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Text Chapter 225 First Sight

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    "Film and TV promotion?"

    Yamei was taken aback, she hadn't been doing film and television for a long time, and just about to refuse, she took a closer look at the other party's identity, free and easy!


    She may not know that Xiaoyaoyou is Zhuang Zhou's company, but she must know that it is closely related to the Age of Miracles, because there is also the word Xiaoyaoyou in the publisher of the early works.

    She couldn't help asking: "Do you also film movies yourself?"


    "Is it related to the previous era of miracles? You don't need to answer if it's inconvenient."

    "It's a family."


    "It used to be a family."


    Yamei seemed to have opened up Ren Du's second channel, revived with full blood, and typed: "My dear, I have been waiting for you for a long time, and you finally came out to catch your breath! No problem, I will definitely help!"


    "It's free! The first post of my comeback, I'll give it to you for free!"


    The other party was silent for a few seconds, as if he was frightened by the girl's style, and then he replied thank you, saying that the trailer Yunyun would be released in the near future.

    ? After talking about the matter, the girl felt refreshed. She quickly opened the drawer, took out the cactus and electric wand, and began to set up her own safety table.

    For the next few days, she kept following the news of Getaway, until one afternoon, she finally updated a trailer.

    Quite well, it seems that there is a kung fu show, I can't see too much, only revealed a name:


    Zhuang Zhou was like a thorn in the throats of everyone in the entertainment industry.

    Since the news of his return spread, many people have been watching the relevant news intentionally or unintentionally. It's fine that he doesn't film, what kind of vr is he doing Although vr is related to entertainment, and several big factories have invested, it is still a tasteless thing.

    What everyone is afraid of is filming.

    His filming is unconstrained and unconstrained, unable to grasp the logic, and it is completely out of touch with the current domestic genre framework.  Even though the Age of Miracles changed hands, so many people are still picking up his leftovers.

    So as soon as the trailer came out, all parties were concerned.

    But I didn't see anything. After researching it, it should be a martial arts/kung fu movie with the background of the Republic of China.  The lead actor didn't show up, and the supporting actors were bluffing, and their faces were not surprising.

    With such doubts in mind, some people went to check and found that the show had not been registered at all, had not communicated with any platform or theater when it would be launched, and was not even planning to participate in foreign exhibitions.

    Everyone was used to scheming everywhere, and it took a few turns in their minds to realize: Damn it!  This is a three-no work!

    ?Low EQ: Three no works.

    ? High emotional intelligence: a big movie from the media.

    "Ha ha ha ha!"

    For a while, I don't know how many people beat the case and laughed wildly: "We media? We media! That guy has already given himself up and has nowhere to go. It's just a joke!"

    "Is he going to be the second "Director Xiaozhuang"?"

    "Ask for one-click triple combo!"

    "Hey, don't laugh at people like that, the self-media is also good, and you can still receive some advertisements at ordinary times!"

    Everyone has been tricked very delicately, especially the platform.

    The platform heard that Zhuang Zhou was going to make a movie, so they waited for him to come to negotiate conditions, and then how to suppress the restrictions, or simply tie up the chariot and pull him into the group.

    As a result, they didn't come at all.

    In their eyes, a guy who used to lead the entertainment in the mainland has nothing to do with the self-media, that is tantamount to lowering his status, just like a beggar!

    Some people laughed for fun, some people regretted it, and some kind people who didn't know what was going on wanted to lend a helping hand to Zhuang Zhou, such as Sun Maoxian.

    Zhuang Zhou sold his technology, and it is impossible for Netflix to focus on him. It must cooperate with the party that owns the technology. This is human nature.

    But at the beginning the relationship was quite happy, Sun Maoxian took the initiative to contact and asked if he wanted to help, but was declined.


    The date previewed by the trailer will soon arrive.

    Almost everyone in the entertainment industry who has no work and who is good at gossip turns on their mobile phones and computers, ready to take a look at this comeback work.

    I chose a rest day, in the morning.

    In Xiaoyaoyou company, the pitifully small number of employees sat in a row, and Lu Ke also rushed over.

    She polished herself in the drama theater, her temperament became more restrained, she had enough money, she had no desires, and acting was already a hobby, a focus, and a spiritual pursuit without any impurities.

    The repertory theater that I took the exam is not too big, she will be the trump card if she goes, interpersonalThe relationship is even more detached.

    Anyway, Zhuang Zhou looked at her as if he were looking at a Bodhisattva.  He Saisai hugged Lu Ke to his side and sat on a chair. Others were not surprised.

    Everyone looked at the big screen, vaguely returning to the time when people gathered to watch movies in the Age of Miracles

    Yamei finished the fat house water and fried chicken early, and nestled in her safe table.

    Looking at the dynamics of Xiaoyaoyou, an update happened to be posted, and I quickly clicked on it, feeling in my heart:

    What the hell!  I have been chasing you since you pretended to be the "Dragon Transformation" of Internet University, until you became famous overseas, and now you have become a self-media, I am still infatuated.

    It can be called the top ten fans!

    "Down the Mountain" has no fancy opening titles, and the main film begins.

    During the Republic of China, northern China.


    The camera shows a pair of running legs and feet, coming out of the Lin Family Martial Arts Hall, heading east all the way down the stone steps, or winding up, passing through the lively market, both sides of the stone steps are full of stalls, and the fireworks in the market are mixed with dense fog  .

    This is a mountain city.

    The terrain in the city is undulating, and a hill is pulled up in the east of the city. The hill is no more than a hundred meters, and there is a temple on it, named Qingfeng Temple.

    The picture cuts in, and the music becomes brisk.

    ? In the living room, with the first morning light, a road chief suddenly sat up, got out of bed, washed his face, wore plain underwear, combed his hair in a bun, and had a thin white neck.

    She seemed a little frizzy, washed her face indiscriminately, wiped it indiscriminately, wrapped herself in a robe and went to the kitchen, cooked porridge and hot steamed buns, and finally came to the main hall.

    The main hall is dedicated to Sanqing, burning incense, and having morning classes.

    Recite "Clarifying Rhyme": "Linlang resounds, ten directions are cleared, rivers and seas are silent, mountains swallow smoke the cave of Minghui is clear, and there are a lot of mysterious things."

    The pot in the kitchen was gurgling and steaming, she hummed and chanted sutras perfunctorily, as if the time had been calculated, the porridge over there was cooked, and the sutras here were finished.

    The camera still only shows a back view.

    The Taoist leader sat at the table with a pot of five steamed buns. He had a huge appetite, his small and exquisite head was dangling, and the happiness overflowed the picture.

    "Bang bang bang!"

    "Bang bang bang!"

    The person in front finally ran over, knocked on the door and called out, "Taoist? Chen Daoist?"


    Squeak! The door opened, and someone came out. At this moment, Fang showed his face, a young Taoist priest with an incomparable air.


    Yamei couldn't help screaming, and she didn't know why she screamed, but it seemed that this was the only way to cover up her lack of words.  She put down the fat house water, leaned her head forward, and pressed pause.

    The picture freezes on that face.


    This time she was quite rhythmic, with a long voice, and said to herself: "It's so beautiful!"

    Immediately thereafter, he paused again, searching his stomach to describe it, and after a long time, he could only utter one sentence: "It's so spiritual!"


    Although this word is vulgar, it is a gift from God that is rare for an actor.  Everyone who watched this film came up with this word at the same time.

    Especially those in the circle.

    It is generally recognized in the circle that he is worthy of these two characters, the early Mr. Zhou


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