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Text Chapter 186: Web Text 2

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    "First of all, I would like to emphasize one point, don't use our experience of reading online articles to compare the experience of foreigners reading online articles. We are all masters who have gone through thousands of sails, pick and choose, and suffer from book shortages from time to time, while foreigners are in their infancy.

    In addition, due to the huge amount of translation work, the online and update speed of overseas works is very slow. We are facing a vast ocean, and they can only see a small part of it.  "

    This buddy prepared a speech and talked eloquently: "In my humble opinion, why do foreigners like to read online articles?

    The first is non-political correctness.

    The Anza gang led by Britain and the United States, after entering modern times, successfully brainwashed the whole world with universal values, including their own citizens of course.

    Under this system, I am not saying all, but there are a large number of literary and artistic works full of political correctness.  Not believing in God is a crime. Killing someone is a blah blah blah, and Voldemort killing a few people is considered a heinous crime.

    Is this a fart on the Internet?

    Many protagonists in online articles are taken out, and they are all big villains in their system. If they say they are extinct, they will be extinct, and whoever they say is fucked.

    There is also the view of God.

    The West has been in the frame of religious morality for too long. We are different. At the end of our practice, there are all holy gods and Buddhas. Gods come from human cultivation. You do it on the first day of the junior high school and I do it on the fifteenth day. Why are you superior?  Why should I accept your trial?

    We are used to these things, they feel fresh.

    The second is the Shuangwen routine.

    The story of grassroots counterattack is universal.

    The protagonist gets cheats, or pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, or is full of aggressive momentum, in short, it is not the hypocrisy of Japanese light novels.

    When the protagonist is about to die, the protagonist upgrades on the spot, and the remaining blood fights back; relatives and friends are pressed to the ground by the enemy, and the protagonist rushes to kill the protagonist with a single move; the powerful character taunts the protagonist, but is slapped by the even more powerful character  Fei, do you know who he is?  That is a peerless powerhouse!

    This is what countless authors have exchanged with blood and tears experience, cool writing rhythm!

    We can't stop, and so do foreigners.

    Only with freshness can it attract people's attention, and then the story can be refreshing to retain readers.  On the basis of these two points, what is the love for oriental culture?

    The current situation:

    Foreigners generally stay in the primary state when reading online articles, and fantasy, Chinese western fantasy, and fairy tales are the most popular.

    Many people complain that Taoist terminology is not easy to translate, but they can still read books and give high marks.  Some Chinese ways of thinking are also being understood by them.

    For example, I would rather owe money than owe favors.

    And a small number of readers are evolving into senior bookworms with tricky tastes. They can understand more cool points and ideas that only Chinese readers can understand.  "

    This buddy didn't talk too deeply, but he said everything he wanted to say, and said: "The biggest advantage of online texts is their brains and rhythm. Like "Runaway Player" a few years ago, isn't it because the npc has independent consciousness?  The story? It was set more than ten years ago.

    There are also a lot of works that have been hyped up. To be honest, I can't stand it because I always feel old-fashioned.  "

    "But the important thing is that people made money after the filming!" Someone refuted.

    "Yeah, that's what saddens me the most. There's a treasure trove that nobody digs."

    This buddy sighed, and continued: "If we want to shoot something real, we must put on the cloak of entertainment, one is for censorship, and the other is for popularity.

    Like Hollywood's export of the universal value of the United States, it is to use the coolest film to tell you the simplest truth.

    Web texts are the best for this.  "

    "Wow, boom!"

    Amid a burst of applause, he ended his speech.

    "Okay, all the opinions are put here, let's talk about it?" Zhuang Zhou said.

    "I agree with the idea of ??adapting web articles."

    "I don't agree! Superficial, idiot, the protagonist lacks the characteristics of film and television, the length is too long, and it is not easy to adapt."

    "Simplicity is good for dissemination. We can make the protagonist and content, otherwise what should we do?"

    "What about the topic? What do you shoot?"

    "a lot!"

    "Don't talk too much, give examples! Examples! Can you?"

    ""Let go of that witch"! Save the framed witches, use their powers to increase productivity, kill the feudal nobles, and liberate all mankind!"

    "It doesn't even matter which book it is.??We just need to set it up.  For example, the Chinese and the Americans travel to different worlds together and develop independently. In the end, it depends on who develops well and understands everything.  "

    "Hey, don't always think about exporting ideas, let's do entertainment first. How about "Lord of the Mysteries", it fits perfectly!"

    ""Devil's Law" is also available!"

    "I recommend "Magic Apprentice". There is also a plot of a big boss in women's clothing."

    "Why don't you use the Eastern ones, the Chinese dragon group is so powerful!"

    "Wow, what age are you in the dragon group?"

    "Combine, combine, don't cross-context, cross-culture, but integrate the context."

    "That's right, don't think about it too specifically, think of it as a basket, we can put everything in it. This is very convenient to operate."

    "A basket"

    The eight sand sculptures contemplated together, and raised their heads almost simultaneously.

    Zhuang Zhou thought they were very cute, cuter than Qi Wuhai, and said with a smile, "Have you figured it out?"


    "There is one type that is perfect."

    "It was mentioned before."

    "Unlimited streaming!"

    "Why infinite stream?"

    "Because it's just a basket!

    It can be worn to Chinese movies, Japanese movies, and American movies.  Characters can be Chinese, Japanese, or American.

    Due to the brutal competition in the main god space, an old character can be killed and a new character can be added at any time.

    And with your skills, Boss, we can go to "Roman Holiday" and revive Hepburn, or we can directly invite Ryoko Hirosue to be a teammate

    In short, it's ok for us to add anything to it!  "

    Speaking of this, the eight sand sculptures looked at the boss again: "The only thing to consider is copyright."


    Zhuang Zhou knocked on the table, calmly said: "Actually, what you think coincides with mine, I'm already coordinating."


    In exchange for a blank stare.

    "Your pretentious routine is not good."

    "That's it."

    "It's not the protagonist of Shuangwen at first glance!"


    The reason why the eight sand sculptures are taught is not only to cultivate talents and broaden their horizons, but more importantly, to unify their thinking and clarify their direction.

    The effect is very obvious.

    After several meetings, including Meng Chaoyang, they walked with their chests up and their heads up.  Because when they look at those domestic companies, they will unconsciously have a feeling:

    "You guys continue to play with that rags!"

    Before, Zhuang Zhou clamored to ask Tsui Hark to shoot "Shushan".

    I really want to shoot, but I will adjust it according to the changing situation. In other words, "Shushan" is a bait thrown to those domestic companies.

    And infinite flow is something he brewed when he was stacking buildings.

    Just like Bada Sand Sculpture said, it is indeed a basket, and everything can be put in it.

    (Also ?
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