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Text Chapter 226 Downhill 1

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    The comer was dressed in bunt and was a servant.

    The servant was very respectful, and said: "The owner of my house invites you to go."


    The little Taoist spoke cheerfully, looking forward to this event, and followed him down the mountain without closing the door.

    The mossy stone steps meandered down. In the mist, her steps were extremely fast, as light as flying, and her servants were chasing after her.  In a blink of an eye, at the foot of the mountain, there was a hut where a lame beggar lay.

    The beggar is dirty, old, and crazy. He sometimes speaks obscenities and curses at passers-by, but when he sees the little Taoist priest, he slumps and twists his body, raises his head and says loudly:

    "Is the fairy going down the mountain?"


    "Go down the mountain and be Sarah?"



    The mountain city is located in a traffic artery, where merchants gather and people are densely populated.

    Martial arts are popular here, and there are seven martial arts gyms in the city alone.  , and so on.

    The owner of Lin's house is thin and gentle, and he is drinking tea in the hall in a leisurely manner.

    Sitting opposite was a man with dark skin, who opened his mouth in an incomprehensible dialect, and his speech seemed to be arguing.

    "Don't worry, don't worry here, people are coming!"

    "Chen Daochang! I've lost my way, and I'm going to bother you again."

    "Easy to say!"

    Master Lin got up to greet him personally, the little Taoist strode in, as if entering his own home, looked him up and down: "That's him?"

    "This is old boxer He's disciple, come to ask for advice."

    "This is Chen Yingning, Daoist Chen. If you beat her, there will be no difference between the seven of us. You can pick off the plaque on the door if you want."


    The man also looked at the little Taoist priest, and he did not underestimate him. To be invited by the martial arts hall to do this kind of work is a proof of his strength.


    Immediately, two benches were moved over, and the two sat facing each other.

    Draw Lebazi, a way of sitting and fighting in the north.

    Sitting upright, with knees touching, there is no way to dodge, you can only exert strength from the waist and spine, adjust the strength of the shoulders and change the strength of the hands.  This kind of fighting with no room to dodge was popular for a while, and the outcome was determined by one match.

    If the butt leaves the stool, it counts as a loss, and if it is knocked over, it counts as a loss.

    The man stared at each other, stretched out his left hand first, and the little Taoist also stretched out his left hand, flashing past his eyes and touching the back of his hand, his eyes as quiet as water were instantly full of murderous intent.

    The two make push gestures.

    The man attacked first, flipped his palm, and clasped her wrist directly to the chest area. He wanted to pull her wrist with brute force, but who knew that the arm didn't move at all.

    The little Taoist raised his hand to block, swiped obliquely, and smashed directly on the head.

    Bang bang bang!

    After a few moves in the blink of an eye, she pushed her hands a few times, twisted her waist violently and exerted strength, leaning forward, her right elbow hit the man's temple quickly and hard like a hammer.


    "Crunch! Crunch!"

    The man stretched out his arms, his body swayed, the bench rubbed against the floor making a harsh sound, and he almost fell.

    Helebazi mainly relies on hands, forearms, and elbows to attack and defend.

    You have to be very skilled to dare to play this thing.  The way of strength includes swinging, slamming, hammering, grasping, etc. There is no space to maneuver, no time to think about it, fast to fast, dangerous and brutal.

    The little Taoist priest and Fang Caiquan are two people, and when they come up, they are killer moves, and they use everything to the extreme.

    After a few more hands, the man suddenly punched his elbow, but she took it off and seized the gap, swung his arm round, his forearm was like a steel whip, and greeted his head with a bang bang bang.

    This section is a full body long shot without any cuts.

    Yamei was already stunned, watching the little fairy inside turned into a little evil star, beating the man until he trembled all over, and finally knocked over with a bang, including the man and the chair.

    I couldn't help but a thought came to me: Did she really do this by herself?

    It's too awesome!

    The man lost, blushing and arching his hands, covering his face and getting out.  Even though curator Lin has seen this kind of scene many times, he can't help sighing every time. With a wave of his hand, the servant holds a tray.

    The ocean wrapped in red paper filled a plate.

    She took one casually, stuffed it into her sleeve, and played it not very enjoyable: "Let's go!"

    "Send Daoist Chen!"

