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Text Chapter 187 Infinite Stream

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    ? North Third Ring East Road, China International Exhibition Center.

    The weather is slightly warmer, and the 4th Digital Human Developer Conference has been held in Beijing, followed by many supporting activities, and the exhibition is one of them.

    There are a lot of exhibitions like vr, ar, and virtual people in China every year, with various names.

    Taking the year when Zhuang Zhou traveled to the stacked building as a starting point, global technology has naturally developed in recent years. For example, domestic 5g technology has matured a lot.

    The sister in the domestic area is also a lot prettier.

    Some ideas are becoming more and more open, and walking dogs on the street has been on the news from time to time.  Ladies and sisters don't care, let alone money.


    A car stopped at the gate, and four people got off, Zhuang Zhou, Meng Chaoyang, Zhao Jun and Sun Maoxian.

    Zhao Jun has finished the second season of "The Black Tide", and it has been a while since he came back. If there is no accident, he will take over this infinite stream.  Meng Chaoyang is the coordinator of the script and leads the eight sand sculptures.

    ? Sun Maoxian is not very used to it. He talks about things when he talks about things, and when he is free, he is free to relax. How can he talk about things while watching the exhibition?

    But Zhuang Zhou had an appointment, and it was not easy to come.

    The four entered the center and found the exhibition area, which was very lively, mostly young people, and some foreign faces could be seen.  A standard booth of 9 square meters here is 15,800 yuan per booth, and if you want fine decoration, an additional 1,000 yuan per square meter will be added.

    Zhuang Zhou is busy with film and television, so he doesn't know the current state of technology in this area, so let's take a look today.

    The temperature in the hall is just right, most of the clothes are polite, the lights are confusing and the sound is noisy, and the demons are dancing.

    The live broadcast platform is busy, car companies and e-commerce companies come to join in the fun habitually, several major game manufacturers are all present, Sony's booth is still lined up, young ladies dressed in cosplay are walking around, and the two-dimensional singer is twisting  with a non-existent ass

    Lao Meng stared at a group of white silk girls wearing cat ears and did not leave.

    Zhao Jun is obviously an outsider, and he dislikes it very much.

    Sun Maoxian looked left and right, quite interested, and asked: "I always thought you were a calm and courageous guy, but I didn't expect you to have a childlike side."

    "The word childlike innocence is not used well. This is not the patent of children."

    Zhuang Zhou stopped in front of a booth, and the host was introducing: "This is a multi-view intelligent multi-person motion capture system independently developed by Vientiane Technology.

    Completely based on natural video images, it gets rid of the shackles of wearable devices and realizes accurate tracking of multi-person interactive actions in a single scene.

    Let's demonstrate it!  "

    As he spoke, the three of them were wearing motion-capture suits, standing in front of a super-large screen, facing a camera system.  Then the music started and the three of them started dancing.

    On the big screen behind, three virtual cartoon characters appeared, doing the same actions.  The scene is gaudy and bright, and it's hard to tell where it is.

    "Low latency, high precision, high stability, perfect restoration of Zhongzhiren's whole body movements and finger expressions, easy to use, greatly reducing the equipment cost of virtual idol live broadcast, and boosting more virtual concerts, brands  The landing of professional scene content production such as events and TV program production."


    Zhuang Zhou watched the introduction of the host Balabala for a while, and the movements were almost synchronized, and the image did not feel plastic, which was pretty good.

    He will not despise real technology just because he owns a cheat, what right does he have to despise it.

    "Have you seen it in America?"

    "I've seen a few, it's about the same."

    Sun Maoxian shrugged.

    "Then you have to work hard, it is the metaverse concept you put forward."


    Sun Maoxian was delighted: "Maybe the Yuan Universe will be able to achieve it in the future, but at this stage it's just a trick to cheat money, don't you believe it?"

    The metaverse originated from an American science fiction novel "Avalanche" in 1992.

    Simply put, it is to create a perfect virtual world.  To be more specific, the "Ready Player One" kind.

    In the past few years, the concept of metaverse has suddenly become popular, and major manufacturers around the world have come to an end. Facebook said that it will transform from a social media company to a metaverse company within five years.

    At the Nvidia press conference, there was a digital double that played for more than ten seconds.

    Microsoft Announces Enterprise Metaverse Solutions¡­

    It sounds simple, but it actually includes interactive technology, blockchain technology, Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence technology, network and computing technology, and video game technology, etc.

    When it is fried so hot, it is like a pig on the air vent.

    But Sun Maoxian paused after laughing.?, Seriously said: "You are really at the forefront, at least in shaping this part of the AI ??face."

    "I don't dare to be the one, well, that one is better than me."

    Zhuang Zhou raised his chin, indicating a booth diagonally ahead.

    That was the booth of the famous Unreal Engine. "Medal of Honor", "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" are all games made with Unreal Engine.

    Several computers, one screen.

    "This is the 2.0 version of the meta-human generator developed by Unreal Engine. We all know the digital characters in the movie. They are captured through live action and then rendered with computer special effects.

    But this metahuman generator, condenses it all in one software tool.  In the past, it took several months to complete the digital human, we can complete it in an hour,

    Everyone can create characters like pinching faces in games, men, women, old and young, 18 different body types, hairstyles, facial features, skin, clothes, etc. can be selected.

    Most importantly, it is not a two-dimensional image, but a super-realistic human image!  "

    There were bursts of exclamations in front of the booth, and Zhuang Zhou and Sun Maoxian saw an audience go up to try it out, and made out the image of a young male.

    At first glance, it looks like a real person.

    Zhuang Zhou paid attention to this meta-human generator when he was building a building, and now it has reached version 2.0.  The mode is exactly the same as the virtual series, but the effect is far less.

    It can only generate an image, and cannot move after it is generated. It has to be captured by real people to make it move.

    "You are a face-changing AI, they are created out of thin air, but I still think your technology is better."


    "The face you changed is too vivid, and you have acting skills. They can't do it."

    Zhuang Zhou smiled, and glanced at the booth again. Instead, he was a little happy, because the technological context of the two worlds is almost the same, and when he took out the technology, he would not have the abrupt feeling of alien technology.

    I went around a lot.

    Meng Chaoyang dragged Zhao Jun to watch the young lady's performance, and Zhuang Zhou and the others found a place to rest, and talked about business in a concise manner.

    "I'm not familiar with online texts, but the idea of ??Infinity Stream is very good. The setting is very similar to "Killing City", but that one is fighting aliens, and this one is transmigrated into the movie.

    So you asked me for a list because you wanted to talk about copyright.  "

    "Wearing into movies, especially movies from your own country and familiar to you, will greatly enhance your sense of substitution.

    For example, if the protagonist team is all Chinese, what would the Japanese audience think when they crossed over to "Midnight Ring" and made a killing?  Of course they wanted to add a Japanese.

    The Japanese joined in, and went to American movies together to kill and kill, what do American audiences think?

    They will even scold, your analysis is wrong, you ignored that character, and you can get more branch rewards if you follow the plot there!  Why do you want to exchange for a werewolf, you should exchange for a vampire!  "

    Zhuang Zhou said again: "Infinity Stream is a complex, and most of the viewing needs are in it. Whoever gets the copyright and portrait, we will meet their needs. ?
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