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Text Chapter 213 Responses from all parties

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    It was another all night.

    George finally finished reading this Chinese-style western fantasy web novel. Like many readers, when the book he was chasing after was finished, he felt a sense of emptiness.

    It was melancholy comparable to first love.

    But soon, when they find new food, they will be elated again, and immediately forget the last book¡ªthat is as free and easy as the king of the sea.

    George is a rookie who has just started, has not yet been tempered, and is just melancholy at the moment.

    "Hey, this type seems to be called farming style. I never knew that farming is so beautiful. It's amazing!"

    He turned off the computer and was about to go to bed to catch up on sleep, when his best friend sent a message again: "Brother, there is an event at noon, do you want to participate?"

    "what activity?"

    "I heard that Marvel rejected Netflix's copyright negotiation and refused to allow reincarnated people to appear in the Marvel universe. A guy is calling fans to petition on the streets."

    "Wow, of course I want to participate!"

    George didn't feel sleepy at all, so he washed up quickly and found a big sign.  This is the parade sign he made specially for the last time he participated in the "Support Gender-Free Toilets" event.

    One side has been painted with the slogan: "Make America Free Again!"

    But it doesn't matter, it can still be used if turned over.

    George thought hard about how to make a cool slogan, and suddenly had an idea, since it is a Chinese technology, let¡¯s write Chinese characters!

    What to write?

    He also thought of chatting with online readers in the past few days, "understanding" Chinese culture in depth, as if there is a word there for like-minded friends.

    "Ha, what a genius I am!"

    He quickly found out pictures of Chinese vocabulary, and sprayed them on the sign according to the pictures of cats and tigers. He wrote four big characters in a short time:

    "Hello, comrade!"

    George packed up, carried the sign, and happily went to the assembly point.

    Americans can petition, parade, and demonstrate almost anything. Throughout the year, there are eight hundred if not one thousand.  George has participated in many times, some support, some do not support, but most of them don't matter.

    It's like a party for them!

    When he arrived at the meeting point, there were all young people, all of whom were in high spirits, and there were cos superhero images.

    The best friend was also carrying the sign, turned over and turned pale with shock: "Oh! You bastard, you actually thought of writing Chinese. Aren't you the prettiest boy today?"

    "Yes, yes, I also think I'm super smart!"

    It was almost time for people to arrive, the convener waved his hand and led the way.  Everyone happily followed, came to the side of a main road, and began to shout slogans.

    The leader shouted, and they followed suit:

    "Resist copyright monopoly!"

    "We want to watch movies freely!"

    "The Chinese want to share technology!"

    "Bella, get out!"

    After shouting for a while, the reporters and onlookers came over. Facing the camera, everyone became more and more excited. This is one of the repertoires and can be shown on TV.

    George stood in front and was lucky enough to get an interview.

    He aimed his eyes at the female reporter's towering chest, and said something he didn't understand, impassioned and high-spirited, except that he didn't ask for the other party's phone number, wow, what a beautiful day!

    "A bunch of idiots!"

    In the conference rooms of the major film studios in the United States, watching the news report of "demonstration because they couldn't see the time-travel drama they wanted to watch", the executives cursed at the same time.

    Take Marvel as an example.

    Marvel's father is Disney. Disney has its own streaming media, and it is fighting Netflix to the death. How could it give Netflix the copyright?  Not once!

    But people like George don't care, they're just happy.

    ""Global Online" once again broke Netflix's record for the fastest broadcast to exceed 100 million in less than three weeks.

    But the key is technology, which reproduces classic movies with an unprecedented technology, further enhancing entertainment, even cross-age entertainment!

    If we don't respond as soon as possible, we are likely to fall further and further behind in this change.  "

    "Do you think it is a change?"

    "Yes, gentlemen, it will be a revolution!"


    Song Le'an walked towards the meeting room refreshed.

    ? All the employees I met greeted enthusiastically and even flatteringly, because everyone knows that with the "Global Online"?'s record is skyrocketing, and Song Le'an, who pushes this project hard, will surely rise.

    Today is the executive meeting, chaired by the president himself.

    At the beginning, I said a long-winded summary and praise, and then I got to the point.

    "Song, please introduce your idea again."


    ""Global Online" is a huge project, and the goal is to attract countries with a certain strength in the film and television industry. The method is simply to shoot your own team.

    For example, Mr. Sakamoto"

    Song Le'an smiled at Sakamoto Haotian, director of the Japanese region. This buddy is not simple. "Alice in the Land of the Dying" was created by him.

    "Mr. Sakamoto has done a good survey. A large number of Japanese members hope that their own works can be added. For this reason, they have listed a list of films. The top ones are "Battle Royale", "Midnight Ring", "The Grudge", "Gossip"  Pull", "Onmyoji" and so on.

    Of course, they said that it would be even better if they could be worn in anime, such as the world of "Spirited Away".  "

    "Yes, the Japanese members all have an urgent desire"

    Sakamoto Haotian said: "We have made sufficient preparations. As long as we have technical support, we will be able to start the "Global Online" of the Japanese team immediately."


    Jin Minying stared, wishing to eat the other party.

    All along, Sakamoto has been messing around with himself, but he didn't expect to turn his back on it casually.

    The president turned to her and asked, "What do you think?"


    Gritting her teeth, Kim Minying said, "Korean members also want to see their teams appear on Global Online."

    Just at this time, Song Le'an interrupted: "Sorry, let me emphasize. In our concept, Japan and South Korea are collectively called the Dongzhou team."


    "be opposed to!"

    The two spoke in unison.

    "But there will be a team battle later, according to our original setting"

    "I don't care what you do, South Korea must have an independent team and name!"

    "It's the same in Japan!"

    "Oh, well then, I'll try my best to communicate."

    Song Le'an held back his laughter. In fact, he didn't intend to deprive Japan and South Korea of ??their titles, but he said this on purpose. One is to show favors, and the other is to disgust them.

    "Song, the technology of "Global Online" has attracted attention. Although we are one step ahead, we will soon meet our opponents. Is there any comment from China?"

    "They promised to cooperate exclusively with us for a season of "Global Online". During this period, the technology will not be released overseas."

    "Only one season?"

    "It's already the maximum! You know, even if we shoot the next copy immediately, the price will not be the same as before."


    Zhuang Zhou unveiled the technology, which attracted the attention of the global film and television industry.

    All of a sudden, he and the company's reputation reached its peak, and netizens were blowing it up desperately, and all kinds of out-groups, even those who don't watch dramas very much know it, as if they are the first person in domestic entertainment!

    In China, these companies that do not seek to make progress but only want to have fun and make money are even more jealous.  Envious is the grades, and angry is that I can't make money.

    To be exact, you can't earn more.

    So while secretly speeding up small moves, he called him again to discuss financing and the acquisition of Barabara.

    Zhuang Zhou refused as usual.  The genius remembers the address of this site in a second.
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