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Text Chapter 191: Global Online

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    After "Passing Through 1990" was broadcast, Yang Tianbao officially jumped to the acting school.

    Mango sent the show to sign up, and was successfully shortlisted for the preliminary review of the Golden Eagle Award.  These awards in China basically have an expert database, which includes idle officials, experts and scholars, film and television practitioners of the older generation, and film and television practitioners of the Mesozoic generation.

    A few people are randomly selected from each session as judges.

    You mean young judges?


    How many judges have been born in these awards, and they have been stationed year after year, every time.  It is obviously out of date, and it is obvious that the works shot are 30 or 40 years ago, but it can determine whether the works of the new era and the new model can win the prize.

    The Golden Rooster Award has the most nail-biters, and has been sprayed repeatedly. We have to say reform and increase young judges.

    As a result, a group of 40+ young people were added, 9 judges, 7 seniors, 2 newcomers

    Feng Pants has a vivid metaphor: there is a house, the fourth generation first walked in through the door, and then closed the door to prevent others from entering.

    Then the fifth generation jumped in through the window and closed the window.  Seeing that the fifth generation had already entered, the fourth generation simply formed an alliance, strictly guarded the windows and doors, and refused to allow others to enter.

    Unexpectedly, the sixth generation did not go through the door or the window, but got in from the ground.

    Since then, they have devoted themselves to studying literature and art in this house, closing the doors, windows, ground and even the roof.

    It couldn't be more suitable for the matter of awards.

    The Golden Eagle Award is suitable for 1983. It is co-sponsored by the Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Visual Association. It is a serious and high-level award.  It used to be a rotating host, but since 2000, it has been permanently settled in Hunan Province.

    It's like playing around.

    As one of the country's highest-level TV drama awards, it will be permanently undertaken by the local government, which means that Mango TV can easily bind with it and play its hands.

    Magnolia is also a virtue, and Feitian is relatively the most authoritative.

    In short, when Yang Tianbao enjoyed the glory of acting, and when Mango began to operate in secret, Zhuang Zhou also officially launched the unlimited stream project.


    Age of Miracles, Creation Center.

    After the eight sand sculptures finished their last script discussion, Zhuang Zhou and Meng Chaoyang were summarizing their opinions.

    "The preliminary idea is to divide by region. Each major country has a team. Netflix is ??global, and it just happens to be divided into several areas. Let them take pictures of their own teams, how to download dungeons, what kind of power system they get, and then team battles.

    In this way, it is necessary to arouse the interest of audiences from all over the world.

    We are naturally the Zhongzhou team. The first dungeon is proofing. It must be full of provocation and debate, so that others can take the initiative to leave the game.

    The first to appear is the protagonist: a male, a captain with leadership, affinity, brave and decisive, and no mother-in-law.  Don't play around with the Holy Mother, domestic audiences will vomit, and foreigners will get tired of it too.

    ?Senior reincarnation: mediocre qualifications, prudence, fair strength, neither good nor evil, essentially an ordinary person who seeks to protect himself.

    The heroine of the first season: female white-collar, calm and delicate, has certain analytical skills, strong observation skills, will not lose the chain at critical moments, and will grow up later.

    Cannon fodder 1: Little gangster, the kind of guy who yelled 'do you know who my big brother is' at the beginning, and then was beaten up by senior people.

    Cannon fodder 2, 3, 4: In order to show the cruelty of the dungeon, the dragons who died at each stage.

    Great cleverness: Familiar with the plot, took a shortcut in order to pretend to be aggressive, and the balance mechanism was triggered. The main god increased the difficulty of the copy, and was indirectly killed by the veteran.

    ?The ending of the first copy: the group was almost destroyed, only the hero and heroine survived.

    Because he is a newcomer, he is immature and immature in many places.  After surviving, the two summed up their lessons and realized the cruel rules of survival, the importance of the wise man's layout, the importance of selecting newcomers, and so on.

    Then in the second dungeon, the military division based on Colonel Chu went online. He is so wise that he is almost a demon, always calm and black-bellied, and has a strong chemical reaction with the male protagonist.

    In short, the first copy must be brutal and exciting, attracting attention.  The second dungeon should correspond to the exchanged ability of the protagonist, and add new important characters.  "

    Zhuang Zhou nodded after listening, and asked, "What about the upgrade route for the protagonist team?"

    "We tend to take the oriental route of cultivating immortals, but considering the limitations of some dungeons on abilities, we hope to add some high-tech means to assist."

    After the boss of the eight sand sculptures finished speaking, he laughed with a hippie smile and asked: "Boss, we have been planning for several days, and we still don't know what the first dungeon is? Can you tell us so that we can write the plot as soon as possible.""Oh, it's Resident Evil."


    The eight people listened and blinked, unexpected and reasonable.

    ? Start biochemical, unlimited stream standard configuration.

    "Boss, how did you get the copyright?"

    "We're not buying out, we just use it once or twice, and spend money to help the film studio make a living. When it becomes popular, they can make a set of commemorative DVDs to make a fortune. Why not do it?

    What's more, this is a movie made more than 20 years ago, and the new version of "Resident Evil" has been released for two years!  "

    Zhuang Zhou shrugged his shoulders facing the eight sand sculptures: "The real difficulty is the leading actors, especially Milla Jovovich. Netflix spent a lot of money to get her image authorization."

    "Then how do we shoot, I mean, how do we restore the scene inside?"

    In fact, I was ok with one click!

    But I can't use it now!

    "Let's set up the scene. Netflix is ??investing in this show. They have a lot of money and money. It's raining."

    (By the way: the new version of "Resident Evil" has been filmed long ago, starring Kaya Scodelario, who has filmed "Maze Runner". However, the schedule of this film has been changed again and again, and it is said that it will be released in November this year)


    After the basic framework of unlimited streaming was finalized, work started here immediately, and the related business was given to Hengdian.

    After being stirred by Zhuang Zhou, a butterfly, many things have changed invisibly.  The south of the Yangtze River has long been warming up, but the business of Da Heng Kingdom is inexplicably deserted.

    It's not that the crew has been reduced, but some aspects that have never been thought of before.  For example, the hotel industry here is well-developed, there are several four-star hotels, and it is the place where celebrities often live.

    But since the beginning of this year, fewer and fewer celebrities have come, first the top-tier, then the waist, and then even the newcomers have stopped coming.  Now on the set, a group of unknown old actors and doubles are all acting.

    Without celebrities, there would be no fans, and the bustling fan visits disappeared.

    Fortunately, there are still crews, and eating, drinking and sleeping can also drive consumption.

    Hengdian provides one-stop support services. Starting from a workshop, it is rare to have a relatively mature logistics system.  For more than 20 years, there have been thousands of crews, dead devils can circle the earth ten times, and they have seen all kinds of weird things.

    But when I received the proposal from the Age of Miracles, I still felt strange.

    They asked: to copy the costumes, props and scenes in "Resident Evil" as they are, and do it for the movie, without any loss!

    Although it's a weird thing, I still do it, and the money is enough.

    At the same time, the drama officially named "Global Online" also started casting.
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