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Text Chapter 196 Shooting 2

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    In the entertainment industry, bigwigs generally have the habit of getting up early and running.

    For example, Liang Zaiqing, he is a boxing practitioner and habitually maintains his state;

    For example, Mr. Xu, sitting on Chai Dai, can't do without exercise.

    But Zhuang Zhou has a lazy temperament and has never been active in his life. It would be better to kill him than let him run.

    The sun in Hengdian was bright and dazzling. At about seven o'clock, Zhuang Zhou, who had been swiping his phone until midnight, opened his eyes and lazily got up, like a student returning from a private house, swaying and listless.

    Let the hotel deliver breakfast, wash up, and then go back to bed to brush your phone.

    For the promotion of film and television works, an official account with the same name as the work is usually registered, and the official account is used to send messages.  In fact, it's not very useful. How many people read the official account?

    Everyone is searching for hot searches.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't get an official account, and directly used the company account of "Age of Miracles" to publicize, from "Transforming Dragon" to the present.  In just a few years, this is probably the official blog of a film and television company with the most fans.

    The brand image has been established.

    He looked at the news about "Global Online", and the original text was just one sentence: "The latest episode of "Global Online" is officially launched, unlimited streaming, unlimited streaming of "Infinite Horror"."

    There are tens of thousands of comments below:

    "In my dreams, I want to turn my favorite web articles into film and television dramas, and finally someone has done this!"

    ""Infinite Horror" 666! Then I must download a copy, eh?"

    "Let me tell you for you upstairs, if the protagonist really wears it in a film and television drama, wouldn't it be Damn!"

    "The Age of Miracles yyds! The letter girl is willing to use her ex-boyfriend to become 0 in exchange for this drama to be launched tomorrow!"

    "Huh? Do girls also watch Unlimited Stream?"

    "Just kidding, go to the female channel to see how many infinite stream novels there are!"

    "No matter what, I really feel that the Age of Miracles is here to help the poor with technology in the entertainment industry."

    Zhuang Zhou thought for a while, and sent a message to Tang Yan: "Give me a photo."

    After a while, the other side replied: "Do you want me to shoot now?"


    He scratched his head, feeling a little strange, and said, "Give me a photo, I'll use it for publicity."

    Through the mobile phone, I seemed to feel the silence of the other party for a moment, and then sent a refined photo of beautiful life.  Zhuang Zhou immediately posted it on the official blog, with the accompanying text:

    "Welcome to join! @Ő∆—ŗ."

    In a few seconds, she retweeted it and added a few emoticons of love.

    Netizens are crying and howling:

    "Although the Age of Miracles yyds, but the casting vision is really not flattering, there is Yang Tianbao in the front, and Tang Yan in the back, why do you want to gather seven acting shames and call Sister Shuangzi?"

    "With Sister Shuang's crazy critique of her brain, she might feel very honored!"

    "What's wrong with Yang Tianbao? At the beginning, he scolded them a lot, but then he became really sweet? I believe Tangtang will be able to do it. Slap them in the face hard!"

    "Of course you believe it, there are technical buffs anyway."

    Amidst the quarrel, Zhuang Zhou got up after breakfast, dressed himself and went to the studio by himself.

    "Global Online" was launched yesterday, and I got used to it for a day, but I didn't shoot much content.  Get ready early this morning, and it will start before Zhuang Zhou arrives.

    Tang Yan, who just said that he would send him a selfie of unknown nature, was also among them, and he was the first to shoot her scene.

    This character is an urban white-collar worker, sexy, glamorous, calm and intelligent, wearing a small suit on the upper body, a white shirt inside, a narrow skirt on the lower body, flesh-colored stockings wrapped in calves that are smoother than stockings, and two high-heeled shoes.

    Tang Yan put on heavy makeup to cover up his aging face, and the Wannian iron bangs must be drooped to cover his forehead, but his figure is slim and charming.

