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Text Chapter 195 Shooting 1

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    Hengdian, studio area.

    Several studios, large or small, are neatly arranged like warehouses.  The road is straight and flat, and the vehicles have all been replaced with electric ones with the same style, as if they are visiting some park.

    Hengdian began to develop in the 1990s, and its early advantages gradually became a burden, unable to keep up with the needs of special effects blockbusters in the new era.  In recent years, the industry has been upgrading, spending money to buy a lot of facilities.

    Of course, as long as the country is filled with a large number of ancient puppets and anti-Japanese dramas, Hengdian Film and Television City will not collapse.


    Following the rustling sound of tires pressing against the newly paved road, several cars stopped at the door of a studio. When the door opened, Zhuang Zhou, Zhao Jun, Meng Chaoyang, Sun Maoxian, and Tang Yan's team got out of the car.

    The company not only recruited screenwriters, but also recruited directors and artists. The art team has come in advance to guide the layout.  The person in charge stood guard at the door and welcomed everyone in.

    The lights inside are bright, the areas are clearly divided, and the details of "Resident Evil" are all restored.

    The first part mainly tells the story that happened in the hive. The train, laboratory, passage, machine room, etc. are all interior scenes.  Props and the like do not require the same material, you can use plastic or rubber, as long as the appearance is ok.

    Zhuang Zhou went in and walked around, and asked, "Where are the platforms and carriages?"

    "We originally wanted to arrange it, but Hengdian said that it is not necessary. It can be done with an LED special effects studio. We only need to build a small platform."

    I saw this thing when I was filming "Red Tide". In the past, the special effects were all green screen, which was shot first and synthesized later.

    A led studio has a circle of led screens. For example, there is a scene of snow-capped mountains inside. The actors stand in front of the show, and the camera is directly connected to the computer. What comes out is the scene of the actors in the snow-capped mountains.

    This special effect is suitable for large backgrounds that do not interact, such as deserts, forests, starry sky, cities, streets, crowds, etc.

    While talking, a guy from Tang Yan's team took out his mobile phone to take pictures and record videos.

    After filming the set, and then filming her, Ms. Tang immediately put on a concentrated expression, listened carefully to the person in charge's explanation, nodding and smiling from time to time.


    Zhuang Zhou was in pain, and when they were done, he said: "Before the official announcement, you don't send any materials, and you must send them to us for review before sending them."

    "It must be, I understand."

    ? Tang Yan nodded obediently, and pushed forward: "Mr. Zhuang, can we take a photo together?"


    "Oh fine."

    She pouted, her eyes flickered, and she was so pitiful.

    A set of expressions are flowing, natural and vivid, fully expressing the grievance and sadness of the daughter's family If you have this kind of acting skills in the play, why should you be called a shame in the middle of the play?

    The first copy of "Global Online" is full of AI face-changing, but Tang Yan also followed.

    She wants to learn from Yang Tianbao, pretending to shoot a few scenes, and then Reuters will issue a draft.

    After everyone visited the studio and had lunch together, Tang Yante understood, and sat down next to him with a very low posture, wishing he could serve tea and water.

    This is the result of experience in the early gangster circle.

    When she was in the Hong Kong circle, the mainland was still dominated by coal bosses. The coal bosses didn't know art, were generous, and didn't point fingers. If you let my honey be the heroine, I will invest money in you.

    It doesn't matter how much you vote, what you want is face.

    That was the best era for TV drama creators, and Wang Hailin misses it all.

    Of course, this does not mean that the coal boss is cleaner than the Hong Kong area, nor does it mean that the Hong Kong area is cleaner or dirtier than the coal boss.

    ""Global Online" also has an internal and external version, but it is not the same as "Kuroshio". The harmonious version of "Kuroshio" mainly deletes pornographic scenes, violence but not bloody, cyberpunk, it is full of mechanical components  .

    But this Resident Evil, zombies, large-scale, must be bloody, even web dramas can't pass the review.  "

    "Oh, what should we do?" Tang Yan suddenly interjected.

    Zhuang Zhouyi turned his head and continued: "So to save the country with a curve, I registered a company in Hong Kong, co-produced with Netflix in the name of the Hong Kong company, and then imported it from the mainland.

    Censorship is notoriously baffling.

    We shoot by ourselves, no ghosts, no zombies, no gore, but imported films are allowed.  Hong Kong ghost and zombie movies, Hollywood zombie movies and horror movies, many of them were imported without cutting"

    "It's amazing!" Tang Yan interrupted again.


    Zhuang Zhou turned his head again, you are doing wellAh, sure enough, none of the celebrities who can make a splash is a fuel-efficient lamp.

    Tang Yan pursed his lips and asked with a smile, "Let's just make one copy? No second one?"

    "The second one is already being written."

    "What's the story?"

    "Temporarily confidential."

    Miss Tang pouted again.


    Meng Chaoyang and the others trembled when they saw it. They had seen Yang Tianbao's methods before, and they didn't expect that the so-called silly and sweet Ms. Tang would not let her go too much. They were all high-level hunters.

    Some men always have their own secret skills for dealing with women, and women for dealing with men.

    If you are surprised, what secret technique?  Why deal with it?  I never knew!  Congratulations, you are a good boy.


    Everyone stayed in Hengdian for a few days, and all the substitutes were in place.

    Hu Jun's stand-in is about 1.8 meters tall, with almost the same body shape and long legs.  Tang Yan's stand-in was chosen by himself. He was slender and tall, with a bit of charm in his eyebrows and eyes.

    She was quite proud, saying that this person has been signed by herself, and she will be a shadow warrior in the future.

    With the foreshadowing of works such as "Mr. New Zombie" and "Ziyuntai", in fact, the matter of changing faces with AI is tacitly understood by everyone.  The entertainment company pretends to be dead, and refuses to admit it when it is mentioned. Netizens should complain, make noise, and boast.

    Still the same sentence, it doesn't matter, what can you do to me?

    Since China joined the WTO, liberalized its entertainment policy in early 2000, and introduced a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan capital and Hollywood blockbusters, the top management has basically adopted a laissez-faire attitude.

    So much so that in the past 20 years, entertainment has completely become a game field for capital competition and playing.

    Did you say there are policy constraints?


    For example, one drama with two stars, such as the salary limit order, but almost every policy is one size fits all, not only did not solve the old problems, but created new problems.

    When a bad artist was exposed, it was indeed blocked, but he ignored the general lack of artistic ethics and industry ills, so he let it go even more.

    It wasn't until this year¡ªreferring to the reality that it began to rectify like a real thing.

    If it is an analogy, it is like the national football team.  People all over the country know what is wrong with the national football team, but why is it not rectified?

    I am not sure as well.

    In short, after the preparations were ready, the filming of "Global Online" officially started.

    Zhuang Zhou also began to release concept maps one by one, releasing information bit by bit.  The first two films, "Red Tide" were not well-known at the time, and "Black Tide" cyberpunk was not popular.

    However, the infinite stream is different, and those who have read the web articles basically know it.

    Coupled with the stimulation of "Alice" and "Squid Game" in recent years, the battle royale works have become popular all over the world, and more and more audiences are obsessed with them.

    However, those are all puzzle-solving gameplays, and the domestic infinite stream born out of online texts is unique.


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