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Text Chapter 218 Look at This Prosperity 1

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    one year later.


    Chen Xuedong stepped into the door of Hesong Media.

    This person has no special appearance, poor acting skills, and no attractive points, but the early resources are good, because he is one of Guo Xiaosi's canaries.

    Has filmed "Little Times" and "Grand Trail".

    Later, Guo Xiaosi apologized and didn't dare to show up. Chen Xuedong moved to Hesong, but he didn't have much filming. He spent all day in variety shows and thought he was quitting.

    When he arrived at the company, he was led into an office where the director of the artist management department sat.

    "Where's Miss Xue?"

    He wanted to find his boss, Li Xue, but the supervisor waved his hand: "Don't bother, it's just a few words."

    "What's the meaning?"

    "You should understand what I mean. Originally, you only had one chance. It was you who begged Sister Xue for nothing. Now you have failed the second time. According to the contract, you have nothing to do with the company.  .¡±

    "How can you do this? You forced me to sign the contract back then. I have fans, I am popular, and I"


    The supervisor was impatient, and said: "Your fans have long been lost. Putting your face in the play is almost equivalent to an amateur."

    "I want to see Sister Xue, let me tell you, I will regret it if you let me go!"

    "Ha! Let me tell you, all companies now sign like this. You have to be a little self-aware. You are not famous, you don't have a fan base, and your face is not handsome enough. You can say that you have no personality.

    After you sign this confirmation letter, you and I can get together and get together, don't make yourself unhappy!  "


    ? Chen Xuedong clenched his hands under the table, but he didn't dare to lose his temper, so he had to sign, with one thought in his mind: I'm unemployed!

    After a while, he said: "Can I ask, is there anyone else like me?"

    "Zhang Huiwen and Jia Qing."

    "They were kicked too? Zhang Huiwen was cultivated by the company!" Chen Xuedong was shocked.

    "So you should quit the circle, forget it and go, I still have something to do."

    Chen Xuedong left the office silently, when he saw a scout approaching excitedly, leading a young and lively girl.

    The girl glanced at him, but didn't recognize him at all, and said, "Brother, your employees are quite handsome."


    The scout also took a look, and said with a sneer: "The guy who was kicked out, let's not learn from him."

    "He has also made a lot of money, right? How can he be down and out after being swept away?" the girl asked.

    "You don't understand this. Stars keep saying that they want to be ordinary people, but if they really want to be ordinary people, no one will do it! In addition to making money, the most important thing is to enjoy the vanity of the attention. This thing has  Addicted!"

    The scout said it face to face without any scruples, entered the office again, and met the supervisor: "Director, this is the one I told you about, the qualification is very good!"

    "Hi boss!"

    The girl bowed, her voice was sweet, and she was also sweet-looking, and she knew what kind of scene she was suitable for at a glance.

    "how old are you?"

    "18 years old!"

    "Where do you go to school?"

    "Learning to dance."

    "The conditions are all clear?"

    "I'm not sure, my brother said I can be popular!"

    The supervisor smiled and said: "Your face is really good, and you might be a bit of a fan. I came to sign a contract with you today. What you understand may be a long-term contract for a newcomer, seven or eight years, but it's not necessary.

    Now it is a single-film contract, effective from the time you sign it, you do not have a brokerage relationship with the company, and the company is not responsible for any of your affairs, but will provide a work within two months and guarantee the shot.

    If the response is good, the company will sign a contract with you for another single film, and if it is not bad, then the brokerage contract will be formally signed.  "

    The girl digested it for a while, and said, "Well, I understand!"

    "Before that, you sign this first."

    The supervisor pushed over a contract and said, "The power of attorney will last for ten years."

    "But why did you only sign a single film contract for ten years?" the girl asked.

    "This is a kind of security. It prevents you from being poached by other companies. It is equivalent to retaining a piece of information in the company. For example, if your single film is not popular, but there may be a shortage of people in a later drama, you can check the information and find that you are suitable.  There is still a chance, do you understand what that means?"

    The supervisor did not hide anything, and said: "I will tell you frankly and honestly, because this is the condition for you to go to any one."

    "Oh ?"

    The girl may or may not understand, but she is very happy: "Okay, I will sign!"

    The contract was signed immediately, and the girl left excitedly.

    It seems to be different from what she imagined. In her cognition, she will train first and then film.  In the end, there was nothing, so I left.

    The supervisor sent the girl's information to the content department.

    There was a special person over there who was docking, and immediately flipped through it, and estimated the girl's size with a few glances, and asked, "I have a sweet girl here, who is very suitable for ancient costumes, who has room?"

    "Give it to me, my hero lacks a younger sister."

    After the information was passed on, the over there happily said: "Yo, this image is just right, almost enough to be popular!"

    "Xiaohong is thankful, we haven't released a decent newcomer for two months!"

    "Don't blame us, just blame the world for changing so fast!"

    The data is transmitted to the Hengdian studio in real time through the computer.

    A puppet show is being filmed.

    "Director, the heroine and sister have been chosen, take a look."

    "Well, it looks sweet enough, let's preview it!"


    The assistant operates the computer and opens the simulation software. This software is said to be the AI ??face-swapping technology developed by the parent company. In fact, they all understand what's going on.

    He first found a drawing of a stand-in, dressed in a costume, and then replaced the girl's face.  In this way, a modeling diagram of a girl wearing a costume is generated.

    The director took a look, nodded and said, "Okay, let's continue shooting."

    Before the start of work, the assistant director ran over: "It's not good, the first female is making a fuss to leave again!"

    "Fuck, she's never finished, isn't she!"

    The director strode over, and the producer over there was trying to persuade a girl.  This girl has an extremely beautiful figure, her waist, hands and feet are all exquisite, but her appearance is not good enough.

    "I quit!"

    "Don't, aunt, we have cooperated several times, so why don't you just say who poached you again?"

    "Neighbor, they give me 500,000 a month!"

    "We can also give it!"

    "But I'm not happy here, I want 600,000!"


    "Then I'll go!"

    The director was furious, but had to stay: "All right, all right, 600,000 is 600,000!"

    "Can I start working now?"


    What the hell, what is the world?  !

    The director and the producer cursed inwardly. They are all old guys who have worked in the industry for more than ten years. They think they have seen all kinds of monsters and ghosts in the entertainment industry, but now the world is really terrible!

    Filming first, casting afterward.

    You are filming here, don't worry about the actors, after filming this film and that film, the screenwriter team will be stationed directly, and the production line will be produced.  When the company finds a suitable face, it will be passed on, and the director will take a look, and it will be over after it is ok.

    Then the treatment of the stand-in skyrocketed.

    Especially outstanding stand-in, like the female lead just now, she has an unbelievably beautiful body, even walks beautifully, so many big-name actresses named her to be the stand-in, and the director dared not offend her.

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