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Text Chapter 209: Biofrenzy 3

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    Yi Shuiqing thought about the words of the guide, and recited silently, and the watch suddenly turned into an earring, which was worn on Bai Nennen's left ear.

    Read the task silently again, and the task will appear in front of you in the form of a panel, which cannot be seen by others.

    "Hey, how did you change?"

    Li Donglai suddenly approached, startled her, looked at him a few times, and told her how to do it.

    The straight man of steel thinks it is very interesting, but he still thinks the watch is better after changing it.

    At this time, Da Congming had already summoned everyone with his own cleverness, and said: "Look at the countdown, the plot will start in 3 minutes! I have watched "Resident Evil" more than a dozen times, and I can't be more familiar with it.  On a boat, we should trust each other and form a team"

    "Shit! I'm also familiar with the plot, but I don't trust you, I can pass the copy myself!" said the foreigner.

    "That is, why do you pretend to be a leader?" The Korean chimed in.

    Da Zhiming's face twitched, and he reluctantly said: "It's okay, it's okay, we respect individual wishes, if you want to listen to what I have to say, just continue to listen."


    Li Donglai and Yi Shuiqing looked at each other, and stood on his side for the time being, the eldest sister didn't move, the little gangster was able to stand up, half of his arm was broken, his face was full of fear and hatred, but he didn't dare to look at the guide  .

    The foreigner wanted to set up another mountain, the Koreans struggled for a moment, and followed the foreigner.

    Although they all act as dogs, he is used to acting as a dog for Americans.

    "Bah! It looks like a foreign teacher!"

    Da Zhiming spat, and said: "Resident Evil is indeed not difficult. Alice's combat power is the first, and we will be fine if we follow her. There are a few checkpoints during the period, and I will remind you when the time comes, and"

    He lowered his voice even more: "Don't trust that person's words, he must have concealed something, if you don't have enough points here, you will die, I will play by ear, so that everyone can gain."

    After finishing speaking, he thought he was extremely smart and asked, "Do you have anything to add?"

    Sister: "I haven't seen it, I don't understand!"

    Li Donglai: "I have seen it, but I almost forgot."

    Yi Shuiqing said: "I still remember some, I hope it can help everyone. And that person said that there are side missions, I think the main god may issue them immediately at a certain level, or you will get them after completing a certain event, you need to add more  pay attention to."

    With that said, the train slowed until it stopped.

    At this moment, the barrier disappeared, and those plot characters walked out of the carriage, the guide was the first to follow out, and the rest followed.

    Da Zhiming dragged at the end, rolled his eyes, and walked towards the door.

    In the movie: The spy Spence stole the t-virus, hid it in the place where the luggage was kept at the train door, and packed it in a black backpack

    He obviously wanted to take advantage of his familiarity with the plot to obtain the t-virus directly, but before he could take it out, he was grabbed by the neck by the guide.

    The guide was full of murderous intent, and whispered: "I told you, don't take advantage of the Lord God's loopholes!"


    Da Zhiming's feet were off the ground, and he was about to suffocate.

    "I've seen too many people like you, don't let it happen again!"



    He fell down, panting and coughing.

    Seeing this scene, Yi Shuiqing was thoughtful, and Li Donglai asked directly: "What are you thinking?"

    "Oh, I think"

    She didn't hide anything, and said: "I think that person seems very conservative."

    "how to say?"

    "According to logic, the worse the plot is, the more difficult it is, but the reward should also be higher. That person doesn't seem to have the courage to challenge."

    "It may be inconvenient to take our newcomers with you, but I think you are very smart. I don't like to use my brain, but I have strength, can fight, and can help each other."

    Yi Shuiqing smiled, this man is rough but delicate.

    She didn't mind showing her worth, and said as she walked: "They will separate in restaurant b, the mercenary and Matt will stay, Alice and the captain will go to the main computer room of the Red Queen, and we will naturally follow the captain.

    In addition, I also think that person has reservations. If I have the opportunity, I also want to try to see how far the plot can be changed before the main god will adjust the difficulty.  "

    "Aren't you afraid of death?"

    "I was working overtime at the company, and suddenly fell into a coma, and then came here. I guess I may have died suddenly. Now that I'm dead, what are you afraid of?"

