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Text Chapter 188: Bad fun is good fun

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    In the distant era of Sidan and Shuangbing, those were the days when entertainment was young.

    Zhang Niangniang can make a fortune by relying on movies alone, Little Swallow is the most popular, Mr. Zhou first TV, then the movie awards are full, Xu Cairen, um.

    Li Lianhua was diligent, ruthless, and stood firm.

    At that time, Xiaopang was the biggest traffic, of course, there was no such thing as traffic.

    Around 2010, 80 flowers began to usurp the throne. Yaya, Miss Tang, Damimi, Liu Shishi, Sun Niangniang, Zhao Liying, Yang Tianbao, Bai Baihe, etc., either emerged, or had masterpieces, and their fame skyrocketed.

    But they are very embarrassed. They are in the era of works + awards, and then the era of capital + traffic. They are in a period of great transformation in the entertainment industry.

    It is true that they have all been popular, but only those who judge the situation and transform together with the general environment can be popular to the end, and even jump up the class. The typical representative is Damimi.

    By the time of the 90s, the transformation of the entertainment industry was completed, the capital + traffic model was very mature, and Xiaohua Xiaosheng began to involve wildly.

    In the blink of an eye, Sidan and Shuangbing were both old, Xiaopang was banned, Xu Cairen half-retired, Zhang Niangniang was in an embarrassing situation, and Little Swallow disappeared mysteriously.

    The only two left, relying on the previous accumulation, have completed the class leap and became the third layer.

    Li Lianhua's age is always a stalk, she has a younger sister named Li Xue.  When I was in Huayi in the early days, I mixed with Wang Jinghua, mixed in the management of Huayi, and worked as an executive at Wanda Film and Television.

    This woman's foresight and ability are among the best. Li Lianhua could not be what she is today without the help of her sister.

    During the transformation period of the entertainment industry, the two established Hesong Media, which is exquisite in all aspects and flourishing.  The two florets under the banner are Zhou Ye from "The Order of Mountains and Rivers" and Zhang Huiwen from "Return".

    Later, Zhao Liying was recruited into the group, and Zhang Xiaofei, who had skyrocketed with "Li Huanying", also signed the commercial business. After Nazha and Tang Ren terminated the contract, they also joined Hesong.

    So far, He Song has five beauties and strong strength.

    In order to keep Zhao Liying, Li Lianhua tried her best to turn herself into a confidant big sister, taking care of everything.

    Mr. Zhou is quite unique.

    She partnered with Chen Kun and opened a company called Dongshen Future. The first actor who signed a contract was Ni Dahong.

    Later Shu Qi also joined the group, became three bosses, and signed several newcomers, the most popular one was Zhang Jingyi's "The Sky of the Wind Dog".

    The competition in the entertainment industry has sunk to the level around 2000.

    Zhang Jingyi was born in 1999, Zhou Ye was born in 1998, Song Zuer was born in 1998, Zhang Zifeng was born in 2001, and the son of Director Chen, who is known as the prince of the Beijing circle, was born in 2000.


    Beijing, a certain brand activity.

    There are a lot of media, guests are gathering, the smell of champagne and the sound of flashing lights are everywhere.

    Li Lianhua is over 50 years old, and her old mother also took Zhou Ye, who is 25 years old, to walk among the fashion bigwigs and escort them.

    Zhou Ye seems to have a cold face, but in fact he is very good at dealing with things, likable, and handles them with ease.

    After socializing for a while, I found a place to rest, and the two chatted.

    "Your play has been sent to post-processing, and it will be followed by Jiaxing's "Ziyuntai"."

    "I always feel that it's not my play, I didn't act in it."

    "Why isn't it your play? It's just your face. You're a young man not as capable as I am."

    Li Lianhua knocked her on the head and said: "Mr. New Zombie" got off to a good start, and we are waiting in line for the next episode. I heard that "Ziyuntai" is an interactive mode, and it is only 10 episodes long. It is more cautious than us."

    "Yeah, why are you shooting short plays now?" Zhou Ye asked.

