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Text Chapter 215 Technology Leakage

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    After the Spring Festival.

    There was silence in the company.

    The employees who should have come to work with holiday syndrome, but they seem to have 996 syndrome, staring intently and meticulously, at least they all put on an appearance of serious work.

    In fact, they are frantically communicating on communication software:

    "Who knows what's going on? The atmosphere is terrible!"

    "I don't know either, which expert can tell me?"

    "Teacher Guo has quit!"

    "Just jump and jump, why is the boss angry?"

    "You are stupid, he is responsible for the development of Miracle 3.0."

    "Ah? Like him, shouldn't he sign a non-compete agreement when he leaves?"

    "Then I don't know, but I think if someone is really trying to get in the way, the non-compete agreement is useless. Hey, listen to me, I threw something again!"

    The crackling sound of typing was suspended, and only a burst of chaos and beatings could be heard from the office inside.

    After a while, this group of people continued cautiously: "Hey, I heard that Qian Qian also quit."

    "Didn't she have an affair with Teacher Guo earlier? This is a mandarin duck thief!"

    "More than that, several of Qian Qian's group of new employees have left, especially suddenly!"

    "Ah, I suddenly made up a business war drama in my brain."

    "Business wars in movies: peak wits, strategizing, and decisive victory! Real business wars: poaching people, buying them, pulling out network cables, and stealing data!"


    While chatting, there seemed to be a few phone calls inside, there was arguing, and then it started to fall again.  Finally the door was pushed open, the boss came out angrily, and went downstairs without looking back.

    The staff had never seen him so distraught, and for a while, they couldn't help worrying about the future.


    Beijing, the age of miracles.

    Shichibukai was very busy.

    The phone rang for a while, the computer rang for a while, and the computer rang for a while. Every time I answered it, I was worried.

    "You said that drama, didn't we have reached a preliminary agreement, and we will officially sign it after the year What? You don't sign? Coco Hello? Hello?"

    "Mr. Zhang, you are an old customer, don't be joking! No, we talked well before"

    "What do you mean? Oh, well, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future!"

    Shichibukai put down the phone more and more disappointed, and finally became numb.

    Once upon a time, dozens of companies came to negotiate projects, and there were nearly a hundred film and television projects to be developed and signed, but for some reason, some companies suddenly refused to cooperate.

    If you check their shareholding structure, you will find that the major shareholders inside are all pointing to the same capital group in the end.

    That is, the one that poached Teacher Guo.

    The situation came suddenly. Before the Spring Festival, I was still enjoying the beauty of being the best in the world, but after the Spring Festival, the mountain collapsed.

    Qiwuhai are all of mediocre qualifications, and they are fed by the company with good food and drink. When encountering this kind of thing unexpectedly, no one has a strong opinion and can take countermeasures.


    The news spread quickly.

    Within a few days, gossip about the leak of the core technology of the Age of Miracles was flying all over the sky and quickly spread throughout the circle.

    Lao Mo, Dai Han, and Meng Chaoyang went directly to Shencheng. In their eyes, Zhuang Zhou didn't answer the phone these days, and he must be sad and wanted to commit suicide, so he had to go to persuade him.

    Qiwuhai and Bashadiao panicked. Some people were already looking for a way out, and some people thought that this place was pretty good because they were old gods.

    "Tang Tang!"

    "Tangtang, look here! Look here!"

    At the commercial event, Tang Yan, wearing a backless outfit and bare legs, was being photographed by the media and cheered by fans.

    This is a just-announced endorsement, and the brand decided to ask her to be its image ambassador because of her soaring popularity.  I am very dissatisfied with the price, which was beyond my imagination when I was about to retire.

    Even, the brokerage team is going to set up an overseas promotion specialist to be responsible for her overseas image promotion.

    Tang Yan was already very satisfied, he fully understood Yang Tianbao's feelings, it was great!

    "Tang Tang!"

    And when she finished taking the photos, the manager rushed over suddenly, dragged her to the corner, and muttered a few words.


    Tang Yan was surprised and flustered.

    "Before he called the wind and called the rain, all relying on the technology in his hand, now that the technology has opened a hole, the prestige and power he earned will be like a flood, without this advantage.?What does he compare with big factories?  "

    "But he still has works!"

    "Yes, but without the technology monopoly, it is nothing more than a film and television company with excellent production capabilities. Besides, he has prepared the prototypes for everyone in the previous few films, and it's fine to shoot according to them. Alas, this is called shooting yourself.  Feet!"

    "Then, what shall we do then?"

    "As usual, you can do what you did before, and you can take over when there is a good show. This kind of thing is not something you and I can participate in."

    The other side.

    Da Mimi also heard the news, and she showed the expression I expected.

    Fortunately, I didn't get too close to him, otherwise I would be implicated!

    Her thinking is very habitual and logical, because she is a small boss herself, and she has stepped into the capital circle with one foot, so she can better appreciate the energy of big factories.

    From the very beginning, she never felt that Zhuang Zhou was capable of surpassing those people, but he became a trendy person because of his luck.

    Another party.

    Lu Ke was about to rush to Shencheng, but was grabbed by He Saisai.

    "Why are you dragging me? The boss is in a difficult time, we have to go and have a look."

    "Look at what?"

    "Can you help me!"

    "They need your help? Use your little head to think about it, why did the boss sign the contract with us in advance? No matter who will take the film, we must guarantee our starring roles."



    He Saisai hated that iron cannot be made into steel, and tapped Lu Ke on the head: "It means that the boss has foreseen it a long time ago, he is just playing!"


    Yang Tianbao's mood at the moment is very complicated.

    To tell the truth, she really likes Zhuang Zhou, enjoys the other party's talent and appearance, enjoys the sense of accomplishment that the other party brings to herself, and enjoys the stimulation and pleasure of walking a tightrope.

    But all of this is no match for her nature: in the face of self-interest, everyone stands aside!

    Of course, entanglements still have to be entangled, and sadness still has to be sad, and constantly comfort myself: I have already hinted at him, but he doesn't listen, no wonder I am.

    "Why, reluctant?"

    Zhang Jiazhen, who was sitting opposite, joked.

    "Well, there are some."

    "It's human nature, he is indeed an excellent young man, but unfortunately he was not born in a good time. Those who come first share the resources, and the chances for those who come later are getting less and less. If he is 20 years ahead, he must be a hero."

    Zhang Jiazhen looked at Yang Tianbao, but actually felt very disdainful in his heart, or in other words, the bosses were very disdainful towards these stars, of course he said superficially: "Your popularity is very good, and you will have a point in the future."

    "Thank you, Mr. Zhang! Then you will go this time"

    "Of course I'm going to talk to him."

    Zhang Jiazhen took a sip of coffee and said, "When a certain product is unrivaled in the market, its value is the highest.

    However, when imitators appear, and the cost of the imitators is far greater than that of the genuine products, and they can be mass-produced, even if the quality is poor, the value of the genuine products will decrease infinitely.

    And new monopolies will be born, we don't want to see this situation, this cake is too big, it should not be eaten by one person.  "

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