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Text Chapter 190 Baby, you have acting skills

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    The China Television Association issued the "Notice on Organizing the 32nd China TV Golden Eagle Awards Participation Work".

    From March 2022 to the end of April this year, all episodes can be registered.  The requirement is that TV series must have been broadcast on CCTV, Satellite TV, and local stations, and online dramas must have been broadcast on online platforms.

    It doesn't have to be finished, just premiere within the time limit.

    The awards will then be held in October.

    The day after this notice was released, "Passing Through 1990" was launched on the Mango platform.  Some basic promotion has been done, but the main theme drama has a small audience, and most of them are well received but not well received.

    Those like "The Age of Awakening" are actually in the minority.  Making a real drama requires a solid foundation. How to artistically present history and make the audience love to watch it is very particular.

    However, "1990" has Yang Tianbao's bonus, and with its current super popularity, it still brings some attention.

    Two episodes a day, ten days to finish.

    The first episode at the beginning shocked the netizens, not the plot, but Yang Tianbao.

    Her personal temperament is too fashionable. At first glance, she looks like a beautiful girl in the city, and she can't be compared with the countryside.  But in this play, it is a country girl with two braids, dark skin and shabby clothes.

    In a barren mountain village, the fate was ill-fated since childhood.

    His mother died early, and his father was disabled in one leg, so he lived on his father's bamboo basket weaving skills.

    She gets up early every day to hunt pigweed, comes home from school to feed the pigs and chickens, cooks for her father, and goes far away to cut firewood. Due to the uneven mountain road, she often slips down accidentally.

    Anyway, no matter how hard it is.

    When she was 16 years old, a relative went back to her hometown to visit relatives, and she persuaded him to bring her to Shencheng.

    At first, she was in charge of screen printing in a small watch glass factory near Shenzhen University.  Go to work during the day, go to night school at night, learn skills crazily, and even learn a driver's license.

    During the period, various routines were mixed. With outstanding work ability, he was promoted by the boss and squeezed out by the villain. In a fit of anger, he chose to resign and start his own business.

    There was no money to find workers, so the whole family and relatives joined the battle, and 8 people squeezed into a suite, which was both a workshop and a bedroom.

    Holding a book of yellow pages, Yang Tianbao went door to door according to the address, and the orders gradually increased.

    In the middle, I encountered many difficulties. I met a manufacturer who cheated and refused to pay, and was bitten by the other party's dog. I had to sell the house to pay the employees

    The plot of 20 episodes is very compact.

    The time span is also large. After the brutal growth in the 1990s and the financial turmoil in 1997, at the beginning of 2000, China ushered in the spring of electronic products, and luxury goods such as computers, mobile phones, and cameras became increasingly popular.

    Once, a friend received a mobile phone order from tcl and handed over the task of panel processing to her.

    Taking this opportunity, she began to transform into mobile phone glass, recruited researchers with a lot of money, won large orders from many brands, and finally became the industry leader.

    After the rise of smart phones, they began to develop a new generation of mobile phone screens, always standing at the forefront of the development of the times

    This kind of plot, this kind of role, has nothing to do with Yang Tianbao in the conventional impression.  But she just acted, and under Zhuang Zhou's skillful hands, she performed extremely brilliantly.

    There are a few scenes, breaking up with friends, being disheartened by a serious career loss, and ecstatic when you succeedall are handled at a very high level, restrained and not exaggerated, and have a strong appeal.

    She has attracted a large number of fans by relying on "The Kuroshio", and when the new work is released, these fans explode with infinite fighting power.

    All of a sudden, 100,000 netizens praised it, but none of them were black fans.

    "My baby is dead, the storm is inhaled, and I am excited to chop jiojio!"

    "Looking forward to my baby being on the stage and winning the honor that should belong to you long ago, ah, I can't imagine the scene then!"

    "There is one thing to say, baby's acting skills have improved in "Skyscraper", but Heizi just can't see it. How is it now, I have accumulated a lot!"

