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Text Chapter 185: Web Article 1

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    Zhuang Zhou didn't expect them to be able to answer it on the spot, so he made it a homework and asked them to submit their answers when they formally joined the job.

    After the eight extras left the company, Meng Chaoyang was still entertaining Sun Maoxian for tea.

    "It's been hard work, and I'll trouble you to make a special trip."

    "No, I also find it novel. I have dealt with many film and television companies in mainland China, and they often increase the price, but they will not increase too much, because they know that Chinese films cannot be sold at the price. So they only need to give a similar one.  Numbers can buy a large number of works.

    In the past, they would publish articles online, saying that their works were bought by Netflix and became famous overseas.  Nowadays, more people buy it, and less people talk about it.

    Mr. Zhuang was the first person to invite me to give lectures, and he still gave lectures to screenwriters. This kind of vision is very rare.

    I am making some immature guesses, maybe the mainland market is too vast to fill the stomachs of practitioners, so that few people set their sights overseas?  "

    "Almost, we seem to lack the gene to take the initiative. This involves cultural issues, let's not talk about it."

    Lao Meng was also very curious, and asked: "But buddy, is your mentality on the side of the Chinese or the side of the Americans?"

    "I'm on Mr. Song's side."

    Sun Maoxian didn't take it seriously, and said with a smile: "I used to receive films in Malaysia, and I was originally under him. There are many high-level factions. If I want to win the right to speak, I have to make some achievements.

    The Japanese and Korean factions are the most powerful. After "The Black Tide" came out, Mr. Song and Mr. Zhuang hit it off and each took what they needed.  "

    "Hey, what you said is very pragmatic like Americans." Lao Meng said.

    "Who said that Americans are pragmatic? Americans are more powerful than us. Stereotypes are not good."

    Zhuang Zhou came out, interrupted just in time, and shook hands with Sun Maoxian: "You have worked hard today."

    "Fortunately, it's all for our cooperation."

    "How did you study my last proposal?"

    "The top management is very interested, and the headquarters is also very interested. I think it is a plan that can be implemented for a long time. But when it comes to specific operations, as you said, it's starting to talk nonsense."

    Sun Maoxian shrugged and said: "Companies from all over the world have ways to master celebrity masks, but the current finished product is only your "Mr. New Zombie".  best interests.

    Therefore, Mr. Song thinks that it is best to make a move not only in the Chinese-speaking area, but also to stimulate the bargaining chips of all parties.  "

    "I think the same thing. Is there any portrait with a more definite attitude that can be settled?"

    "There are some."

    "You send me the information, and by the way, send me the list of works that these people have participated in."


    A few days later, the screenwriters officially entered the job.

    ? Submitted their own answers one after another. Everyone wrote very long, and there was a small stack of printed ones.

    The office next door has also been officially opened. There are relatively few people now, and it will be very lively when the director, artist, and voice are all in place.  Zhuang Zhou didn't choose the names of "Pumpkin Studio" and "Watermelon Studio", but collectively referred to as "Creation Center".

    This will be in the conference room, and everyone including Meng Chaoyang will gather again to discuss the previous topic.

    "I have carefully read what you wrote. The point of view is good, and I am indeed thinking about it. But I have to say that I have overlooked some enforceability. For example, this"

    Zhuang Zhou stood in front and said: "It's meaningless to talk about resurrecting stars. If we want to resurrect, we should resurrect those historical figures, reappear our heroes and martyrs on the screen, and show their true stories.

    ?There are no superheroes in China, everyone is a mortal, doing great things blah blah blah.

    Yes, what you said is correct, but it cannot be implemented.  I still want to resurrect ummmm, is it possible?  I can't even type certain names, it's all asterisks.  "

    "Ha ha!"

    Everyone let out a 404 laugh.

    "Others say that the yishi form must be exported. Taking advantage of its own rbq, South Korea has exported a large number of anti-capital works and become a place for global audiences to vent.

    We also want to export our own things, red ideas, and red flags sweeping the world Barabara.

