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Text Chapter 223: The Little Daoist

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    Lingshui County, Railway Station.

    Zhuang Zhou came out with big bags and small bags, took a breath of the pure air of the Northeast, and opened his arms: "Ah, my hometown, I'm back!"

    "Ah shit! Where's the car? Is the car here?"

    A Yuan is even more exaggerated, with his hands full and several bags on his body, like a demolition household returning home with a full load after going abroad for the first time.

    They did go abroad and had a hard time playing. They have not had any work since they fell in love, and it was the first real two-person world.

    The car I called was a few minutes late, the driver helped to pack the luggage, and asked curiously, "Is this a trip?"

    "Well, I went to the capital."

    "Brother, I didn't mean you. Going to the capital these days is still called tourism?"

    "I can't help it. Those who stay at home and wait for work, this is the only way to go out and have fun."

    The driver observed from the rearview mirror and judged from his rich experience in reading people, what the hell are you talking about with me!

    The topic stopped there, and I arrived home quietly.

    As soon as he entered the door, A Yuan threw himself on the bed: "I will never go out again, I will never travel again, I am exhausted!"

    "I'm tired. I exercise during the day and at night. I have gray hair! Alas, I'm middle-aged after leaving half my life."

    Zhuang Zhou simply tidied up, took a shower, and pia on the bed, and went to bed without further ado.  Opening my eyes again, it was already evening, I ordered a takeaway casually, and then swiped my phone.

    "How far is the Age of Miracles from A-shares?"

    ""Shushan" has been strongly promoted, the era of miracles has become a cornucopia, star shareholders lie down and earn money!"

    "The cast of "The First Incense" has been announced, with Zun Long and Song Yi leading the leading roles!"

    "The British version of "Global Online" debuted, and the reincarnated person slapped Harry Potter and caused public outrage!"

    "The two men turned against each other, spat at each other in the street, and actually quarreled over who is more beautiful, Li Jiaxin or Da Mimi?"

    Articles of entertainment news hit his eyeballs, as if they had rapidly evolved into the era of magical entertainment.  A Yuan leaned on his shoulder, watched with him, and said, "It's very similar!"

    "What looks alike?"

    "It's getting more and more like my world, why don't you save it?"

    "Save the hammer! I've already discovered that this thing can't be saved, at most it's a different way of playing. If you want the entertainment industry to go on the so-called right track, the industry is self-disciplined, the works are outstanding, and everyone has both virtue and skill, that's not right.  possible."


    "The times need it, people need entertainment, and the government also needs people to need entertainment. So I always let it go, just beat and beat when some people cross the line, and then continue to let it go.

    Then why am I pretending to be a sage?  How tired"

    Zhuang Zhou swiped his mobile phone, and suddenly saw a news article about embezzlement of celebrity portraits, making pornographic videos and being caught by the police. He immediately entered keywords, and found several similar ones, and said with a smile:

    "It seems that we came back just in time."


    Shen Cheng, Xiaoyaoyou Company.

    Meng Chaoyang is now the general manager. When Zhuang Zhou was away, he managed the affairs in an all-round way, and he was still the same people who stayed behind. There is no restriction. If you want to take jobs outside, you can take jobs, and the wages here will be paid.

    The company's current business is mainly film and television restoration, with zero cost and extremely high profits. It survived without Zhuang Zhou's blood transfusion.

    This morning, after the regular meeting, Meng Chaoyang had just stepped out of the meeting room when he saw a figure he hadn't seen for a long time.

    "Fuck, how the hell do you know to come back?"

    "You travel around the world to eat delicious food, and I work hard for you. A bunch of children are waiting to be fed. I will be prematurely aged for at least three years!"

    "Ah, boss!"

    "The boss is back!"

    "The boss misses you!"

    The employees all ran over and circled around several times. Zhuang Zhou felt like he was in Huaguo Mountain. With a big wave of his hand, he was instantly quiet.

    "I don't cough anymore!"


    Quack quack, there are crows flying over the head.

    "Okay, no one understands this stalk."

    He was very embarrassed and said: "This time I have to calm down and work hard. I am going to restart the film and television business."

    There was a brief silence, followed by a roar of mountains and tsunami.

    "Boss, I'm just waiting for your words!"

    "Woooooh, I'm so moved suddenly, I feel like witnessing history!"

    Meng Chaoyang was quite calm, and asked: "It's different now, the circle makes those gangsThe bastard is ruined, what do you use to make a comeback?  "

    "Take your time! Hey, don't tell me, I've gained a lot this time and found an excellent seedling."

    "How amazing is it? Those bastards have released all the stars of the past 50 years, and they have everything."

    "I took a video for everyone to see, go to the conference room."

    So Hulala went in again, Zhuang Zhou pretended to fiddle with it, and saw the big screen lit up, it was not a home environment, nor an urban village, but a simple and quiet courtyard.

    There is a big tree in the courtyard, with a cliff on one side and a pool below.  On the cliff, there are vines of lychee and moss, and another clear spring gushes out and pours into the pool.

    A path leader stood in the court.

    Blue sermon gown, white socks and cloud shoes, hair tied in a bun, with a wooden hairpin inserted.

    With a small face and a slender body, a thin and blunt neck is exposed from the Taoist robe, like a lotus leaf stalk.  The most special thing is the eyes, which are pure from the world and also have an extraordinary air.


    Meng Chaoyang dare to swear that he has never seen the second pair of such attractive eyes.

    He even dared to assure that this little Taoist leader could hang those faces, his appearance and demeanor were natural, and he would forget the commonplace when he saw it, and even made himself doubt, can anyone really look like this?

    Everyone is also full of emotions. Before, they always heard a word, the gods are among the people.  Seeing you now, you suddenly understand what it means to be a man among gods.

    The trailhead walked a few steps in the courtyard, the vines on the mountain wall swayed gently, the clear spring surged and tinkled, this person and this scene were integrated

    But when they wanted to watch more, the screen went dark and disappeared.

    "Ah! Boss, you don't bring such a thing!"

    "Can't you take more pictures?"

    "I didn't even hear her speak!"

    A sand sculpture beat his chest and stamped his feet, howling: "Boss, you are always a god! Do you know how much you can sell for a pretty face now? Those bastards are all crazy, and everyone is crazy!"

    Where did you find the little fairy?  If her face is for sale, at least it's worth it No, no, there's no need to sell it, her figure is also a fairy!  "

    After making a fuss for a while, Zhuang Zhou began to assign tasks, and said to the five sand sculptures left behind: "You have to create a script for yourself."

    "no problem!"

    And to the art team members who stayed behind, said: "You are responsible for the design drawings."


    "I will handle the rest of the process myself. Okay, the meeting is adjourned!"

    "Etc., etc!"

    Meng Chaoyang grabbed him and pointed at the screen: "You didn't even say your name for a long time, what's his name?"

    "Her name is Chen Yingning."

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