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Text Chapter 222 Look at This Prosperous World 5

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    On the night when the Magnolia Awards ended, a celebration banquet was held in a hotel.

    Zhang Jiazhen held up his wine glass and said: "One is for Ms. Tang Yan to win the laurel crown, and the other is for the company's b-round financing to start smoothly. Double happiness, cheers!"


    ? In addition to Hong Kong circles and mainland tycoons, Tang Yan and Yang Tianbao were present. They have already signed their brokerage contracts to the era of miracles.

    It's really fate, I think the two of them had been in the Hong Kong circle back then, and then they broke away, went around and came back, and became colleagues - all thanks to a certain man.

    ? In the form of self-service, you can eat freely after having a drink.

    Yang Tianbao didn't like Tang Yan very much, and always felt that she was not smart enough, but there was no one else to talk to at this time, so he went over and said, "Hey, congratulations!"


    Tang Yan was still clutching the trophy. It seemed that he really liked it, and he was a little drunk when he spoke: "Look how good this Magnolia is. I never dreamed that I could get it. Your Golden Eagle is also good. Otherwise, next year I will  How about taking a golden eagle, and you taking a white magnolia?"


    Yang Tianbao rolled his eyes and said, "Do you think it will be our turn next time? There are so many companies and so many celebrities waiting, and we have the upper hand. It would be nice to get two."

    She paused, then said suddenly: "Hey, do you know that this round of financing has received celebrity investment?"

    "I know, how much do you plan to vote for?"


    Yang Tianbao rolled his eyes again, can this be explained clearly?

    Tang Yan realized later, covered his mouth and said: "Oh, I asked the wrong question. Anyway, I am quite optimistic about the company's prospects, and I plan to invest more."

    "So confident?"

    "Of course, we are already bound to the company, and the portraits are all in the company's hands. If you don't have confidence, you have to have confidence. What's more, look at this emerging industry, how fast it is developing, and it will definitely make money when it goes public."


    Do you still know about listing?

    Yang Tianbao curled his lips secretly. At this moment, Zhang Jiazhen came over and said with a smile, "What are you talking about?"

    "Let's talk about the company's drama!"

    She immediately changed her face, with a standard charming smirk, and she opened her mouth to lie: "We are talking about "Shushan", I wonder if there is any part for us?"

    "Why not? You are the top brand of the company."

    Zhang Jiazhen was much younger during this period, as if he had returned to the golden age of dragon and tiger, and said: "Of course we are our own people, I will not hide it from you.

    This project is very huge and involves too many things. I can only guarantee your roles, but I cannot guarantee that you will be the protagonists.  "

    "Oh, we know, and we didn't make it difficult for you."

    "Well, just give me a supporting role."


    Zhang Jiazhen felt very relieved, these two people were really sensible.

    After he left, Yang Tianbao and Tang Yan clinked glasses again, sipping wine, suddenly feeling bored.

    The current environment seems absurd and exaggerated, but it is actually the entertainment circle they are familiar with.

    On the contrary, when the man was there before, the kind of triumphant, thriving, dominating the grand scene at home and abroad felt very unreal.


    The two looked at each other, their thoughts suddenly connected, but it is really boring now.


    "The era of miracles that changed hands a year ago has never disappeared from our vision. First, we strongly invited Yang Tianbao and Tang Yan to join us, and then we launched new works in succession, as well as the film list that was scheduled for three years later.

    Among these works, there are not only the sequels of "Kuroshio 3" and "Global Online" that have proved their popularity at home and abroad, but also the works of dreaming back to Xiangjiang to reproduce the superstar demeanor, and there are also idol dramas with new faces and new forces  

    Although the audience complained about the decline in the quality of the works, it is still one of the top entertainment giants in China.

    Recently, news came out from the Age of Miracles that after the exaggerated 2.8 billion round A round of financing, the B round of financing was conducted non-stop.

    According to public information, the leading investors this time are Ali, Sequoia, and SoftBank SAIF.  "

    "Informed sources revealed that there are dozens of star shareholders investing in this round of financing, but the nature is different from the previous ones. These stars choose to invest in the era of miracles. They should have an inseparable connection in business and become a prosperous community."

    "In just one year, the valuation of the Age of Miracles has reached 6 billion, and the road ahead is obviously heading towards the financial market. I believe it will apply for an IPO soon."

    "The Age of Miracles announced on the entire network that the universe of "Shushan" is officially launched!"

    "According to the project responsible"According to the introduction, the original work of "Shushan" is 5 million words in length. It is extremely huge, with many characters and branches, and it is extremely difficult to adapt.

    But our goal is to create film and television miracles one after another. We have invited more than ten screenwriters and web writers, and we have completed the script review.

    The company will work hand in hand with several major platforms, and the chief director is initially designated as Tsui Hark.

    The universe of "Shushan" adopts a model similar to that of American dramas, and is filmed on a seasonal basis, with more than a dozen episodes per season, showing several characters and several storylines.  When the accumulation reaches a certain level, a movie version will be made, so that the audience can see it clearly and will not be confused.

    In terms of actors, "Shushan" will conduct an unprecedented epic-level casting. Thanks to the mature AI technology, the candidate range includes all famous actors with surnames in the 50 years of Chinese.

    This casting will be superimposed on the top ten beauties held some time ago, and the final ten will definitely get a starring seat.

    The rest of the characters will also be announced on the platform, and we will fully respect the opinions of netizens"

    As soon as the news came out, the entertainment industry and the masses, who were already on fire, reached the peak of madness as if they had received the last injection of chicken blood.

    The Age of Miracles has long proved that the works are not only popular in China, but also popular overseas.

    The dream of Chinese stars to land in Hollywood for many years has not come true, but on the contrary, they have realized overseas pioneering on Netflix.

    Although "Shushan" is not as familiar as Journey to the West and Fengshen, it has a lot of fans, and with countless people eating melons, it seems like a festive atmosphere.

    "Li Yingqiong must be Brigitte Lin, the 18-year-old Brigitte Lin is simply invincible, she can do whatever she wants!"

    "I think Zhou is also very good, and Yang Tianbao is also quite heroic."

    "Fuck off, what aesthetics!"

    "Li Yingqiong - Lin Qingxia, Yu Yingnan - Wang Zuxian, Qi Lingyun - Big Honey, Zhou Qingyun - Tang Yan, Xu Feiniang - Qiu Shuzhen, Taiyi Patriarch - Wang Jing, Situ Ping - Zheng Yijian, Qin Ziling -  Shao Meiqi, Qin Hane¡ª¡ªGigi Leung."

    "Is the upstairs team working on CP?"

    "I don't care who plays, anyway, you must have: Li Jiaxin, Guan Zhilin, Zhou Huimin, Zhu Yin, Gigi Lai, Da Mimi, Yaya, Fat Di, Nazha, Da Tiantian, Koo Tianle, Jiao Enjun, Yan Kuan, Qiao Zhenyu, Ren Quan, Shen Xiaohai  , He Jiajin, Wu Dairong, Zheng Shaoqiu Barabara"

    "The B-round financing of Age of Miracles is over!"

    "Many star shareholders have been exposed, with a total investment of nearly 1 billion!"

    "The media is bad-mouthing, don't be the second Jia Yueting!"

    ""Shushan" was launched, and the king came to the world, and the valuation of the Age of Miracles reached 8 billion!"

    "It's rare for the bosses behind the scenes to speak out. I believe that the entertainment industry will definitely emerge from the post-epidemic era. This is a prosperous age!"

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