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Text Chapter 216 Pleasure Offender (Good + Book Added)

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    Shencheng, Industrial Park.

    A car drove in and stopped at a certain building. When the door opened, Zhang Jiazhen came out.

    It's his first time here, but according to Tsui Hark, there are many employees, lively and energetic.  But when he entered the door, what he saw was that people were in panic, and they were about to close down at any time.

    "Hello, I'm looking for Mr. Zhuang, I have an appointment."

    "Okay, the boss is inside."

    The front desk is listlessly coping with work.

    In fact, the company is far from being at the critical point of life and death, but the boss seems to have suffered a blow and no longer manages things. Coupled with rumors and gossip, everyone is panicked.

    Zhang Jiazhen shook his head secretly, and went to the office inside, where Zhuang Zhou was sitting.

    With disheveled hair, obvious dark circles under the eyes, haggard yet stubborn, he slowly raised his head and hummed, "Are you here to see a joke?"

    "I'm here to help you."


    Zhuang Zhou patted the table and said, "Don't tell me, there are no commercial spies of yours among those people?!"

    "I don't deny it."

    Zhang Jiazheng has rich experience in doing this, and said calmly: "But we are not the ones who succeeded, so you shouldn't get angry at me.

    Your employee may be having a good time, or simply going out of the country to avoid the limelight, and your enemy may be toasting and discussing how to drive you out.

    Mr. Zhuang, you are not a naive person. Our world has no permanent enemies or friends.  "

    He talked for a while, observed the other person's expression, and asked again: "What are you going to do now?"

    "I'm going to sue them, it's a crime!"


    Zhang Jiazhen sneered, and said: "Yes, it is a crime, but there are many solutions. The easiest way is to find foreigners to set up a company overseas, give them the technology, and then ask the overseas company to provide technical support in the name of cooperation.

    Even if you know there is something tricky in it, you can't prove it.  What's more, your initial technology is registered as a domestic patent, and there is no way to get it overseas.  "

    "Mr. Zhuang, there is evidence, and it is a crime only if you are caught!"

    "When you lose your biggest and only advantage, those capital groups will pounce on you like hungry wolves, use their resources to encircle you, and drive you out of the market."

    "But I just leaked the technology, I still have the technology myself, and I can continue to film!"

    "What about the resources? What about the platform? You are a spoiler yourself, and they will spare no effort to suppress you. Besides, your technology is face-changing, can you beat them?"

    Zhang Jiazhen was always polite when discussing friendship with Zhuang Zhou's peers, but at this time he couldn't help showing a bit of fatherhood: "You, young people are still too young!"


    Zhuang Zhou was silent, and after a while, he let out a long sigh.

    "So here I am"

    Zhang Jiazhen took out a thick stack of draft contracts, and said: "I have talked to you about acquisitions countless times before, and you refused each time, and now I think we can talk again.

    The procedure is very simple. First of all, we will value the Age of Miracles. You have not received any financing before, and you have exclusive shares, which is even simpler.

    After the valuation, we will acquire about 51%-60% of the shares, but don't worry, you are one of the best production talents, I hope you can continue to work, we will not interfere in company affairs.

    Of course, this acquisition is a combination of cash and new shares, which is also an old tradition"

    This kind of routine was mentioned earlier.

    The big boss will pay back the money spent on the purchase, and the rest of the money raised through various operations will be divided into 30 to 70%.

    Zhang Jiazhen basically ignored the other party, as if he was a piece of meat on a chopping board.  Zhuang Zhou was listening, and suddenly interrupted: "Don't bother, I'll sell it all!"


    "The company and technology, I sell them all!"

    Despondent, Zhuang Zhou gave up on himself and said, "I don't intend to continue doing it, it's boring."

    "Actually you¡­¡­"

    "Needless to say, you gave me an excellent course. Maybe I'm only suitable to be a technician, but now, I want to rest."

    "Are you really going to sell?"


    Zhang Jia closed the contract with a snap, and said, "How do you sell it?"

    "One company, two patents, but I only accept cash."


    He compared his fingers: "6 billion!"

    "Too much, too much!"

    "Many? But I see thoseBuying an entertainment company can easily cost tens of billions.  "

    How can it be the same!

    That's all false, and it doesn't matter how much money the acquiree can get in the end.

    "But I still sell technology."

    "That's too much!"

    Zhang Jiazhen was suddenly very angry. The poachers got the technology for nothing, but it was our turn to spend money to buy it?  Can you sell it early?

    But Zhuang Zhou wouldn't sell it sooner, obviously he was hit and didn't want to play anymore.

    "We need to think about it."


    Zhuang Zhou still had disheveled hair, dark circles under his eyes, and a bit of stubbornness in his haggardness. He waved his hand: "No more."


    Miracle 3.0 was leaked, and in order to ensure their own market position, the rival group would definitely kill Zhuang Zhou.

    Zhuang Zhou lost his biggest advantage, he couldn't compare with the other party in all aspects, so he could only introduce a third party.

    The third party also wants to eat this cake, and is unwilling to let the rival group dominate. They would rather spend some money to buy it, and by the way bring the track back to the financial field where it is best at.

    Valuation, building momentum, raising stock prices, blah blah blah.

    Zhang Jiazhen is the spokesperson of Hong Kong capital, and with the addition of some mainland capital that merges with Hong Kong capital, his strength is also very strong.  Their successful acquisition means that Zhuang Zhou's exclusive monopoly has now become a confrontation between the two major capital groups.

    These two major capital groups, and countless large, medium and small entertainment companies under their banners, accounted for almost half of China Entertainment's territory.  Therefore, if this deal is finalized, it means that China Entertainment has opened the era of free AI face-swapping.

    And Zhuang Zhou's attitude is to lie flat and sell if he gives enough money, which seems to be really disheartened.

    Soon, Zhang Jiazhen came to this office again, and the two parties signed a contract.

    Zhuang Zhou's condition became worse and worse, Zhang Jiazhen shook his head, how proud this young man was before, but the more proud he was, the more painful it was when he fell.

    "Now you are relaxed, have fun and adjust, life is still very long, there is nothing worth dying for."

    With that said, he wiped himself and wanted to leave.

    After walking a few steps, I suddenly heard a voice from behind: "Mr. Zhang!"


    "Please treat those works kindly."


    In an instant, Zhang Jiazhen, who has been in the rivers and lakes for decades, can't help being touched. Once upon a time, he just returned to Hong Kong after studying abroad, and he was so pure, wanting to create a generation of classics.

    It's a pity that people are often dissatisfied with the environment, but unable to change it, and finally blend into it unconsciously.

    He turned around, and rarely said a few words sincerely: "Actually, you are a genius, but it's a pity that you were born at an untimely time. This is not an era where people like you can survive. You are too idealistic and underestimated people's greed.

    ? With the ownership of technology, you can see a livelier and more exciting entertainment market.  Maybe it's not what you expected, but maybe it's an improvement?

    Who can say for sure about this kind of thing?

    Drink tea when you have time, bye!  "

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