    Yi Shuiqing was a little excited.

      Li Donglai thumbs up, scary woman!

    A group of people got off the train and came to the first floor of the hive. Alice asked why, and the mercenary captain explained.

    This section follows the original plot and is mainly for the audience to understand the background.

    In "Resident Evil 1", the umbrella company built a beehive underground to study the t-virus.  Spence is a spy who stole the t-virus and spread it in the hive.

    The Red Queen is artificial intelligence. In order to prevent the virus from spreading outside, the hive is closed, and the people inside become zombies.

    Alice and Spence are fake couples, responsible for guarding the entrance of the hive, inhaling the anesthesia gas released by Hong, causing temporary amnesia.

    Matt is a policeman, and he has a sister who works in the hive, and he is here to find her.

    Mercenaries were ordered to investigate and shut down the Red Queen.

    Several main characters: Alice, Spence, Matt, captain, female mercenary Ryan, computer genius Kaplan.

    Some infinite stream novels write "Resident Evil", and write the captain's name as Matthew Addison.

    It is wrong, Matthew Addison is a translation error, the actual name is Matt Addison, the policeman, and his sister is Lisa Addison.

    The captain's name does not appear in the whole film, only one.

    After listening to the explanation, Alice suddenly pointed to the reincarnated person and asked, "Where are they, who are they?"

    In an instant, everyone became nervous, George also became nervous, and interacted!  Interacted!  Real time traveler interacts with original characters!

    "The one named Zhang Jin is a security guard, and the rest are workers or civil servants. The company has their registration information. But when we found them on the train, they also lost their memory and couldn't ask anything."

    The reincarnation breathed a sigh of relief, and found that he was speaking English, but he could understand it.

    So far, some initial settings have been displayed, and the dungeon is officially entered.

    The first one is the classic stair walk. As analyzed earlier, it is about 26.7 floors high.

    When the mercenary opened the door of the emergency passage and saw the dark spiral staircase below, the expressions of several ordinary people changed drastically.

    The captain looked back at the reincarnation, especially the gangster, and frowned: "You are injured, so you don't need to follow, I will call people to help."

    "No, no need! I can, I can!"

    The gangster was overjoyed at first, then thought of something and shook his head desperately.

    The captain was puzzled, but he was an employee of the company after all, so he couldn't say much, so he waved his hand: "Follow up, don't fall behind!"

    Ever since, everyone started running the stairs crazily.

    A collaged panorama, with a height of 26.7 floors from top to bottom, desperately running down.

    The physical fitness of the characters in the plot is excellent, and they are all in the front. Zhang Jin, Li Donglai, Da Congming, foreigners, and Koreans are in the middle, Yi Shuiqing is not far behind, the eldest sister is behind, and the little gangster is the last.

    The little gangster clutched his broken arm, his body crooked, like a funny and pitiful doll, falling further and further behind.

    "Don't, don't!"

    "Who will save me, save me"

    He seemed to have heard the warning from the main god, and started to cry and scold, his facial muscles twisted into a ball, he staggered and fell down, and bang!

    Just like a watermelon exploded and shattered into a lump of rotten meat.


    The reincarnation stopped immediately, looked up, but Zhang Jin said with a smile: "One is out!"

    "What's out?"

    "It is too far away from the target person, and it is judged to be obliterated by the main god."

    He shrugged, not caring.

    Everyone was stunned, thinking of what he said, "If you don't like a person, you can kill him indirectly", and then looked at the deep staircase that seemed to lead to hell, and they all felt a chill in their hearts.

    Suddenly there was silence, only the sound of footsteps was heard.

    Yi Shuiqing was barefoot, carrying his shoes, watching himself falling further and further behind, and when he was in despair, he suddenly felt a big hand supporting him, but it was Li Donglai.

    "Thank you, thank you!"

    She was so hoarse that she couldn't speak.

    The faces of the first few people were even more ferocious, their smart eyes almost popped out. Although the last eldest sister was slow, she had good physical strength and was hanging at the critical point at a constant speed.

    The spiral staircase makes their figures appear and disappear from time to time. From the perspective of the camera, they look like little hamsters struggling to pedal the running wheels in the toy box provided by the owner.

    Maybe one step falls, and there will be a bang just like before.
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