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Text Chapter 194 Can I Control It (Let the fish roe be added)

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    "Before doing this video, I hesitated.

    Because the interactive series is not an ordinary TV series, it has a certain puzzle-solving nature. If I do the commentary, it will be tantamount to spoilers and will make everyone lose fun.

    After all the deliberation, I decided not to explain any options, but to talk about the surprises that "Ziyuntai" brought me.

    First of all, I have a skeptical attitude. After all, there have been many interactive dramas, and the standard is very average. The main focus is on the cultivation of love.

    Simply put, there is no content and superficial form.

    Personally, I can't say that the plot of "Ziyuntai" is amazing, but it is relatively good, mainly because of the form it shows.

    Just like the option box, most episodes will stop the screen, or even a black screen will appear directly, and the audience will jump from the TV series to the game in an instant.

    "Ziyuntai" will not stop the screen when you choose, the characters are still moving, and then according to your choice, the characters will follow suit immediately, which is very natural and smooth.

    However, the countdown, I think it still brings some sense of the game, and I hope it can be improved.

    Then there is the branch line.

    I dare not say that "Ziyuntai" has the most story lines, but I dare say that it is the most diverse.  I played all night and played through five endings, each of which is different.

    This kind of difference is not an understatement, but that the story will really be reversed and the character of the characters will change.  Decentness becomes a big devil, the protagonist dies in battle, visitors from space and so on.

    ?An extra word, I played the lily ending!

    When I saw it, I almost died of excitement"

    When Yamei¡¯s video came out, there was actually nothing else to say, the last sentence was enough.

    The Lily market has great potential, but it has not been developed like Danmei. If you look at station b and Douban, you will know how many little girls there are.

    Publicity and promotion of consistent routines, attracting traffic from various platforms.

    "Ziyuntai" quickly became popular.

    "The official said that there are 10 endings, but I only played 7 out of life and death. Please advise me!"

    "Ah, ah, I have been in love with Reba and Da Mimi for a long time, and finally saw them having sex with Lily. I was surprised that Reba attacked me, but Da Mimi actually suffered.

    By the way, how do Zhang Yunlong and Zhang Binbin's Tanmei line work?  "

    "I really put my heart into it. I started to choose the sachet, and then stepped forward to help. Fatty turned into a villain, which is very novel."

    "In the back mountain, don't pick herbs, you will see an evil cultivator appear and turn Da Mimi's bones into zombies, turning them into zombie honey."

    "Damn it! I actually created a random branch line from "Three Lives III"!"

    Jiaxing has a very high flow of artists, each with a large group of fans.

    Fans want to watch idols, collect all the branches of idols, and ask for strategies in the group.  Moreover, the many settings of the branch lines allow these stars to pair in pairs and create many combinations.

    There are cute couples, there are cute couples, you can watch whatever you want.

    "Ziyuntai" greatly satisfies this point.  In this way, the time the audience stays on the episode will also increase, achieving in-depth interaction.

    Just when the enthusiasm was at its climax, Zhuang Zhou's previous moves were also released.

    A large number of sailors began to press endlessly: "Why is there no so-and-so plot, why is there no such and such? We want to watch! We want to watch!"

    The film crew quickly responded: "Yes, we regard the audience as God, if you want to watch it, we will shoot it now!"

    In fact, it has already been filmed. After a while of pretending, Kacha took it out and added a branch line, making a new version of "Ziyuntai".

    So I went crazy again.


    "Mr. New Zombie" got off to a good start, and "Ziyuntai" is not to be outdone.

    One is the nostalgic retro mode, and the other is the contemporary top-notch gameplay, each of which has proven to have a considerable number of fans.

    Yao Lin from Goose Factory looked at the statistics:

    "The number of non-member recharges brought by "Ziyuntai" was 870,000; the number of non-members who transferred to members was 2.21 million; the number of members upgraded was 38.64 million!"

    In other words, more than 30 million members spent 5 yuan to watch this drama, and more than 2 million people spent 25 yuan to become new members.

    When the major platforms reach the bottleneck and the membership growth is slow, one wave can bring more than 2 million new members, which is enough to set off firecrackers.

    "Technology is the primary productive force, and it is true in all walks of life. When this technology is brought out, many people have imagined it before.Everything can be realized, which naturally leads to new profit growth points.  "

    Yao Lin shook her head, thinking of Zhuang Zhou.

    He thought that sharing some of the benefits would satisfy everyone, but he didn't know that the little boy had already spent money in the downtown area and was already looking around hungry

    own house.

    Li Lianhua is also watching "Ziyuntai".

    She thinks the plot is okay, mainly the all-star lineup, various collocations, and guessing mode.  To put it bluntly, it still depends on the celebrity face.

    However, this is also a feature of the new type of works. The star becomes a face, which is just a number.

    According to the agreement of many big bosses, the first part is nostalgic, the second part is interactive, the third part is still nostalgic, and the fourth part is the turn of our company

    Dining room.

    A female star with the highest commercial value in the past, Big Honey; a female star with the highest commercial value now, Fatty, is having dinner together.

    Their relationship is very interesting, probably: I took you as a little sister, but your wings became stiff and you climbed on my head?  !

    Fat Di was already able to fly solo, Jiaxing tried his best to keep him, and at least he stayed.  Da Mimi is almost 40 years old, not as good as Fat Dihong, but she has a thick blood and a wide network of contacts, and she is still firmly in the position of "sister".

    "I'm lucky this time, it's a hit, but next time I can't follow it, I have to push newcomers."

    "Why? I think this form is very interesting."

    "Now that you have shares, you are also considered one of the bosses. You have to take a long-term view."

    Da Mi said earnestly, and educated: ""Ziyuntai" is valuable because of the drama, not us. If there are more stars, the value will decrease. Now that the trend has come out and cannot be resisted, we must find a way to give ourselves an advantage.

    Is our face the advantage?

    Of course not, that thing is okay to play with, and it's not a newcomer.

    Let me tell you, our advantages are Jiaxing, shares, contacts, and the status of mastering resources.  The relationship on the upper level must be firmly tied, and the relationship on the lower level must be handy.  "

    The 32-year-old Fatty nodded and asked, "Which layer is the Age of Miracles?"

    "It doesn't count on any level, he is special."

    "He is working on a new play, which sounds very interesting to me, and I think it will explode."

    "Do you want to try out a role?"

    "Can't you?"


    Da Mimi saw that the other party was still very immature, and said: "The more popular our drama is, the more dangerous he is, with so many big bosses staring at him, I don't know how long he can live, and there is no chance of contacting him again.

    Look at the heroine he chose, Tang Yan"

    Speaking of Tang Yan, Da Mimi couldn't help shaking her head. After all, she was the only best friend in the past, and said: "It's only the ones who get her share, and those who have nothing to film, only try to get closer."

    "Then you don't want to persuade me?" Fatty laughed.

    "I advise?"

    Da Mi Mi paused, but she was still ruthless: "I can't control it!"

    (I'm going to start a blind date ?
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