking, had a meal and left.

    Zhuang Zhou and Da Mimi have always maintained a serious working relationship, unlike Yang Tianbao.  Because Da Mimi is strong and bloody, her acting skills are better than Yang Tianbao anyway.

    Also won the "Houston International Film Festival Best Actress Award"!

    Compared with this, he wants to develop a new favorite, Tang Yan, Miss Tang.

    After the meeting, Zhuang Zhou threw the later needs to Shen Cheng's company and handed them over to the employees.  He recruited with great fanfare.?There is no need to do it yourself if you disclose the existence of Miracle Software.

    The company also has a special effects team, so it's no problem to deal with things like turning a horse into a fighting spirit.

    The only troublesome point was the introduction of Bai Qian and Feng Jiu, who needed to make up shots for substitutes, so I left it to Lao Mo to take care of it.

    The money he distributes depends on different works. If the post-production project is large, the distribution will be more. It is no longer the original discounted price of 8 million. Like "Mr. New Zombie", he took half.

    He is not afraid of asking a high price and causing dissatisfaction from all parties, the more dissatisfaction the better.

    ? So now the impressions of Zhuang Zhou from all sides are unified as an immature young man with strong production ability, strong, flexible, likes money, and thinks he is in control of the situation.

    This is almost the same opinion, and the most real side is only known to Ah Yuan: he is an entertainment player in his 30s, with weak waist and knees, rushing towards the windmill with a cannon.


    It's another brand new day.

    Wangxia Qiwuhai arrived at the company on time.

    ? The boss is absent for a long time, and the employees are stocked up, which will inevitably breed slack.  Once, a girl came 40 minutes late, and the boss just happened to come over to take a look, and said with a smile: Demerit once, dismiss the second time.

    No one thought he was telling a joke.

    Of course, with such a good boss and such a good unit, anyone with a bit of humanity will do well.

    Early this morning, Qiwuhai was busy in the house.

    ?Suddenly, I heard the noise and voices next door. I went out and took a look. The neighbor on the left was Red Fox, and the neighbor on the right was a small broken company.

    This time the door was open, and it was in a mess, as if it was moving.

    An employee grabbed one and asked, "How are you guys?"

    "The manager said that the rent here is too expensive, and the company's performance is not good. Change to a cheaper place."

    "Where to go?"

    "It is said to be in the Fifth Ring Road."

    "Oh, you should change jobs."

    Qi Wuhai began to gossip and talk about melon seeds. The location of this office building is not bad. The rent is neither high nor low. It is rare in the capital. I don't know who the new neighbor will be.

    "Yo, what about the new house?"

    Lao Mo also came out to watch the excitement, and interjected, seeing that everyone was confused, he said strangely: "This is rented by Mr. Zhuang, don't you know?"

    "What are you renting it for?"

    "To start a new business, we need to recruit people."


    Qi Wuhai looked at each other, speechless: We don't even have a name, and we don't deserve to know about the company's business expansion, woo woo woo!

    Just as Zhuang Zhou came out of the elevator, he waved his hand: "Go back to the room, I have something to talk about!"

    Qi Wuhai returned to the office area aggrieved, seeing the boss in high spirits, he didn't care about their feelings, and said: "The era of miracles has developed to this day, and it is time to go further.

    ? I took down the office next to it, who is preparing the recruitment notice:

    Students from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, those who can write scripts, those who are confident that they can write good scripts, those who study directing, those who study photography, those who become monks halfway, those who study fine arts, those who study clothing, those who understand computers, have unique aesthetic concepts  The better ones, all of them!  ?
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