    "Yang Tianbao can now wear bronze. With her help, Tang Yan is actually much more pleasing to the eye!"

    "Indeed, Tang Yan was also very pleasantly surprised."

    Of course, we are not fools.

    There was "Mr. New Zombie" before, and someone must have thought of it, so they questioned: "I always feel that this is weird. It doesn't use technical means, like Zu Xian?"

    "Is there any melon? I didn't see any revelations."

    "I don't quite understand, can technology be applied to real people?"

    "It is definitely possible, and this kind of thing must not be exposed, it is too violating technical ethics!"

    powder?Start maintenance again:

    "What's the matter with the face change? It's over if you look good, so many troubles!"

    "I found that some people are just hypocritical, spouting rubbish content at every turn, and their acting skills are terrible, like messengers of justice. Now I will show you good dramas and show you good acting skills, but they are forced to rely on technology ethics.

    What do you want to see?

    You said you want to watch a good drama, is it a good drama?  You said you want to look good at acting, is she good at acting?  "

    All of a sudden, the strife started again.

    Some people insisted that Yang Tianbao definitely did not have this kind of acting skills.  Some people also insist that people will grow without prejudice.

    And most netizens are eating melons and watching movies, and they don't care whether they use technology or not.  So what if you use it, the previous traffic was all of this virtue, wouldn¡¯t it be over after a few words of scolding?

    Inside the entertainment circle, including the marketing accounts and big v who often broke the news, all pretended to be dead.

    For this kind of thing, the circle will pretend to be dead, and it will be calm in a few days.

    But Zhuang Zhou didn't think it was a big deal to watch the excitement, so he specially called Yang Tianbao and said, "Let's respond."

    "You're crazy, how do you respond to this kind of thing?"

    "Just to refute and prove that you really have acting skills."

    "how to do?"

    "You act as your own substitute, and leave the rest to me."

    So, while the quarrel was still going on, Yang Tianbao quickly posted a video on Weibo, which seemed to be a bedroom at home, with a corner of the bed exposed in the background, a wardrobe, and elegant decoration.

    She was seen in the mirror wearing slippers, sitting behind a table, with light makeup, a black shirt, and home attire.

    Do not speak, just face the camera.

    His eyes were dazed, blank at first, and then there was a wave of waves, and there was a bit of surprise in the waves, as if he saw his sweetheart unexpectedly.

    Following the smile, the whole face becomes cheerful, full of the happiness and sweetness of falling in love.

    And laughing and laughing, and slowly restrained, the brilliance in the eyes gradually faded, and he became dazed, as if his sweetheart broke up with him, and tears fell down.

    After about a few seconds, she took out a tissue to wipe away her tears, smiled again, and waved her hand at the camera.

    The video ends.


    Netizens are all dumbfounded!

    This is Chi Guoguo's acting skills!

    Moreover, it is extremely moving. Without a single line, people can understand the content by relying on the natural and contagious expression changes.

    I have to say that this awesome way of responding really surprised a lot of people.

    If it is in the play, everyone will have a sense of doubt.  But if the scene is realistic, in my own home, I recorded a video myself, which invisibly greatly enhanced the sense of reality.

    The fans are arrogant:

    "Hahaha, who else? Who else is not convinced?"

    "Our baby is the best!"

    Yang Tianbao was also proud, then worried, and acted like a baby to Mr. Zhuang: "Oh, what if someone really asks me to perform on the spot?"

    "It doesn't matter, if you go on another show, let's show off your acting skills on the spot. Anyway, it's all recorded and broadcast, so just do it later.

    But it is different in the eyes of the audience. Since you are on the show, it must be true.  This kind of cognitive error will occur when the information of the two parties is not equal.

    Don't worry baby, you have acting skills, believe in yourself, you definitely have acting skills!  "

    Zhuang Zhou Kejin's pua, the fun is once again satisfied.

    ? Absurd entertainment, let's play
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