    The door was opened to see off, and a new servant didn't understand, so he asked in a low voice, and the old man said: "She is the master of Qingfeng Temple.The girl who was picked up was taken in as an apprentice.

    The old temple master was a first-class person who passed away 2 years ago. This girl did not learn to pray and recite scriptures, but she learned good kung fu.  There are many troubles in the mountain city, and there will always be times of injustice, relying on the salaries of several martial arts gyms, it is not worrying about food and clothing.

    Don't look at her like that, she fights very well!  "


    When many people talk about female Taoist priests, they always call them Taoist nuns.

    There is no such saying at all, it¡¯s all folk yelling, especially those in the modern antiquity circle, I have a friend who is a Taoist nun, Balabala

    The official title of a female Taoist priest is called Nvguan, or Kun Dao, or uniformly called Dao Chang.  When you see an elder from a female teacher's school, just call him Shishu or Shibo.

    The little Taoist priest finished his fight and started to visit the market.

    She likes to fight, is very lively, eats food, goes to theaters, and basically loves the prosperity of the world.  She also has no concept of money, and only takes one ocean at a time, and spends money generously.

    Give a little of this, give a little of that, especially when watching a play, when you see the highlights and throw them on the stage, you will only have one yuan left in a blink of an eye.

    Don't worry, earn money after spending, anyway, there are always endless fights in those martial arts gyms.

    According to the past, she should go back to the mountain when the market is over.  But today was a little different. After watching the show, she saved a woman and beat off a group of villains.

    The woman was full of breasts and gaudy, crying and crying: "The name of my slave is Cui Nong, and that villain is the son of the Zhang family. He wanted to take me as a concubine, so he came to snatch me when he saw that I would not follow"

    "Then what are you going to do now, do you have any relatives?"

    "I have no relatives and no one to rely on, woo woo woo Thank you, Daoist Priest, for saving me. I'm afraid that the bad guy will come back again, please take me in woo woo"

    The little Taoist had a big head, so he had to take the woman back to the mountain.

    Going to the foot of the mountain again, he threw some food he had bought to the beggar. The beggar picked it up and chewed it, his eyes squinted at Cui Nong, and he cursed uncleanly.

    Cui Nong resented secretly, it was not easy to explode, he just said: "You have a kind heart, and you are afraid that the man will starve to death."

    "Is this kindness?"

    "There are tens of thousands of people up and down the mountain city. I haven't seen anyone feeding that beggar. You are naturally kind."


    The little Taoist stopped in his tracks, thought about it seriously, and said, "I don't think I have no mercy for him, so I can't be called kind."

    Cui Nong was taken aback for a moment, then followed up the mountain and returned to Qingfeng Temple.

    This view is simple and old. Once you enter the small courtyard, the pavilions are shaded by trees. The main room is the main hall, and the east and west wing rooms.

    "You can sleep in this room. I used to live in it. The quilt is a bit damp. Take it out to dry."

    The two cleaned up the west compartment, and she was so busy that she was hungry again, so she took out half a fat chicken from the kitchen and stewed it, and dug out a potato and buried it in the stove to roast.

    Cui Nong felt that this Taoist priest was different from ordinary people. She just saw that the other party could fight, and wanted to find a backer for the time being, so she thought about her words:

    "Thank you for taking me in. I won't stay here for too long. When the outside situation improves, I will go to Lin County. Oh, how about I rent it? I will give you the rent every month."

    "Give it if you want it, and forget it if you don't want it."

    The words that seemed to be yin and yang were very natural in her mouth. She squatted on the ground and pulled the potatoes, and asked, "What do you do? A local?"

    "My hometown is in the west, and I came out to flee famine in chaos. All my relatives died, and I was the only one left."

    "Oh, what do you do then?" she asked again.


    Cui Nong pursed her lips and lowered her head: "I am in Yumantang."

    "Yu Man Tang? The one opposite Tong Ji Restaurant?"


    Cui Nong lowered her head, and her voice was inaudible: "I just redeemed myself."

    "I pass by often, but never go in"

    The little Taoist only cared about the potatoes, and finally pulled them out, and broke them apart with his hands: "It's ready to eat, do you want it? If not, just wait until night, I made meat."


    Cui Nong raised her head, blinked her eyes, was astonished and flustered, as if she had never dealt with such a situation.

    "Don't eat it? Then I will eat it."

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