    Well, that's right, but the reason is the same as above.  "

    "This point of view is closer to the previous one, but more detailed. It is said that "Red Tide" and "Kuroshio" are ready-made examples, using the skin of entertainment movies to wrap our yishi form output.

    It must not be shot like the main theme, regardless of whether it is the main theme of the old era of Wei Guangzheng in the past, or the main theme of the new era now.The melody, outside of China, no one likes to watch it, and foreigners can't understand it.  "

    A brief overview of Zhuang Zhou one by one, and then it is one's turn:

    "This is very interesting, saying that we should use the vast sea of ??web articles as the foundation, extract the essence, add private goods, and create our own commercial film system.

    Just like those movies created by Hollywood that export the American spirit.  "

    He pointed to a certain screenwriter and asked, "Why did you say you want to use web articles as the basis, because you used to be an author of web articles?"

    "It's complicated to say"

    A buddy seemed to be well-prepared, so he dug out a large volume of information and asked first: "Do you know how popular Chinese online articles are overseas?"

    "I have heard that it seems that a black buddy quit his drug addiction after watching "Piling the Dragon"."

    "Not only that, this buddy became addicted to Internet literature after quitting drug addiction. He felt that the translation of "Coiling Dragon" was too slow, so he started to find translation websites by himself, and chased more than a dozen novels at the same time."

    "It's true, I haven't paid attention to it."

    "it is true!"

    This buddy said slowly: "I have a statistical data, the starting point international version knows it?

    In just three years from its launch in 2017 to 2020, the number of users has reached 31.935 million, and the overseas market size is 460 million yuan.  The average reading time is 117 minutes, and the proportion of overseas users who are willing to pay is as high as 87.1%.

    ?Excluding the starting point, there are at least a dozen official and non-governmental online translation sites overseas. I have extracted some comments and read them for everyone to listen to.  "

    "Here is a reference to Infinite Horror:

    @This book is simply my second "Panlong", thank you for the translation work, bless you again, I hope God (not the system God in the book) bless you and your family.

    @I think I will have the same choice as the main character.  Vampire's flesh and blood regeneration, without the weakness of silver and light, is every guy's dream, this ring has everything in it, and can fight fantasy species, it's really worth it!

    @I stopped reading right around the time the squad fights started, the beginning of the book was great, but about there I lost interest.  "

    "Which one is the squad battle?"

    "The Zhongzhou team vs. the Demon team."

    "Oh, in Resident Evil 2, right?"

    Don't think about the Internet too much, and don't make it too small.  After all, among the group of people in the conference room, everyone likes to watch it.

    "This is for "I Want to Seal the Sky":

    @Is this book as good-looking as "Guardian Cthulhu"?

    @Book is very very very good, I'm not kidding.  However, even if I use three extremes to evaluate, the chapters of this book are only translated to 160 chapters. Who knows how many extremes I will end up evaluating, if I read the entire text.

    @If you like "Panlong", "Star Change", "Sura Martial God", "Fights Break the Sphere", then "I want to seal the sky" is the same routine as these novels, they have the same concept, in a world where power is the law  In it, there is a protagonist who keeps getting stronger"

    "It's over! The foreigner has figured out our tricks!"

    "Is this really a comment from a foreigner?"

    "You can search by yourself!"

    This buddy was not happy with everyone's doubts about his work, and said: "The export of Chinese online literature has not only cultivated a circle of readers in Europe and the United States, but also gradually cultivated authors.

    For example, there is a girl named tina lynge, who has several e-books for sale on Amazon, all of which are variants of Chinese Xianxia.

    I have her serial website, if you are interested, you can check it out.

    This little girl has spent a lot of time researching Taoist culture, and like the domestic authors, "I will update one section today when my condition is not good, and I will update three sections tomorrow" and so on.  "

    This buddy, Balabala, laid the groundwork a lot, Fang said: "I put forward the concept that web articles are treasures, which may be laughed at by many people, subconsciously always feel that web articles are not on the table.

    Now it is popular to deconstruct the Western discourse system. I am not talented. After listening to the last class, I was very touched and tried to talk about my own point of view.  "

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