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Text Chapter 214: Prosperity and Decline

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    Before the Spring Festival.

    The technology companies in the industrial park are filled with a jubilant atmosphere.

    The Age of Miracles does not belong to this company, but it also belongs to the boss, and there is a business connection. The works over there are outstanding, and there are also bonuses here.

    What's more, before the festival, with year-end bonuses and the like, everyone's pockets are full.

    Mr. Guo just came back from the general office, holding a stack of shopping cards in his hand, and shouted when he entered the door: "Send something, send something!"

    "Again? Is the boss here to help the poor?"

    "That's right, I'm too embarrassed to paddle."

    "Don't give it to me!"

    Having said that, she stepped forward honestly, each with a shopping card, and Qian Qian asked, "How much money is in it?"


    "Wow, so generous? The crappy company I worked for only issued 50 yuan shopping cards at the end of the year."

    "I don't even have 50 yuan, so I give some octopus. It's not the 80s, who still gives octopus now?"

    "Hey, Teacher Guo, how much is your year-end bonus, can you tell me about it?"

    "Hey hey hey!"

    Mr. Guo just hilariously, refused to say, of course this kind of thing can't be said, anyway, I am very satisfied.

    He estimated his earnings since joining the company, estimated his total deposits, the house price in Shencheng, the down payment, the monthly payment He looked at Qian Qian again, and even thought about the name of the child.

    In fact, the age of the two is not too bad, they are not yet ten years old.

    ? I am a real high-income group in this three-acre land in Shencheng. What is even more rare is that Qian Qian has a good personality, a high degree of education, is considerate, intelligent, and ambitious. There are not many girls like this.

    Just as she was thinking about it, Qian Qian sent a message: "Are there any plans for the evening?"


    "I want to eat hot pot, but unfortunately there is no one to accompany me."

    Immediately afterwards, she sent another one: "Actually, a friend came back to have a meal by the way. He said he was bringing his girlfriend. I think I should bring one too. You don't mind?"


    Mr. Guo clutched his chest, just like girls' vigor, twisting and twisting their hearts and lungs.

    The agreement was made immediately, and he was even a little excited. In his opinion, the two had reached the end of the ambiguous period, and it was almost time to clarify.

    Tonight is a good opportunity, maybe it can be done in one step.

    By the way, I should order a bouquet of flowers

    Just in the expectation of worrying about gains and losses, it was time to get off work.  Teacher Guo had a small car and took Qian Qian to a hot pot restaurant in the city.

    Entering the door, a man and a woman were already sitting inside, and they introduced each other, saying that they were seniors from Qianqian University, their hometown is here, and they are now working in Shencheng, and they happen to be engaged in AI.

    After talking and laughing politely, halfway through the meal, the two women got up to go to the bathroom, leaving two men.

    "How is the treatment in the AI ??industry in Shencheng?" the brother asked.

    "That's it, but our company is not bad, and the boss is very generous. Where are you in Shencheng?"


    "That high?"

    "Yes, now that the policy supports it, major manufacturers have set up projects, and AI is hot."

    The senior brother smiled, as if casually asking: "How is it, are you interested in coming?"

    "Hey, don't make fun of me, how can I go to Dachang?"

    "Why can't it work? Big factories don't lead in everything. Take you as an example. Your ai face-swapping technology is number one in the industry. You are also the project manager. You are a real talent. If you go there, you will definitely be treated better than me."

    Teacher Guo evaded a few more words, seeing that the other party was always focusing on this topic, he was not stupid after all, and said: "Senior brother, why don't you speak directly?"

    "Okay, but first of all, let me declare that Qian Qian didn't know about today's matter. It was I who wanted to see you after hearing the news."

    The senior brother looks ordinary and looks nothing special, but what he said made the other party shudder: "Annual salary of 200w, settled, a house, these are the basic conditions. Just mention what you need, as long as you can come, bring Miracle 3.0!"


    Teacher Guo stood up suddenly, knocking against the table, his mind went blank at first, and then became messy again.

    This kind of thing has been seen a lot in film and television dramas, but I didn't expect it to happen to me!  He knows his own level, only Miracle 3.0 has value.

    He subconsciously wanted to refuse, but he didn't spit it out for some reason, and said ambiguously: "Miracle 3.0 has not been completed yet."

    "It's better if it's not finished, you take it over, we'll do it again,It is our own technology.  "

    "Yes, but this is illegal!"

    "Let me tell you, it is difficult to prove this thing, and it is even more difficult to investigate. We are professionals in litigation. After two years of delay, we will have come up with 4.0."

    The senior brother leaned forward and pressed him step by step: "If you are really worried, we can arrange for you to go abroad. We promise that you will never have any problems!"

    There are only zero and countless times of betrayal.

    If you want to get Miracle 3.0, there are two common methods, one is to spend money to buy the source code, and the other is to poach people to quit.

    But if you spend money to buy it, Mr. Guo will taste the sweetness, and it is inevitable that you will not sell it to a second company, and the value of the technology will be diluted.  Therefore, it is best to dig out together with people and technology.


    Teacher Guo was conflicted in his heart, thinking about his salary, thinking about the future with Qian Qian, and said: "I, I need to think about it."

    "Yes, but as soon as possible, the Spring Festival is the best time to change jobs!"

    At this moment, two women came back from the bathroom.

    "Yo, you guys are pretty similar, what are you talking about?"

    "It is said that the people in Chaoyang District don't know the sufferings of the world, and they just stare at the opera singer and bird. Do you think it's strange?"

    "Yeah, that's weird."

    "Tch, I believe you are a ghost!"

    When Qian Qian sat down, she moved her chair and leaned closer to Teacher Guo.


    "Mr. Zhuang, congratulations on your new work, and wish you an early year!"

    "Same joy, same joy!"

    "I wanted to visit at first, but you are not in the capital because of the idleness and the wild cranes. These are the cheap mountain products from my hometown. Give me an address and I will send them to you."

    This is a colleague.

    "Ah, Mr. Zhuang, you are not in the capital, I still want to treat you to dinner, thank you very much!"

    "Well, when will the filming of "Global Online" continue?"

    This is Tang Yan.

    "Brother, Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!"

    "Drink tea when you are free!"

    This is Zhang Jiazhen.

    In short, years ago, Zhuang Zhou in Shencheng also received many invitations and congratulations, and even drove a car to give gifts to the door.

    On the Internet, "Global Online" is getting more and more crazy.

    Just like Netflix's promotion of "Squid Game" this year, hot searches can be seen everywhere, and all platforms are falling, and news broke out from time to time: "Sakamoto Haota launched the Japanese version of "Global Online" to build a local team!"

    "Kim Min Young launched the Korean version of "Global Online"!"

    "It is said that Netflix has sent invitations to film studios from various countries to join the team battle mode of "Global Online"!"

    "The Age of Miracles is the savior of entertainment!"

    In an instant, a drama series seemed to have become an entertainment event, and the praise of the Age of Miracles had reached an indescribable level.

    own house.

    Zhuang Zhou put his arms around A Yuan and pointed to various news on the Internet: "Look, this is called making him crazy if he wants to perish! Do I have a feeling of prosperity and decline now?"

    "Yes, I'm almost saying that you are immortal, I'm afraid you will be hit by a car tomorrow!" A Yuan worried.


    Zhuang Zhoule hugged her mua~mua~mua, and said: "It's too tragic to be killed. We agreed that I will accompany you well after the new year."

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