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Text Chapter 224 He is back

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    Zhuang Zhou entered the office where he had been away for a long time, and before he could sit down, Meng Chaoyang also followed.

    "Old Zhuang, where did you find such a little fairy?"


    "Is she a real Taoist priest or a fake Taoist priest?"

    "True, but not quite true."

    "Is she in a Taoist temple?"

    "Yes, but not quite."


    Meng Chaoyang looked at him with contempt, and said, "Keep it a secret from me, right? Forget it, forget it, I don't bother to talk to you!"

    After finishing speaking, I went out.

    Not long after, one of the five sand sculptures sneaked in and said, "Hey, boss! We had a preliminary discussion, and it's okay to tailor the script, but I don't understand the key point at all.

    Can we chat with her and get in touch with her?  "

    "What kind of contact method?"

    "Naturally, an interview is the best. It's okay if you can't have a video interview, and it's not impossible to give a WeChat account if you can't video."

    "Get out!"


    The sand sculpture also left.

    Not long after, He Saisai came in, wearing an OL suit, his chest was bulging with a white shirt, put down a cup of hand-ground coffee, and said in a tired voice, "Old~ban~"


    Zhuang Zhou's hair stood on end, and he looked at her in amazement: "Why are you dressed like this?"

    "It's been a long time since I changed to a clerical job. I'm your employee. You don't even know about it. It's so sad!"

    "You stopped filming?"

    "I film to make money. You let me make enough money. What else do I have to do? Now is the time for me to repay you. Look how good the environment is. I know a lot"

    She said she wanted to move forward, but under Zhuang Zhou's watchful eyes, she didn't dare too much, she pouted and said, "I was originally a small supporting role, and newcomers came one after another, so no one has been looking for me for a long time.

    I opened a store and bought a house in Shencheng. I will not worry about it for the rest of my life. I came here to be your secretary with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan. Don't you appreciate it?  "

    Zhuang Zhou rolled his eyes, players like He Saisai can be said to be capable of both literature and martial arts, tea and whore, ever-changing, and if you are not careful, you will be tricked.

    "Where's Lu Ke?" he asked.

    "She has been admitted to the Repertory Theater, and usually rehearses there, which is quite fulfilling."

    "That's okay, I'm fine here, I didn't tell you not to come in."


    He Saisai also flashed.

    Zhuang Zhou rubbed his temples, opened his notebook, watched the video of Xiao Daochang, and couldn't help but sigh, this character is simply too good!

    Each character template of Virtual 3.0 has spent a lot of effort by the creators. It can be said that it has gathered the world's top aesthetic masters, and also covers the human body, vision, psychology, etc., so that each template can achieve the image.  The pinnacle of traits.

    Xiao Daochang first met several years ago, and finally made his public appearance today.

    But he is not going to reveal the truth for the time being, not saying that this is a pure virtual person, but operating as a general work.  There is a problem here, filing.

    He checked the terms carefully, and the conditions are:

    1. The audio-visual works that the platform wants to attract investment, promote, and give priority to members to watch must be filed.

    2. Online universities with a cost of more than 1 million and online dramas with a cost of more than 5 million must be filed and the starring information must be submitted.

    In this way, we have to adopt the self-media mode of operation, the kind of "director's small strategy".  Xiaoyaoyou's station b account is still there, and it still keeps posting some restoration videos, and has hundreds of thousands of fans.

    It's okay if the platform can't be promoted, you can promote it yourself.

    This time, Zhuang Zhou did not intend to reveal anything, including the official.


    Soon, five sand sculptures brought the script, a total of three.

    Zhuang Zhou chose one.

    After selection, the art team began to design, and then started shooting.

    So far, the employee's task is over.  He wanted to protect the identity of the leader of the trail, so naturally he couldn't find the crew here, and took the script back to the stack for processing. The speed was very fast, and it was done in a few days.

    Of course, I have to put on a show and wait for a while, which makes everyone itchy and curious, and the boss is too secretive!

