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Text Chapter 184: Because it's RBQ

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    Netizens are the most powerful group in the world.

    The average per capita is 985, and the monthly income is one million. From the history of civilization in the Mesopotamia to the latest No. 8 bathing technician, from the J-20 core technology structure to the price increase of instant noodles at the village entrance, he is omnipotent and proficient in everything.

    And these 8 people are the types who can't wait to blow water on the Internet all the time, and Sun Maoxian's question hits the nail on the head.

    "Because South Korea is the chosen one!"

    "It's never been like South Korea, where there are American imperial fathers harvesting outside, and cult chaebols flooding inside, living in the East Asian monster house, small in size and lack of resources, the people are crazy inwardly involved, the entertainment industry is prosperous, and the culture is inferior and arrogant, caught in the middle  Being angry, it's such a thing in developed countries."

    ""Squid Game" is tailor-made!"

    "The chaebol cover the sky with one hand, the gap between the rich and the poor is too large, the class is solidified, and the people can't see hope. Such a realistic background coupled with such a film and television background, the effect of 1+1>2."

    "Pull it down! The chaebols cover the sky at every turn. The Korean chaebols are supported by the government. How can such a small country want to develop its economy without relying on the chaebols?

    In South Korea's real power structure, the president is the largest power group, followed by the prosecution, and then the chaebol.  Especially now that the chaebol has reached the third generation, and its influence on South Korea is completely incomparable to that of his grandparents and fathers.

    They really want to cover the sky with one hand, and Lee Jae-yong has been sentenced?  Also gave up the inheritance of Samsung's management rights?  "

    "You mean that Lee Jae-yong was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, and then suspended for 4 years? The sentence is lonely!"

    "When we mention Korean chaebols, we always think they are Samsung, Hyundai, etc., but they are not. South Korea is indeed a chaebol, but this chaebol refers to a financial comprador group that serves international capital."

    "When I watch the so-called chaebols shown in Korean dramas, I always have a feeling that I have never seen the world. For example, in "The Top Floor", a person showed off his watch in public. I checked it and it was about 9 million yuan.

    I was like, that's it?

    Have you seen "The Mermaid"?  Zhang Yuqi directly threw the 8 million watch into the water.  I'm not saying that a few million watches are nothing, but the feeling created, you know, petty"

    "How should I put it, I think the power of the Korean chaebol is indeed great, but it is a bit too exaggerated to cover the sky with one hand. I agree with what the buddy said. The real awesome is the financial comprador group hidden behind the scenes."

    "Hey, how did so many anti-chaebol dramas in Korea pass the review?"

    "First, South Korea does not have a censorship system, only a classification system. Second, the Korean film and television industry is basically monopolized by chaebols. As long as I can make money, I am willing to invest in your filming. If you scold me, you can scold me. What can you do to me?"

    "Yes, anti-government and anti-chaebol works in South Korea are very popular. Like "Parasite", when the whole crew was on stage when they won the Oscar, even Bong Joon-ho was not qualified to speak.

    The speaker was an aunt, Li Meijing, the granddaughter of the founder of Samsung, who is also an investor.  Capitalists invest in a movie that criticizes capital, is it ironic?  "

    "Do you think this is Korean Natou music? I specially shoot some works like this for the public to vent, so as not to accumulate anger and cause trouble.

    Everyone watch the movie, scold and curse, once the venting is over, it should be leeks, let¡¯s wait for the next wave to continue scolding.  "


    All of a sudden, he stopped talking and didn't dare to say anything, and turned to look at Zhuang Zhou.

    "Wonderful! Wonderful! Nice discussion."

    Zhuang Zhou didn't say anything, just clapped his hands a few times, and asked Sun Maoxian, "Have they got the answer yet?"

    "It should be figured out."

    "Then you continue?"


    Sun Maoxian continued: "South Korea has a long-standing problem of class solidification and the gap between the rich and the poor, and the degree of introversion is also among the best.

    Have you read all the news?  South Korea's fertility rate has dropped to 0.98, making it the only country in the world with a fertility rate below 1.

    They popularize a class theory of spoons: a family property of 2 billion won or an annual income of more than 200 million won is called a gold spoon; a family property of 1 billion and an income of 100 million is called a silver spoon;

    Those whose property is less than 50 million, or whose income is less than 20 million won, are called mud spoons.  "

    Someone immediately converted: "About 270,000 property, 100,000 annual income."

