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Text Chapter 192 Casting

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    Li Yang, one of the Eight Great Sand Sculptures.

    Hey, he has a name!

    Born in a professional class, from a small shooter to a big shooter, he has an independently signed work, which has always been tepid.

    The head is full of novel ideas, but they are regarded as whimsical, and they are repeatedly rejected. In their 20s, their mentality is already old, and they have the attitude of giving it a try and jumping to Miracle Age. Hey, the spirit is refreshed!

    Early this morning, Li Yang came to work humming a ditty.

    The eight of them also have to clock in, but there are no specific requirements, and it is ok to produce works on time.  The framework of the first season of "Global Online" is completed, and then the content is filled.

    When some people talk about Hollywood scripts, they always mention one thing like German sewers and Japanese summer camps:

    Hollywood scripts will be in charge of several screenwriters, with a clear division of labor, the main line, branch lines, protagonists, supporting roles, dialogues, jokes, etc., each of them will take one piece.

    Then sigh, how advanced their system is!

    Please think on your knees, how is it possible?  Different people have different writing styles, and even the idiomatic words may be different. How can it be possible for each to write their own and combine them into a complete script?

    The real situation is:

    A script will be handled by many people. After you write it, I will revise it, and then pass it to him, and he will revise it again. This is okay.

    Either it is a big screenwriter, formulate a good outline, unify the creative ideas, and then assign it to the small screenwriters under him.  For example, in this plot, in this situation, the hero and heroine need an interaction, and you are responsible for writing the dialogue.

    this is okay too.

    The Age of Miracles is more free, and the volume of a copy is not much, so each person simply writes a copy, and then learns from each other's strengths to make up the best one.

    Everyone unified their thinking, Lao Meng took an overview of the overall situation, and then assigned tasks.

    When Li Yang came to the company, the partners had already started work. Considering the particularity of creation, each person had an independent work space, where he wanted to eat and drink.

    What he wrote was an action scene, listening to music with earphones, a straw in his mouth, and Fat House Happy Water by his hand.

    Amidst the crackling sound of code words, I was unexpectedly bored and full of motivation.  After deleting, deleting, modifying and modifying, I suddenly looked up, and before I knew it, I had already taken a break at noon.

    Eight people, five men and three women, one more than one.

    The company has a good meal allowance, and there is a restaurant downstairs, but I don't bother to walk, so I order takeaway nearby.  All kinds of noodles, noodles, rice, spicy soup, and fried chicken piled up on a large table in the blink of an eye.

    Lao Meng gnawed on the family bucket and asked, "What do you think about casting?"

    "Is it a chat?"

    "No, I'm asking for opinions, and the boss will consider it."

    "First of all, of course it is an All-Star, and the cannon fodder has to find a familiar face, so as to have a gimmick."

    "I don't agree. If there are all stars, there will be no stars. Cannon fodder must be passers-by. Because we are not a one-shot deal. Once the All-Star audience may like it, it will be annoying if it is done twice or three times."

    "There are a total of eight people in the first instance. The hero and heroine, the senior, and the wise are just familiar faces."

    "I don't care about anything else, seniors must find Zhang Jin, who looks like a warden, is handsome, can fight, and dies in the first instance, perfect!"

    "I think Chen Chichi is not bad for someone who is too clever to be mean and annoying."

    "Wow, it's flattering him to get him in this show!"

    "Then who are you looking for? Gazi?"

    "Gazi didn't cover his ears, did he hate it?"

    "I don't like the fact that the ears are not open, don't you?"

    "You put this doll away!"

    Meng Chaoyang thought about it, and the ear wrap fits well, and he wanted to beat him to death just by looking at it.

    "Brother Meng, I heard that the heroine is Tang Yan, is it true?"

    "Really, the boss hand-picked it."

    In an instant, strange eyes flicked back and forth among the several people, like Xi in the melon field.

    "Then does Yang Tianbao still have a role?"

    "There will be later, what the boss means"

    Meng Chaoyang also turned into a ghost, and said furtively: "He wants to gather all the female stars who are ashamed of their acting skills and put them in there to play together."


    Everyone admires, the boss's grand ambitions are unattainable!

    "Hey, is there any news about the hero?"

    "Currently contacting Mr. Hu."

    Hu Jun?

    Everyone made up their minds, is Qiao Gangzhu the boss?  It must be super leadership, masculine and mighty, the younger brother is obedient, decisive in killing, and tender in the iron man!

    These people are all engaged in writing,The joke was random, and one person immediately slapped the table: "Aren't we divided into two versions at home and abroad? Add a joke to the domestic version, and tease him why he didn't choose the Eighteen Palms of the Dragon when choosing skills?"

    "No, no, it should be that the hostess chose a tape recorder, a set of eighteen dragon subduing palms and golden dragon special effects, saying that you will bring your own bgm when you appear on the stage in the future, and throw out eighteen golden dragons with one slap."

    "Then the male lead said, it's a joke, a joke!"

    "Ha ha ha ha!"

    The eight sand sculptures suddenly became happy, happiness was so simple for them.

    And one of the rotten girls also called: "In this case, the role of the military adviser must be Liu Ye, Lan Yu cp, there is nothing better than their interaction!"

    "Let's go, what CP is this drama talking about? Liu Ye is the image of two idiots, can he play a wise man?"

    "Then who do you think can act?" The rotten girl objected.

    "Conservative and old-fashioned, wearing glasses, with no expression, the image of a gentle scum is better."

    "Gentle scum"

    Lao Meng thought for a while, took out his phone and found a photo of Zhang Luyi wearing glasses.

    Let's take a look, um, it's done.


    Facts have proved that Mr. Zhuang really listened to his opinions.  However, Meng Chaoyang said that it is a pity that such a high-quality actor as Zhang Jin died so soon.

    Zhuang Zhou asked: "What do you think is the biggest hit point of "Global Online"?"

    "Infinite stream?"

    Meng Chaoyang blurted out, then paused, shook his head and said, "It should be a copy of the movie. We have restored the movie and characters, which is unprecedented in history."

    "That's right, many people suggested to me that we should look for big stars. In fact, they ignored that those dungeons contained the biggest stars.

    So there is no need to feel sorry for a certain actor, even if he is good, he is just a piece in this big chess game.  "

    The casting process went very smoothly. Tang Yan came here on his knees, Zhang Jin and Bao Beier were finalized as quickly as possible, and Hu Jun didn't take much effort.

    When Hu Jun was at his peak, he finished filming "Lan Yu", and then filmed "Dragon and Babu", and at the same time took part in the Hong Kong circle and acted in "Infernal Affairs 2".

    In those few years, he was almost the most popular in the mainland, but it is a pity that the momentum did not maintain.  Since then, there have been no starring roles, and there have been very popular works.

    He is 56 years old this year, so he does not have to worry about not having a movie to shoot, but he has fewer chances to play the leading role.

    Hu Jun gives people the impression that he is a very serious, a bit aggressive actor who is not very entertaining.  But in fact, in the last wave of face grabbing, people have already authorized their own portraits.

    There is a way to tell. How to judge whether an actor is just right for food and bad money depends on whether he has ever been on a variety show.

    Anyone who has been on a variety show, no matter how serious they look, has something to talk about.


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