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Text Chapter 189: Miss Tang

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    Tang Yan, there is a lot of black history, so I won't repeat it.

    She is quite strange among the 80 flowers. She is silly and sweet, but she is quite scheming, and she is scheming, but she is quite silly and sweet.

    If Da Mimi has foresight, knows how to assess the situation and follow the trend.  At best, Tang Yan had good eyesight, a small layout, and a lack of subjective initiative.

    She is 41 years old this year, her face can no longer hold up, and she is wearing so-called heavy makeup.  The figure is still slim, tall and slender, with two legs that are among the best in the circle.

    Entering the room, he said with his iconic line skills: "Mr. Zhuang!"

    "Well, please sit down."

    Zhuang Zhou made tea for him, and said with a smile, "I take the liberty of inviting you, I hope I didn't disturb you."

    "No, no, I just want to learn from you."

    "Then I'll get straight to the point. The later stage of "Passing Through 1990" is being followed up, and it will be launched on Mango TV soon. You should know that this drama is for the baby to win awards."

    "I know."

    Tang Yan nodded, not feeling angry in his heart, what kind of eyes do you have?

    "The second season of "The Kuroshio" will be launched in the second half of the year. She has gained popularity and won awards. It can't be said to be the second spring of her career, but it can be said to be better than before.

    However, my company is small and there are not many artists, she and Lu Ke alone are far from enough"

    Hearing this, Tang Yan's heart skipped a beat, and he listened again: "I'm preparing a new play, and I think you are suitable for one of the roles.

    Of course, you have your own studio, you can simply understand that this is an in-depth cooperation.  "


    If Tang Yan had his own sound effects, it would have been like this: Heck!  Whoosh!  boom!  Wow!  Like fireworks blooming.

    ? Yang Tianbao's popularity skyrocketed after he turned salted fish over, and was regarded as the biggest supernatural event in the entertainment industry in recent years.  No matter how many people complain about his aesthetics, they are actually envious and jealous.

    People are popular overseas!

    In the past, domestic stars always wanted to go out and spend a few minutes in Hollywood blockbusters, and they could brag about it for a month.  Later, I found that the domestic market is also very good, and because I can't rush out, the enthusiasm has faded.

    But there is still a complex in my bones, eager to be recognized by foreigners.

    Just like those videos on station b, the whole point of Chinese food, Chinese characters, toys, electronic payment, let foreigners comment and praise, we all feel like an orgasm.

    In short, now it's Tang Yan's turn, she has no reason not to, and hurriedly said: "I will definitely do it, I have a lot of experience in costume films, especially fairy tales"

    "Xianxia drama? No, no, not Xianxia."

    "Isn't it "Shushan"?"

    "The first draft of the script of "Shushan" has not been completed yet. This is another one. Do you know anything about online literature?"


    "Then let me tell you briefly."

    Zhuang Zhou briefly talked about what infinite flow is, and said: "The protagonist of this kind of play is not only an individual, but also an entire team. But from the perspective of the role, you can be called the female lead."


    Tang Yan was both surprised and happy, biting his lip: "Why not baby?"

    "It is enough for her to have "Kuroshio", and overseas audiences must see some new faces. The setting of Infinity Stream is very comfortable. An important character in the early stage may die suddenly, and then a new character will appear to replace it.

    I can promise you, at least for the first few seasons, are absolutely essential.  "


    Tang Yan thought for a moment with his not very bright head, and asked: "Then why did you choose me?"

    "I (evil) like (fun) like (taste)!"

    Ms. Tang blushed suddenly, and suddenly felt the same way as Yang Tianbao. This man is really direct, bold, and full of dangerous allure.

    It's a pity that I'm an old man, and it's not the most prosperous time.

    After thinking about it, she went crooked. Why do you say that she has scheming but is stupid and sweet?  It's because, although she is willing to let go, she still can't grasp the key point.

    "I, I am very willing to act in this play!"

    "Is your portrait in your hands?"

    "Here I am!"

    "Well, I wish us a happy cooperation."



    "Bang bang!"

    ? In the boxing classroom of the fitness club, Lu Ke wore boxing gloves and blasted the hammer against the target held by the coach. His steps and punches were all very powerful.

    When she filmed "Red Tide", she was required to do fitness + boxing training, and she was also required to film "Kuroshio".

      As a result, it has become a habit now, and I come to play every two days.

    The regular customers of the club all know her, and those who sign autographs and take photos never refuse, but they don't smile or talk.  At first I thought she was pretending to be cold, but later I found out that this girl is straight and has a bit of social fear.

    He Saisai was different, she was still pressing on a yoga ball, rolling and rolling.

    It's so coquettish that I don't see it.


    After Lu Ke finished training, he wiped his sweat with a towel. He Saisai came over and arched her arm: "Hey, do you really want to be a boxer?"


    "People eat, drink and play in leisure, and you are sweaty in leisure."

    "Then go eat, drink and have fun, and I didn't ask you to accompany me."

    "Tsk, if I hadn't slapped you, I really wanted to slap you! With a friend like me, just have fun secretly, and take care of you in everything"

    He Saisai lowered his voice and said, "Surely you don't know the latest news? The boss is going to shoot a new movie."

    ""Shu Mountain"?"

    "You really don't know, it's not Shushan. I heard that it's Unlimited Flow, which needs many, many roles, and the first female one decides Tang Yan. What kind of taste does the boss have? He's a scumbag. He's looking for another new love so soon. Why doesn't he find me?  "

    Seeing that Lu Ke was about to leave, she quickly grabbed her: "Hey, to be serious, let's ask the boss if there are any roles for us."

    "Why do you ask? He thinks it's appropriate, so he must tell us. If he doesn't tell us, it's not appropriate."

    "Wow, it's amazing that you didn't starve to death before!"

    He Saisai hated that iron cannot be made into steel, and said: "This is a new show hosted by the boss himself. Do you understand the concept? We must, definitely, desperately want to win two roles!"


    "No but! Let me remind you that our contract will expire at the end of this year, and the boss didn't even mention renewal."

    Speaking of the contract, Lu Ke's expression finally changed.

    The two of them only signed a contract for two years, which expires at the end of the year. Of course, they want to continue working with Zhuang Zhou.  So Lu Ke was silent for a while, took out the phone and dialed it, and hung up after a few words.

    He Saisai asked anxiously, "What did you say?"

    "It is said that there are our characters, but the script is still being prepared."

    "That's good, that's good. Let me just say, it doesn't matter if I fall out of favor, the boss doesn't want to see me, but you are my sweetheart."

    ? After signing the company, apart from Chi and Kuroshio, He Saisai has taken more than n big online games, and the accumulation of money adds up to more than 10 million in deposits.

    Lu Ke has also taken on some other dramas, all of which are well-produced and have a good reputation, but he always feels that they are not enjoyable.

    Because those scenes are still within the framework, the boss's scenes have already gone beyond the sky

    There is no impenetrable wall in the world, and the entertainment industry is even more of a sieve.

    ? The Age of Miracles is going to make a new play, and everyone thought it was "Shu Shan", but it turned out not, it was an infinite stream.  Some people scoffed, and some wanted to participate, but Zhuang Zhou didn't take the initiative to release the news, which meant that he temporarily refused.

    Yang Tianbao also heard about it, and for a while he didn't know whether he had the right to be jealous.

    ? Of course, Zhuang Zhou took the initiative to explain that all the rumors about the female lead were rumors, and there were several main female characters in it.

    And I think you and Tang Yan have the same strength and similar temperament, and there will be an amazing effect of 1+1>2 and so on.

    (Looking for wonderful infinite stream novels, or wonderful copy passages, or movies.)

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