    "That's a lot, how about a muddy spoon?"

    "South Korea has few resources, and the price is expensive. The kimchi is supplied by Cao County."

    "Cao County offers Japanese coffins, and the kimchi is from Renzhao Town."

    "I heard that JapanHave all the crematorias been bought by the country?  "

    "Ouch, the more Japanese die, the more we earn?"


    Sun Maoxian had a black line in his head, not used to the crooked building skills of this group of people anytime and anywhere, so he simply said: "OK, let's not discuss this, I will directly talk about the result.

    It is precisely because of this environment that South Korea is proficient in anti-government and anti-chaebol works.  In the early days, maybe only their audiences liked it, but now, it is getting more and more resonance from audiences in other countries.

    ? For example, it is difficult to make money, debt is entangled, pressure is huge, the gap between rich and poor, etc.

    Possibly including you too.

    Such works are not mainstream in other countries, or are not commercialized enough to attract the public.

    The purpose of Netflix is ??to support creators to do what they do best.

    In the past, Netflix provided different content according to different cultural contexts.  Nowadays, with the change of the environment, the products are gradually being integrated, striving to find a new type of work that is cross-contextual, cross-cultural, and has a resonance point.

    So, "Squid Game" was born.

    This is one of our most successful works in history, indicating that we have found the password to create a hit.  Of course, your boss is even more admirable. There is no Netflix in the mainland, but he came up with "Kuroshio", so we had to change some strategies.  "

    ? Sun Maoxian was not stingy in giving Zhuang Zhou a hand.


    After he finished speaking, there was a moment of silence, and someone suddenly said: "Understood, because South Korea is the most suitable and good at making this kind of work, so you package it, add explosive elements, and attract audiences from all over the world to seek excitement, or  Empathize."

    "So South Korea has become a place for audiences from other countries to vent their anti-government and anti-chaebol sentiments?"

    "A good use of the word vent."

    "That's right, to put it bluntly, it's an rbq!"

    Sun Maoxian had another black line in his head, turned his head and said: "I have nothing to say."

    "Already great, let's be thankful for this great lesson!"

    Zhuang Zhou took the lead in applauding, and the people below also applauded. Then he signaled to Meng Chaoyang, and Lao Meng led Sun Maoxian out for tea.  Sun Maoxian understands that this is something that is inconvenient for him to listen to.

    "Okay, it's all my own people, what do you think now?"

    "It's great, I didn't expect you to bring people from Netflix and tell us this stuff."

    "Well, no one ever let us know about this, they only asked me to write about how the hero and heroine go around in circles."

    "Netflix is ??not available in mainland China. I often download pirated resources and communicate with people. But such an analytical discussion has never happened before, and it is very intuitive."

    Zhuang Zhou smiled and said, "Then let me add a few more words.

    Today's focus is not on "Squid Game" itself, but on Netflix and South Korea's idea of ??creating blockbusters, as well as our direction.

    Although South Korea is only Netflix's third largest market in the Asia-Pacific region, the first two are Australia and Japan, but it is the place where Netflix has penetrated the deepest.

    From 2016 to 2020, Netflix contributed about 5.6 trillion won to South Korea's economic growth.  In industries such as publishing, comics, music, travel, food and fashion, Netflix has created about 16,000 full-time jobs through the distribution of works and surrounding influence.

    A relationship of mutual need.

    They can't enter the mainland, and Japan's industry is crooked and too secondary, so they can only choose South Korea.  South Korea has a relatively mature film and television industry system and talents, the government strongly supports it, and it urgently needs to use Netflix's platform to go out, so it hit it off.

    There will be more and more dramas like "Squid Game", even if the whole dialogue is in Korean, foreigners can still immerse themselves in it.

    Some people are always dissatisfied, I don't think it's so good!  But it became popular, and even Netflix opened a themed coffee shop in Paris, selling sugar cakes inside, and the queue was full of foreigners.

    We have to admit.

    Of course, since you are here, I will not let you write about circles and love triangles.  You also have to adapt as soon as possible, don't always stare at the rags of the mainland entertainment industry!

    Well, let me also ask, they use this kind of thinking to create explosive models, what do we use?  "

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