    At the same time, Zhuang Zhou also started preparations in other fields

    Zhuang Zhou is back!

    The news quickly spread throughout the entertainment circle.

    Back then when his technology was stolen, he had no choice but to sell the company for billions of cash,?Ass gone.  Many people regret it, this guy is a genius, but he was born in the wrong era.

    There are also some big entertainment groups who fancy his production ability and want to recruit them, but they can't find anyone and seem to disappear.

    Today, this name has suddenly returned to everyone's attention, and it is quite accidental to say it.

    The concepts of ar and vr were popularized many years ago, and the manufacturers once burst out, and the vr experience halls bloomed everywhere, but it didn't take long for them to shut down.

    The reason is that the technology has not achieved a breakthrough and cannot keep up with the wave of hype.

    And about four or five years ago, the concept of metaverse suddenly emerged again, represented by Facebook, oh, Facebook has changed its name to meta.

    Meta comes from Greek, which means beyond.

    The so-called Metaverse, simply put, is to recreate a complete virtual world, like "Ready Player One".  It includes artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies, and of course VR.

    In recent years, VR technology has indeed made some progress, and hardware equipment is getting better and better, but there is always a gap from the sci-fi feeling that people imagine.

    Some technical difficulties have not been broken through, and no real upsurge has been formed.

    After all, a small vr equipment manufacturer was on the verge of bankruptcy, and a well-intentioned person took over the offer. This manufacturer is one of the countless subsidiaries of a certain capital group.

    Then I found out that the company that took over the order was called Xiaoyaoyou.

    "I heard that Zhuang Zhou is back?"

    "Well, it seems that I have been abroad."

    "What happened when you came back? Are you still filming?"

    "I don't know, and I haven't heard that there is a new movie starting. Maybe I'm afraid. If I'm suppressed by the bosses again, maybe I won't be so lucky."

    "Yeah, he sold the company for so much money, it's enough to be safe and secure for a few lifetimes. But to be honest, the days when he's not in the entertainment circle are too boring!"

    "Hey, did Yang Tianbao respond?"

    "Her? Ha, how is it possible, that's the one who knows the most! Alas, Zhuang Zhou will have a hard time making a comeback this time."

    Such conversations filled the private entertainment circle.

    ? Yang Tianbao was complicated and determined, Tang Yan laughed smirkingly, Da Mimi continued to pout, and Liu Tianxian watched the show But everyone was very curious, and they all asked a question:

    What is he buying vr for?

    Everyone knows that the Yuan Universe and its ilk are speculations, and it may be realized in a few decades. At this stage, it is purely an IQ tax. Why do people take the initiative to stick in it?


    About a month later, Zhuang Zhou announced the completion of the project.

    The whole company is subtle, and they didn't participate in anything. It's all up to you. If you say start it up, start it up, if you say it's finished, it's finished. We applaud and it's over.

    We haven't even seen the lead actor yet!


    As long as he was in the company, n people would sneak into the office and beg in different ways. They all wanted to see the Taoist leader, but none of them came true

    After Yamei broke up, she became a pure singing and dancing anchor.

    In other words, she used to be a singing and dancing anchor, but now she is a virtual singing and dancing anchor.  I bought a set of equipment, wearing a two-dimensional image, and playing oboe behind my back.

    No way, she thinks she is pretty, so she can't show her face.

    Recently, there have been more and more "face-stealing monsters", and no one in every industry has been spared, and the number of police reports is increasing day by day.  As long as your face is exposed on the public platform, it may be stolen and then appear in the domestic area.

    ? I heard that stand-ins in domestic regions are competing for jobs, and the one with smooth skin and fair skin is the best, and can earn 30,000 yuan per film.  Many girls joined it, looking forward to becoming famous.

    Today, Yamei just downloaded it.

    Her safety desk was put away long ago, she was listless and alive like a salted fish.

    At this moment, I suddenly received a private letter, which said: "Do you want to do a film and television promotion?"

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