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Text Chapter 210: Biofrenzy 4 (spring wind plus updates)

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    "Oh! Oh!"

    George slapped his thigh excitedly. In his eyes, the infinite flow of bad writing in China was amazing novelty.

    Hollywood naturally has films that wear clothes, but either the actors are replaced, or the original starring role is just a cameo, there is no such thing as "Global Online", where the original characters really interact with the time traveler.

    After watching an episode, he couldn't wait to get on the social platform and recommend it to all his circles

    Not long after, the two buddies connected: "Man, where did you find the treasure?"

    "It's really good, it can make up for the damage that I watched the same movie four times with four girlfriends during Christmas!"

    "Ha, I just found out that the company that filmed "The Kuroshio" was filmed!"

    George is very interesting, wait for them to watch an episode, and then watch it together online, complaining about Milla Jovovich's chest Taiping, how about the original version, alien black technology Barabara

    Just like a voice barrage.

    Continuing to follow the plot, and soon arrived at the laser channel, the three of them suddenly became nervous.

    "To be honest, I must speak, even if it makes it more difficult."

    "Me too, who can resist changing the plot?"

    "Yes, so I think the guide is giving the wrong information."

    After discussing, and then seeing that Da Congming did not learn his lesson, he opened his mouth to remind him, and then made up nonsense to Li Donglai, causing Li Donglai and the captain to enter the passage together.

    "Oh! This bald head is so annoying!"

    "When did he die?"

    Yi Shuiqing's face was pale, and he followed Li Donglai a few steps, whispering quickly: "Get down! It will rise suddenly! Hide in the innermost part!"

    Li Donglai didn't know if he understood, so he was forced into the passage.  Just like what happened in the movie, the door suddenly closed, and the captain called: "Kaplan?"

    "The red queen is some kind of dormant defense."

    "Then let it continue to sleep!"

    "I'm doing!"

    Just as he was speaking, the light on the walls on both sides suddenly dimmed, and a thin flat laser line appeared, which slid over at an extremely fast speed the moment it formed.

    The captain reacted the fastest, and threw the two people around him to the ground.

    Li Donglai's identity has been hinted before, the retired soldier/armed policeman, with agility, also fell down in an instant, and the laser light missed his shoulder by a hair's breadth.

    "Medicine! Medic!"

    The captain yelled, but it was a pity that the neck of the medical soldier behind him was like cutting tofu with a knife. The head and neck were neatly separated into two halves and fell to the ground.

    Without waiting for everyone to respond, someone yelled: "Sir, it's coming again!"

    The second stroke was low and flat, about the height of the calf. Li Donglai's eyes were wide open, and he muttered: "It will rise suddenly! It will rise suddenly!"

    He stared at the mercenary in front of him, and when the mercenary jumped up, he threw himself down.


    The laser was like a white death scythe, instantly dismembering the mercenary in front.  The captain grabbed the beams of the ceiling, suspended his whole body parallel to the air, and narrowly escaped.

    A total of five people came in, and only two remained in the blink of an eye.

    This is not over yet, and the third one comes again.

    "Hide in the innermost! Hide in the innermost!"

    Li Donglai remembered Yi Shuiqing's reminder, and Yi Shuiqing's heart was about to jump out of the outside. It wasn't that hiding inside could avoid the third one, but Kaplan turned off the program.

    Now she doesn't know if the plot will change!

    The third laser beam formed quickly, the first one, and Li Donglai held the captain tightly to the door.  The captain was still struggling, shouting: "Let me go, we will both die!"

    But when he saw that the laser light suddenly turned into a fishnet shape, he gave up struggling and despaired, there was no way he could escape it!

    Just one second before the laser network was about to meet the two, it suddenly stopped and then disappeared, accompanied by Kaplan's voice: "got it!"

    "Sub-quest: Rescue the mercenary captain is completed, reward 3000 points!"

    This is what Li Donglai heard.

    "The captain survived, the target character's distance restriction was lifted, and the plot changed to a certain extent, which may lead to an unpredictable future."

    This is what all reincarnated people heard.

    "Global Online" has no gene lock setting, nor does it have b-level and c-level branch line settings, which is too cumbersome.

    Because Zhuang Zhou's goal is to get filmmakers from all over the world to participate and film his own team, some settings should be simple and some settings should be unified.

    "ah!  Stop hitting, stop hitting!  "

    "I didn't mean it! I dare not!"

    When Li Donglai came out, he beat Da Congming violently, and Da Congming got the shit out of him, but Zhang Jin suddenly went up and kicked Da Congming, breaking his leg.

    This scene shocked everyone, Zhang Jin looked gloomy and said nothing.

    Da Zhiming wailed in pain, but more out of fear, he shouted:

    "Boss, Boss!"

    "I was wrong, I will definitely correct it, I will do my best for you in the future, and I will give you all my points!"

    "Give me all the points?"

    Zhang Jin glanced at him mockingly: "Forget it, you will only drag you down!"

    "Hey, what are you doing? Don't fight among yourself!"

    The captain came to stop it.

    "Nothing to do with you!"

    "It has nothing to do with me? Listen"


    As soon as Zhang Jin changed his previous paddling, he snatched the gun like a ghost, and pointed his back at the mercenaries: "You guys continue to complete the task and ignore us, ok?"


    Yi Shuiqing blinked and whispered, "Follow him closely."

    "Why?" Li Donglai asked.

    "The plot has changed, which may bring greater danger. He is a veteran after all, so he must have some life-saving means."

    Zhang Jin's setting is an ordinary person, with a little skill, cautious, not easy to take risks, and will not show mercy when it is time to strike. He usually uses a fierce mask to disguise himself.

    Between being smart enough to contribute 1000 points and getting rid of a pig teammate, he decisively chose the latter.

    Because it is the first dungeon, almost all of them are newcomers, and the rules have not been fully revealed, so the behavior should be a little more reckless and naive.

    Then the plot continued. After the team turned off the red, they took out the main board.

    Specially gave the motherboard a few shots, this thing is also very common in Infinity Stream, using the Red Queen motherboard to create a smart brain, and then take the technological route.

    The beauty of wearing a movie is that the elements inside are very familiar, and every audience has their own ideas.

    The red queen was turned off, the closed doors failed, the zombies came out, and the lickers from the cultivation tank also got out.  There was only one in the movie, but now there are three.

    Followed by Zombies.

    The eldest sister rolled into the corpses and completed the mission of cannon fodder.  When squeezing into the elevator, the Korean suddenly pushed the foreigner out.

    Foreigners can't believe it: You are a docile boy who turned your back on the water?

    Korean: You American red neck tell me about IQ?

    The mercenaries also died one by one.

    Zhang Jin followed Alice closely, and Li Donglai and Yi Shuiqing followed Zhang Jin closely. During the period, they picked up and killed a few zombies and got a few points.

    Finally, everyone hid in a protective door, leading to the train platform behind.
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