    "I used to shoot 70 or 80 episodes in order to sell more money. But this new type of work, one is to grab the schedule, and the other is to reduce the risk factor.

    Not only the two of us, those who lined up were all skits.  "

    Li Lianhua shook her head and sighed: "I've been around for so long, and I never thought that TV dramas would change in such a way."

    "No matter how it changes, my sister can handle it."

    As Zhou Ye said, he jumped forward and hugged the other person's waist: "Sister, can I play "Shushan"?"

    "In your dreams!"

    Li Lianhua said unhappily: "Do you know how many people want to grab this big IP?"


    "The water here is very deep, so don't ask too much. With a size like ours, we will wait for the final result. And I heard that the script of "Shu Mountain" has only started, and I don't know when it will be."

    Da Mimi took the initiative to find Zhuang Zhou to get close, but Li Lianhua didn't have it for the time being.

    theBecause this is a platform game, just let the platform talk about it.  Of course, for the sake of the little flowers under her banner, she would definitely meet and chat with Zhuang Zhou, but she had to find an opportunity.

    But to be honest, she looks down on Zhuang Zhou a little bit, who is not good to praise, but Yang Tianbao?  I heard that there is another new drama that has finished, and it is still a main drama. The female lead is Yang Tianbao, and the second female is Tang Yan.

    Crouching dragon and phoenix chick, the bones are so strange!

    After all, Li Lianhua has won a few actresses since that era, and she looks down on such bastard stars from the bottom of her heart.

    Poor eyesight, too bad!


    Age of Miracles, Boss Room.

    Zhuang Zhou stared at the computer, watching this drama "Walking Through 1990" with a realistic prototype.

    If the American politics is correct, buffs can be continuously added, and the same is true for the domestic theme.  For example, in this film, the wave of reform and opening up in the 1990s, rural people entering the city, women's independent entrepreneurship, high technology, and current policies These are all called buffs.

    Zhuang Zhou found out that all the people looking for him recently are short dramas.

    He is happy to see this phenomenon. The dramas in the 1980s and 1990s are very short, and 40 episodes are considered super long, and the content is more than 70 or 80 episodes.

    He has always felt that the mode of broadcasting in seasons, with ten or so episodes per season, is the best.

    If the grades are good, continue to shoot, and if the grades are not good, cut them off. Of course, we can¡¯t learn to shoot and broadcast at the same time in China, because there is a review cycle, and there is no time.

    There are 20 episodes of "Walking Through 1990", which were shot very quickly, and the plot is quite satisfactory, mainly depends on the acting skills.

    And acting skills are with him.

    What is playing on the computer at the moment is the first five episodes that have already been changed. The plot is compact and the rhythm is not procrastinated. It clearly shows the heroine's rural background and growth environment, and then she followed her relatives to work in the deep city.

    Yang Tianbao returned to the age of 20, with two pigtails, a floral shirt, and his skin was turned black with special effects, looking rustic.

    Not long after entering the city, I met Tang Yan.

    Tang Yan is tall and clean, his lines are no longer airy, and his lines are really crisp and neat.

    "Passing Through 1990" is for the individual award, and Mango has already negotiated the replacement terms. He helps to make a blockbuster, and Mango is responsible for securing the Golden Eagle.

    Mango also expressed great surprise that Zhuang Zhou loved Yang Tianbao so much.

    The taste is so wonderful!

    Of course, outsiders don't understand Mr. Zhuang's bad taste, and bad taste is the best taste.


    Right now, he couldn't help but be happy watching, and couldn't wait to see the moment when Yang Tianbao was on the podium.

    There is one thing to say, if he is more fraternal, he can even praise Xu Cairen, but it is a pity that he is not so fraternal, Xu Cairen is a pain that must be blacked out in every book.

    In the same way, there are Chen Dadao, Guo Xiaosi, and Little Swallow Balabala.

    "Jingle Bell!"

    Just as I was watching, the internal phone rang, and the front desk called: "Boss, Miss Tang is here."

    "Let her in!"


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