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Text Chapter 183: Squid Game

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    An hour passed in the blink of an eye, and the three began to mark the papers.

    Print out one by one and score each.

    Zhuang Zhou was the first to take a long manuscript. He thought it was several copies, but after looking through it, he found that it was written by one person.  This Nima has thousands of words, no less than an eagle.

    Admire the opponent's hand speed, but I can't do it myself. The amount of one thousand words per hour has never been exceeded.

    He probably glanced at it, the theme of the wasteland is not a story, it is all a setting.  From the overall framework to the details and characters, although it seems rushed, it has been built anyway, and there are some highlights.

    The intention is obvious, which is to show the author's outline and setting ability.

    Still the same sentence, why can't the type break through?

    You went and said I wanted to write Wasteland!

    Company: Write about your mother's wasteland!

    After Zhuang Zhou finished watching, he scored a 7 out of 10, and put it aside to continue reading.

    The second one is actually Cthulhu, in the form of dialogue throughout the text.

    The author's writing skills are good. Through the radio drama-like structure, the relationship between characters and events are clearly shown, and the indescribable horror is also written in three points.

    8 points!

    The third one is the theme of Xianxia, ??which is also a setting. It is almost meaningless, and I gave it 6 points.

    The fourth is a comedy story.

    The fifth serious theme is about beating workers in modern society.

    Good articles and bad articles can be distinguished at a glance.  He and Lao Meng looked at it quickly. Sun Maoxian spent many years overseas, so he took a little effort, but he was extremely serious, and he even sketched with a pen.

    After the three-person marking is over, those who scored 7 points and above will be grouped together, and there will be a total of 3 people.

    A total of 9 people scored 7 points or above for single/double.

    After studying these 9 papers for half a day, 5 more people were selected, making a total of 8 people

    The company does not have a cafeteria, but there is a restaurant downstairs.

    A group of people had enough to eat and drink, went back upstairs to wait, chatted about the content of the exam, and all said Zhuang Zhou's benevolence and righteousness.  At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, hr came in to inform that 8 unnamed characters could stay.

    The 8 people showed joyful faces, and they were selected.

    Then turn to the conference room, there are still Zhuang Zhou, Lao Meng, and Sun Maoxian.

    "Congratulations, you have become a member of the creative center.

    When I was reading the paper, I was thinking, fortunately I took this written test, fortunately I had this idea, otherwise I really thought that we have no talents in the writing industry.

    Everyone who comes to my place must be film and television lovers.

    You should have the same question as me. When facing ten years of nostalgic meals, light comedies, special effects films, and the theme of the new era, you must be thinking:

    When will we be able to make our own wasteland films, our own fantasy films, our own cyberpunk, and our own Eastern fairy tales?

    But then I understood that it wasn't that no one wrote it, it wasn't that no one took pictures, it was that no one invested.

    I'm not saying that other themes are not good, they are very good, but after filming the motherland, I will film my hometown, after filming my hometown, I will film my father's generation, after Thai embarrassment is over, it will be Hong Kong embarrassment, after Hong Kong embarrassment is over, it will be embarrassing mother, after Tang Tan 2 is over, it will be Tang Tan 3, the audience will sooner or later  It will be boring.

    We need a genre breakthrough, and you have a heavy responsibility!  "

    ?The 8 dragon suits mentioned in the words are inexplicably excited. If another person stands in front, they may think they are drawing cakes.

    However, this guy who single-handedly broke out of the siege of old genre films and lit the dawn of new genre films speaks with great convincing force.

    "This is the Chinese representative of Netflix, Mr. Sun Maoxian, please let him tell you about it."

    After Zhuang Zhou finished speaking, he pushed Sun Maoxian out.

    Everyone was stunned, why is the representative of Netflix here and still talking?

    Sun Maoxian has also seen the big scene, calmly, first asked a question: "Who have seen "Alice in the Land of the Dying" raise your hand?"


    Six people raised their hands.

    "Have you seen the hand raised in "Squid Game"?"


    All eight people raised their hands.

    "Alice in the Land of the Dying" is a Japanese manga that was made into a TV series by Netflix.  The protagonist and his partner suddenly entered an unexplainable mysterious game world. Only by passing the level can they survive, and if they cannot pass the level, they can only die.

    "Squid Game" is a TV series of the same type in South Korea, and it is also invested by Netflix.

    But there is no mysterious power, but a reality show put on by capitalists for fun.  Hundreds of people who are in debt and hopeless in life are found to participate, and they can get a bonus of 45.6 billion won if they pass 6 levels.

    ""Squid Game" in Beijing20 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, and the United Kingdom won the first place in the daily list.  No Korean drama has ever topped the US viewing charts before.

    Not only that, it has become the highest-rated series in Netflix history!  "

    "But I don't think it's so good?"

    One person refused to accept it, and said: "It's just "Gambling Apocalypse" + "Battle Royale" + "The Hunger Games". It's a patchwork, the ending is sloppy, and the male protagonist is not pleasing."

    "That's right, it was put together, but why did it achieve such a result? This is not only the support of Korean and American audiences, but also the total ratings!"


    This person stopped talking, but another person said: "Because it's cool, in the words we write online, it's a tight rhythm, a little bit of coolness, and it makes people want to stop."

    Sun Maoxian was overjoyed, and looked at Zhuang Zhou, meaning: You really recruited talents.

    "Let me give you a brief analysis.

    The director and actors of "Squid Game" are Korean, but the production team is the world's top talent.

    The so-called patchwork actually grasped the audience's cool points, such as the background of the battle royale, the infinite flow of survival, puzzle-solving reasoning, the test of human nature, large-scale and fast-paced, etc.

    As the person just said, it's hard to stop.

    The second is timing. In the era of the epidemic, people generally live in depression, so stimulating content is needed to complete emotional compensation.  With the homogenization of the theme of zombies, the "survival battle royale" genre has once again become an explosive excavator.

    Explosive style, is the tide back and forth, I will appear on the stage after you sing.

    The third is the simple and direct checkpoint setting.

    One of the highlights of such works is how to design exquisite game levels.  It is true that some people like brain-burning levels, but compared to the general public, simple and direct ones touch the g-spot more.

    Just like the first level of "Squid Game", 123 wooden figures, who can't understand it?

    The fourth is the so-called torture of human nature, but the clich¨¦ is indispensable. I will not talk about it after you have seen it too much.

    The fifth is the immersive experience. The audience is like the capitalist inside, lying on the bed drinking a drink and swiping their mobile phones, watching a survival game of others, and feeling the complexity and unpredictability of human nature.

    Its shortcomings are also obvious. The person just said it, so I won't repeat it.

    From the perspective of content trends, this kind of drama series that can satisfy the audience's sense of refreshment and provide excitement like a roller coaster will become a frequent visitor to popular dramas around the world in the next few years.

    So, I want to ask next, why is it South Korea?  "

    Sun Maoxian looked at the 8 people below, and said: "Why was "Squid Game" born in Korea? Or, why did the audience feel more exciting when the background was set in Korea??
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