    In "Resident Evil", the t virus leaked, the red queen blocked the hive, and everyone inside became zombies.  A group of mercenaries were ordered to investigate the situation and shut down the red queen. After entering the hive, they found that the elevator was damaged and had to take the stairs.

    Then the main god issued a mission, the reincarnation must follow the mercenaries closely, not to fall behind

    This is a small plot, in order to create a sense of tension and highlight the cruelty.  In fact, judging from the movie, the staircase is not very long, because it was not filmed to save trouble.

    What is the length of the stairs?

    The eight sand sculptures conducted rigorous data analysis based on the movie: Take the train from the ground entrance, descend about 800 feet, and arrive at the first floor of the hive.

    The hive has several layers, up to 2200 feet deep.

    The vertical depth of each layer is about 250 feet, or 75 meters.Calculated according to the height of an ordinary residential building with a floor of 2.8 meters, that is: they have to run down 26.7 floors.

    Of course, Zhuang Zhou could not build a 26.7-story staircase, but he also built a section of prop stairs with a height of more than ten meters. From top to bottom, the panoramic view is quite intuitive.

    This is one of the highlights of wearing movies: perfect the plot, or make up your mind, and find flaws in it, or places where you can get points.

    "All in place!"


    A few stand-ins began to act strangely, all with Chinese faces, but they knew that there would be a foreigner's face on their heads.

    In the elevator room, several people pried open the elevator, and it was pitch black inside.

    Throwing down a pyrotechnic stick, there was a fluttering sound, and I saw the elevator below, which could no longer operate.

    "It seems that we can only take the stairs!"

    "Crack! Pass!"

    "Prepare for the next game!"

    A group of people came to the top of the stairs. Tang Yan took off his high-heeled shoes and held them in his hands. The cold touch came from the soles of the stockings. Looking at the tall spiral stairs, he swallowed.

    Immediately I didn't want to shoot anymore, and I was too embarrassed.

    Just at this time, Zhao Jun also asked: "Tang Yan, how are you? Do you think it's okay? If not, we'll replace you!"

    It was even more difficult for her to speak, and waved: "I can do it!"

    The team is at the bottom, holding up their mobile phones and preparing to shoot. What a good material this is, and it will be another wave of hard-working actors and role models when it is released.

    "Everyone on your marks!"


    "Bang bang bang!" "Bang bang bang!"

    A bunch of people started to go down the stairs, not asking for anything, but the speed must be fast.

    Tang Yan was barefoot, every stroke was hard and painful, and he wanted to cry without tears, but suddenly he felt sorry for himself, why bother?  Why bother?

    The stairs that are more than ten meters high, whether it is slow or fast, just when she wanted to yell to give up, it finally came to the end.  When the director yelled "click", she immediately sat down on the chair and started rubbing her feet.

    While kneading, I feel wronged.

    She sat down, kneaded, bent her legs, stretched her feet, as if she had pressed a switch of some kind of hobby, and countless eyes glanced here secretly.

    All men are foot lovers!

    Zhao Jun also took a few glances, and shouted: "It's okay, let's do it again, Tang Yan, are you okay?"

    "I can not make it!"

    She quickly shook her head: "I'm sorry director, my foot hurts badly."

    "Forget it, stand in!"

    The filming continued over there, and Zhuang Zhou had just arrived on the set at this time, and he was quite surprised to see the scene, so he came over and asked, "What's wrong?"

    "I ran up the stairs barefoot just now, it hurts so much!"


    He also shivered, and said with a smile: "If it weren't for the crowd, I would rub it for you."


    Tang Yan rolled his eyes at him, more charming than disgust, and asked: "You want my photo, is it an official announcement?"

    "Well, everyone is looking forward to your performance."

    "Then I'll send out the materials too."

    "Just don't get involved in the plot."

    After Zhuang Zhou said a few words, he couldn't help but said, "You said that if you want to take a picture now, it's just this outfit?"

    "Don't you like it?"

    "No, you're well suited to any uniform."

    Zhuang Zhou's eyes rolled around her body, and also landed on those two legs: "It's better not to wear shoes. ?
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