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Text Chapter 208: Biofrenzy 2

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    As a senior nerd, George has played a series of "Resident Evil" games and watched a series of "Resident Evil" movies.

    When the camera swept over those foreigners, he jumped up, hugged his head and shouted: "Alice?"


    "my god!"

    Those people are the leading actors in "Resident Evil 1"!

    Among them is a tall blond woman wearing a red suspender dress with hard facial lines and a heroic look. It is Alice, the protagonist of the film.

    Netflix's previous publicity did not reveal the truth, just to surprise the audience.  George "Jesus" "Jesus" screaming, staring at the screen in disbelief.

    Milla Jovovich, who plays Alice, is 49 years old, and the woman in the film is still young and beautiful, in her 20s.

    Look at the one next to it, the female mercenary player Ryan, played by Michelle Rodriguez, who is also quite famous for her masterpiece "Fast and Furious" series.

    The same youthful beauty.

    George pressed pause, then dug out the movie "Resident Evil 1" from his vast collection, opened it, and fast-forwarded to the train section, comparing frames frame by frame.

    "Exactly the same!"

    "It's really the same! The face, figure, clothing, and even the hair are all done so naturally. My God, what kind of technology is this?"

    He couldn't help being amazed, and found that the few seconds of footage just shown were definitely not in the original film.  In other words, this is not "spliced" from the original film.

    "This is the biggest surprise of the new year!"

    George read the introduction before and said something about the infinite survival game, thinking it was the "Squid Game" kind again.

    In recent years, there have been a lot of follow-ups, all of which are survival games that make me want to vomit.  I thought that "Global Online" was similar, but Wang Zha, who started the game, unexpectedly ran into "Resident Evil", miraculously with the original cast!

    In an instant, the novelty and sense of substitution are full!

    George simply turned on the original movie and watched Netflix at the same time.

    Li Donglai stood up, tall and strong, with dark skin, wearing ordinary casual clothes, and asked: "Who are you? What is this place?"

    "Think about it carefully, it should all be in your mind!"


    He recalled that fragmented information kept flashing back: he had dinner with his friends, returned late at night after drinking, a loud horn honked, and the truck roared towards him!

    He clutched his head in pain, and his memory stopped at the moment when the truck hit him.

    At the same time, the rest of the people also opened their eyes.

    Yi Shuiqing, played by Tang Yan, is delicate and charming, dressed in a professional suit and high heels, standing in a corner by himself, observing the environment in a panic and calmly.

    Bao Bei Er plays Da Cong, with a bald head and eyeballs rolling around, which makes people feel disgusted at first glance.

    There are also four extras, the eldest sister, the yellow-haired gangster, the foreigner, and the Korean.

    The foreigner is wearing a vest and jeans, with tattoos on his arms, thick body hair, and a rude temperament. When he comes up, he yells, English mixed with Chinese with a strange accent: "What happened? Is it a Chinese reality show? What the hell is this place?"

    The Korean also said: "Let me go back, you are kidnapping! Kidnapping!"

    "Where is this? I have to go home and cook!"

    "Damn it!"

    For a while, it was a mess.


    The leader had pulsating veins on his forehead, and said, "Quiet! Think carefully, it's all in your mind!"

    "Who the hell are you?"

    The yellow-haired gangster stood up and cursed: "Do you know who my elder brother is, be sensible, hurry up and"


    The flames burst into flames, followed by a scream.  The gangster fell to the ground, twitching in pain, one arm was bloody and bloody, and it was interrupted abruptly.

    A brief silence followed by frantic screams.

    boom!  Another sound.

    Finally quiet.

    There is an invisible barrier between the characters in the plot and the reincarnators. The dungeon has not yet started, and those people have no response.

    The guide had an extremely stylish pistol in his hand at some point, and with his expression still cold, he threw something like a spray.

    "Stop the bleeding!"

    Seeing that no one dared to move, he nodded Yi Shuiqing: "Go!"

    Yi Shuiqing walked over tremblingly, picked up the thing, it turned out to be a spray, and tremblingly sprayed it on the gangster's arm, miraculously stopped the bleeding instantly.However, this thing seems to be a one-time use, and it will be gone when it is used up.


    Yi Shuiqing blinked, judging some rules: It seems that he can't kill people easily?

    This gangster is a typical cannon fodder used to start the game, and the domestic audience is extremely kind.  George also found it enjoyable. There are a lot of such plots in American B-grade movies, but they always have a few long-winded words before they pretend to do anything.

    It is rare to see such a simple one!

    ?After this time, everyone is honest, and foreigners and Koreans are no longer pushy. The following is a brief introduction to the background.

    "You can call it the main god game, and we are its toys Each copy is different, maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven't seen it, the main god will add new players every time.

    You rookies are lucky, this copy is "Resident Evil 1", the danger is low, and it is easy to pass the level. Even if you fail, you will die easily and not very painful.  "

    "Won't you protect us?" Da Zhiming asked.

    "Protection? Haha!"

    The guide seemed to have heard some joke, and taunted: "I will explain it to you only because of some point rewards. I am not your teammate, let alone your friend. Put away your pet-like thoughts."

    He paused, and then said: "Remember a few rules, first: you will get a basic reward of 1000 points for completing the main task, which can be exchanged for skills and items to make yourself stronger.

    Second: To do side missions, you must do what you can. Don¡¯t try to take shortcuts based on familiarity with the plot. The Lord God will not let you take advantage of loopholes. The more the plot changes, the more difficult it will be.

    Third: If you kill a teammate, 1000 points will be deducted.  Of course, if you are really upset with a person, you can kill him indirectly!  "

    Everyone swallowed their saliva, turned their heads together, and saw the yellow-haired bastard lying on the ground with a pale complexion.

    "Okay rookies, welcome to hell, there is only one way for you here, and that is to become stronger!"

    "There is still some time, look at your wristwatches, and familiarize yourself with the mission. This thing is your certification mark, it can change into any shape, and the mission content will not be seen by others.

    From now on, you, like me, have an unfortunate title: Reincarnation!  "


    In the cold and shaking compartment.

    Yi Shuiqing huddled in a corner, researching this watch by himself. It was worn on his left wrist in a black and sleek style, with an electronic screen, full of the old temperament of 20 years ago.

    There are a few lines above:

    ""Resident Evil 1"

    Main task: follow the mercenary team to close the red queen, and successfully escape from the hive.

    Reminder: Completing the main task is regarded as a customs clearance copy, and you will get a basic reward of 1000 points; you must not leave the target character (mercenary captain) within a certain range; you must not disclose the plot and the existence of the main god to the characters in the film ?
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