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Text Chapter 217: New Era, Old Era (Black Star Mechanic plus more)

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    After seeing off Zhang Jiazhen, Zhuang Zhou washed his face well and combed his hair, and he immediately became much more energetic.

    He picked up his coat and walked out, but was stopped by his assistant.

    "Boss, you have to think of a way!"

    "What's wrong?"

    "A group of people have already resigned, and the whole company is in panic. If this continues"

    "If you want to leave, you can leave, and if you want to stay, you can stay. The salary remains the same, and you don't have to worry about money. If you don't have enough people, you can cut business. After all, those who stay, I won't let them have nothing to eat."

    "Hey, boss, boss!"

    Zhuang Zhou went downstairs and drove back to Lingshui without even looking at the company.

    He has no feelings for the company. The purpose of the creation of Xiaoyaoyou is to find a background for technology; the purpose of the creation of Age of Miracles is to sell.

    From the beginning to the end, he was trying to fulfill that wish.

    ? Of course, in the eyes of everyone, Zhuang Zhou seemed to be really dying. He barely resisted, accepted the reality, and directly cashed out an astonishingly huge amount of money.

    In the past, the reins of technology were held in his hands, which was actually controlling the output and expansion of works.

    Now that the rein is gone, he really wants to see how the capital that has run out of the rein can do whatever it wants!



    A Yuan bought a little donkey, which he usually drives in exchange for a car.

    Now, she was riding a little donkey in a toot, came back from the vegetable market, and went home to prepare dinner.  Put on a small apron, hum a song, the first course is tofu.

    "La la la, la la la, I am a little expert in selling newspapers"

    She has been completely localized, and everyone knows the stalks of all ages. She was cooking, and suddenly the door was opened, and her tall and handsome boyfriend came home.

    "Is everything over?"

    "It's over!"

    "Then what are you going to do?"

    "Make tofu? I can eat three bowls with rice"

    Zhuang Zhou took a closer look, he looked good and had an appetite, and said with a smile: "I should say what are you going to do, the rest of my time is yours."

    "Yo! What do I want to do, what do you do?"


    "Then get married?"

    Ah Yuan raised his chin.

    "Jie, I'm doing some calculations, and I just have time."

    "Are you serious?"

    On the contrary, Ah Yuan was skeptical, thought for a while, and said: "Forget it, let's go out and play, my special mother will take care of the family property for you, and the farthest I have been to is the capital."

    "All right, all right, I'll listen to you."

    Soon, the food was served, plus a stir-fried pork belly with spicy cabbage and a soup.

    If the dishes are heavy meat, it is best to eat rice and steamed buns as the staple food; if the dishes are more vegetarian, pies and the like can be the staple food.

    Today it is all food, Zhuang Zhou really ate three bowls of rice, and said: "I want to ask you something, the development of your virtual idol has to go through a process, right?"


    "Then it was an AI face change in the beginning?"


    A Yuan recalled: "I was young and didn't catch up with that time, but I heard from my grandfather that there should be a period of time when AI face-changing was very popular. At that time, there were many cases, all of which were fraudulent by using face-changing."

    "Then how did you solve it?"

    "Legalize, and then develop corresponding software"

    "This is it!"

    Zhuang Zhou was taken aback, startled A Yuan, and said: "Since there is an AI face change, there must be a cracking method. I need a cracking software that is very old on your side and very advanced on my side."


    A Yuan understood in seconds: "You are a bad person!"

    "In addition, I also need a set of holographic projection equipment, a virtual 1.0, a special effect 1.0, a vr"

    "Stop, stop, stop! Didn't you say that the rest of the time is mine?"


    "Didn't you say that you would have fun with me?"

    "Accompany me, get these things done first, we will definitely travel around the world!"


    A Yuan squinted at him, then moved his head forward, and opened his mouth: "hetui!"


    The outside world has already been turned upside down.

    "Relying on "Global Online" to break the record again, it was raved by countless netizens, and it was once the first miracle era in domestic entertainment. Recently, shocking news broke out:

    xx groupAcquired the Miracle Age company and related technical projects in an all-cash manner Miracle Age, with its enviable profits over the years and outstanding domestic and overseas influence, has firmly ranked as the leading entertainment company. xx Group officially confirmed the news, and the stock price rose rapidly  , the general trend is good.  "

    "It has just been confirmed that Zhuang Zhou, the actual helm of Age of Miracles, has left. Although the acquirer really wants him to stay and continue to lead the team, it is clear that Zhuang Zhou has his own considerations.

    This very low-key young man who barely shows his face has created jaw-dropping achievements in recent years and is destined to leave a strong mark in the history of Chinese film and television. Let's take a look at his classic works  "

    "There is news that Zhuang Zhou is likely to join Qiyi as the director of the content department, but Qiyi unilaterally denied it soon. This Mr. Zhuang seems to have no idea of ??continuing to start a business in the entertainment industry, nor did he accept any interviews, as if out of thin air  disappear¡­¡­"

    "Projects such as "Kuroshio 3" and "Global Online" will not stop. Audiences can rest assured. The film studio said that it has planned to start the New Year's film list, and while retaining the original cast, it will also add surprising new faces."

    "Yang Tianbao, Lu Ke, and He Saisai have confirmed joining the new copy of "Global Online"!"

    "Lu Ke and He Saisai withdrew from Global Online for unknown reasons!"

    "The Japanese version is launched, and Netflix said that there is no problem with technical support."

    The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, not to mention the renewal of the entertainment industry.

    The Age of Miracles changed hands, and after only a day of excitement, or even a few hours, it was washed away by the massive amount of network information.  Like a shooting star suddenly across the sky, and then suddenly disappeared, few people remember.

    Another day.

    When Zhuang Zhou came to the industrial park, he is no longer what he used to be.

    After several rounds of tossing, those who were willing to stay in the Age of Miracles but did not want to follow the new boss all ran here.  Meng Chaoyang stayed, and there were only two left in Qiwuhai. Surprisingly, there were five left in Bashadiao.

    They said that they still want to follow Mr. Zhuang, to have freedom of creation and to be respected.

    Almost all the original technicians have left, your technology is sold, and I still develop a baba!  The two-story office area also leaves one floor.

    "I can understand your choices, but"

    Zhuang Zhou turned his head, looked at Lu Ke and He Saisai, and wondered, "Why did you come here? You two didn't play any plays?"

    "Is that called acting? They came up to buy my face, saying that I don't need to play at all, and use AI to get it done. I'll forget it after thinking about it, it's boring." Lu Ke said.

    "I can sell it, but without the protection of the boss, they will definitely not give me any shots. I trust the boss even more!" He Saidao.


    Although Zhuang Zhou was an entertainer who rushed towards the windmill with a cannon on his shoulders, at this moment he also felt that after several years of half-truth and half-false, some people treated each other sincerely.

    "All right."

    He looked at two or three of the kittens, and said, "You didn't abandon me, and I won't let you down. Remember the company's name, Getaway, it will shine again."

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