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Text Chapter 182 Examination

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    Meng Chaoyang has the same name as Jia Xiaofan's boyfriend in "I Love My Family".

    He also looks alike, with a bit of sluggishness in his simplicity, and a silly and treacherous smile.

    He and Zhuang Zhou had the best relationship when they were in school. When Zhuang Zhou just returned from the stacked building, his first move was to solve the matter of Meng Chaoyang being bullied.

    In the next two years, he watched his old classmate rise to the top and climb to the peak of his career, but he didn't push forward shamelessly, and took the initiative to keep a distance.

    This time is different, this time Zhuang Zhou took the initiative to invite him to work in the newly established creative center.

    At 10:30 in the morning, Meng Chaoyang deliberately put on a suit, with a greasy hair like a dog licking it, and entered the office building a little cautiously.  When I arrived at the company, I was bumped into by Zhuang Zhou, and he pouted: "Exaggerated, casual clothes are fine, we are not in finance."

    "This is not the first time in my life to work, I'm a little nervous!"

    Lao Meng rubbed his hands and looked around: "I'm used to being free and undisciplined. I'm a small screenwriter with no reputation. Do you think you really want to hire me?"

    "Fuck, you told me this?"

    Zhuang Zhou was too lazy to talk to him, so he took him to know him for a while, and then came to the new office area next door, where he put up a sign: Creation Center of Miracle Times Film and Television Culture Company.

    Lao Meng has a strong pen and has ideas, but in the screenwriting world, he can only be a gunslinger for others, playing a side role.

    Although there are factors of seniority, the main reason is that screenwriters have long been numb by capital. IP is king, and dating is the core. Original scripts cannot find investment, and even big screenwriters have to pretend to be grandchildren.

    When you just entered the industry and said that I want to write something I want to write, people don't bother to scold you, who the hell are you?

    There are two exceptions. One is for serious themes, and the screenwriter can retain some independence; the other is for directors who write their own scripts. If they can get funding, they will be very happy.

    For example, Cao Baoping's "Scorching Sun", Diao Yinan's "Fireworks in the Day", and Xin Yukun's "Heart Labyrinth".

    Zhuang Zhou had read some of Lao Meng's private writings and felt that the standard was good, so he invited him here.

    After the company released the recruitment notice, applicants gathered. He currently only chooses four types: screenwriter, director, artist, and voice.

    Art is more general, stage design, costumes, scenery, painting, photography, sculpture, aesthetic appreciation, etc. Anyway, he wants everything related to "visual beauty".

    Prepare in advance, when the virtual person goes online, a large number of positions will be impacted, and correspondingly, the importance of some positions will soar.

    Today is the screenwriter's interview.

    After the two waited for a short time, another person came in. Zhuang Zhou introduced him: "This is the Chinese representative of Netflix, Sun Maoxian; this is the second in command of the creative center, Meng Chaoyang."

    "Second in command?" Sun Maoxian asked curiously.

    "I am the leader."

    "Ha, hello, nice to meet you!"

    It was very strange for Sun Maoxian to appear here, but Zhuang Zhou didn't explain. He continued to wait for a while, and the interviewers arrived one after another.

    ? Before submitting resumes with accompanying works, one round has been screened out, and this is the second round.  There are people with professional background, literature lovers, and Internet writers, men and women, most of them are young.

    "You guys are able to stand here, which means that you are already better than most of the competitors. Today is not an interview, but a written test on the computer. The rules are very simple, within one hour, play as you like.

    Whether you write a setting, a dialogue, or a short story, let me see your strength.

    Oh, forget about poetry, I hate reading poetry.  "


    There was a brief silence, and one person asked: "Any subject matter is fine?"

    "It is best to be fresh, in line with the trend of young people, and contain subcultural elements."


    There was another short silence, and one person said: "Can't you write traditional genres? If you write, you will lose points?"

    "That's not the case, it's just that most of the traditional types require the accumulation of knowledge, materials, and experience, and the on-site exam will be very difficult."

    "I don't think so. I dare not say everything, but there must be many young people who know about it, such as Chinese history. At least I like to read information about it when I usually read it.

    And I think that compared with the so-called predecessors, they may be better than us in knowledge and experience, but we may not lose in terms of thinking and firmness of stand.  "

    Without waiting for Zhuang Zhou to speak, another person said: "You'd better add a prefix, it is a senior in the literary and art circles."

    "Damn, the seniors in the literary and art circles are the main force known."

    "Are you alluding to Teacher Fang Fang?"

      "I'm alluding to "King Kong River"."

    "Hey, we young people don't want to be modest, we've also had a lot of traitors."

    "You, how can you defile someone's innocence out of thin air"

    Everyone suddenly chatted, and then there were difficult words, such as "God God Bunny", "500,000", etc., which caused everyone to laugh, and the indoor and outdoor atmosphere was full of joy.

    Zhuang Zhou pressed his hands and said: "Okay, then there is no limit to the subject matter, free play, hand in the paper in an hour. Don't leave after the exam. We have prepared lunch and will announce the results in the afternoon."

    What the hell?

    This is unexpected, and I can still have a meal!

    "Hey, don't look at me like that, maybe we all have a friendship for a meal. Relax and show your best level."


    Why are domestic films trapped and unable to break through genres?

    ?Because young screenwriters and directors with new ideas and new trends cannot succeed, and no one is willing to take risky investment.

    In 2017, there was a movie "Flash Girl", which told the story of a few students forming a folk band, breaking stereotypes and challenging Western music.

    There are many two-dimensional elements in it, which are novel and cheerful. The scene between folk music and Western music is wonderful, and the appearance of suona is the finishing touch.

    "Flash Girl" may not be called a genre breakthrough, but it already has such a look. As a result, the publicity was not strong enough, and it took more than 60 million box office. Many people only knew about this film later.

    There is also a "Carnival", which talks about sexual assault of minors.

    How many of those who are obsessed with "The Melting Pot" and "Su Yuan" have seen this film?

    A small number of filmmakers are trying hard, but it is a pity that if they are well received, they will not be popular, and if they are not popular, no one will invest, and if no one invests, they will not be able to make a film, let alone grow and improve.

    By the way: In 2014, the Film Bureau sent five young domestic directors to study in Hollywood. There were five directors, Lu Yang, Ning Hao, Chen Sicheng, Xiao Yang and Guo Fan, each of whom returned with their own works.

    Lu Yang filmed "Assassination of Novelists", Ning Hao's "Crazy Alien", Chen Sicheng's "Tang Detective" Universe, Guo Fan's "The Wandering Earth", Xiao Yang was the best, and he worked out a "Weather Pre-Explosion"  .

    And the first four people are obviously taking the path of genre films and industrialization, which is officially supported

    Having said that, why are there more and more tricks in domestic TV dramas?

    Because ip is king, almost all works except the drama are adapted from ip.  These ips from the hands of web writers themselves have sand sculptures and brain holes.

    However, these so-called tricks are nothing more than front wear, reverse wear, male top, female top, sensual beauty, sadomasochism, wearing e-sports skins, fantasy skinsin fact, they are falling in love in a different way, or robbing graves.

    The ones that can really achieve a genre breakthrough, the crime suspense genre is still okay, there are a few masterpieces, and the others are shit.

    So the status quo is, in the film industry, it is difficult for newcomers to get ahead; in the TV drama industry, they are all engaged in love triangles and shit.


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