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Text Chapter 227 Downhill 2

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    Cui Nong lived as a tenant.

    But she is more like a bystander, taking the audience further into the world of little Taoist priests.

    Afterwards, there was a period of tranquility. When there was a market, the two of them went down the mountain to go shopping. Mr. Zhang watched helplessly and did not dare to move rashly.  When there is no market, just stay on the mountain.

    The mountain is so clean, you can practice martial arts, eat, sleep, and practice martial arts.

    Sometimes people from the martial arts school would come over, and the little Taoist would happily run down the mountain and bring back some oceans.  Of course, it is different from the past, now there are delicious meals waiting for her.

    As the time lived longer, Cui Nong felt more and more that the other party was purely different from ordinary people.

    It's not that she doesn't get involved in the fireworks of the world, but that she has a very primitive thing that is not disturbed by too much external objects, which seems to be natural.

    At dusk, the pavilion trees are covered like golden umbrellas.

    In the yard, she finished punching a set of punches.  Cui Nong handed over the towel and said with a smile, "It's really hard for a girl like you to be so powerful."

    "I can't help it. Master has taught me a lot. I only know how to punch."

    Sitting cross-legged on the big bluestone under the tree, she said: "When the master was alive, I often went with him to perform ceremonies, which are called ritual rituals. Even when people are dead, we go to chant sutras.

    The master is very powerful, just read a few words, and someone will send you to Dayang.  I can't do it. I have learned many sutras and haven't memorized any of them.  "

    "What sutra is that?"

    "It seems to be a scripture for saving people, I will read it to you"

    She didn't have any auspicious or unlucky thoughts, and said: "I always use my supernatural power to rescue all sentient beings. I can get out of the way, and the sentient beings don't know it, just like seeing the sun and the moon blindly. I am too innocent, and the lead is boundless"

    Thinking and scratching his head: "I don't remember."


    Cui Nong squeezed the handkerchief and smiled.

    "I don't think I'm suitable for Taoism, but Master always asks me to practice it. I have a headache every morning class. Master always says I have Taoism, but I haven't enlightened yet."

    "Enlightened? What will it be like to be enlightened?"

    "I don't know either."

    She sat on the bluestone, with her legs drooping, and asked, "Hey, what do you know?"

    "The methods in the Goulan, playing the piano and singing, accompanying the guests with wine. The girls are all sharp-eyed, and they can tell which one is a high-flyer and which one is a bad one at a glance. The high-flyers are loved by everyone, and they try their best to win as much as possible."  Point reward money, you grab mine, I grab yours, if you have that bed kung fu"

    Cui Nong stopped talking, not wanting to dirty the other party's ears with lewd words.

    The little Taoist tilted his head and listened, not knowing if he understood, but said: "It's also very hard, you can live here, I will protect you!"


    Cui Nong is the firework of the secular world, hooking up people like gods.

    Today, another person from the martial arts school came to look for him.

    The little Taoist went excitedly, but he didn't see any kickers. Instead, there were a few weird-looking guys with short stature and a blunt accent.

    Without saying anything, it was also a competition.

    Martial arts competitions are her favorite, and she immediately fought a match and won.  The other party seemed very satisfied, and said: "Your Excellency is superb in martial arts, I am convinced that I am defeated, we are in need of talents like you, please accept it!"

    After handing over an invitation, the person left.

    "what does it mean?"


    Master Lin faltered and said: "This is a martial artist from Dongying. I heard that the martial arts in the mountain city is prosperous. I am here to pay a visit. I invite like-minded people to the banquet."

    "Is there a contest?"

    "Uh, there should be."


    The little Taoist priest went, and sure enough, she saw a lot of boxers. She was very satisfied, and didn't care about the delicate atmosphere during the banquet, and even the tension

    Because the Japanese are coming.

    "I have always advocated a solution by force, and obedient civilians will emerge from bayonets!"

    "If all the Chinese are killed, what use is it for us to occupy these places? There are many martial arts masters in this mountain city. We will use the methods of the martial arts world to solve the problem. If we can use it for our own use, it will be a good help."

    The Huairou faction gained the upper hand and dispatched spies and several martial artists to sow dissension and win over and seduce.

    The various forces in the city quickly divided into three factions:

    "Run? Where can I go? It's hard to leave my homeland! My big family has been rooted in the mountain city for nearly a hundred years, and it's as stable as Mount Tai. What do we rely on? The status of a country gentry! Governance is indispensable for us, the Republic of China is the same, and the Japanese are the same."

     "He who understands current affairs is a hero! The conditions offered by the Japanese are not bad, and they have an army. We don't have to object, and we can't!"

    "I would rather die than be a traitor!"

    The attitudes of the various forces are obvious, only the little Taoist priest who is the most capable of fighting is confused, because she only wants to fight, and suddenly it is about home and country, and no one has ever told her about these things.

    After going to the meeting, she was called a traitor. It was Cui Nong who told her about the external situation based on the sporadic news she usually heard.

    And her confused attitude made the Japanese think that she was not cooperating, so the secret agent designed a grand banquet, intending to wipe out all the opponents.

    Ever since, this little fairy who lives in the sky and does not fall from the mortal world, saw the hell world for the first time.

    She hates this hell world!

    The owner of the pavilion Lin naturally took refuge, attacked and killed the other owner of the pavilion, and slaughtered his colleagues mercilessly.  The neutrals huddled together and shivered, but did not dare to resist.

    The resisters fought back with all their strength, and the knife saw blood.

    The little Taoist priest was holding a sword, which was a gift from the Japanese before, and the enemy was also the number one expert on the opposite side, holding a Japanese sword, and felt quite sorry:

    "I sincerely want to be friends with you. If you give up resistance, I can explain it to you and keep you safe."

    She shook her head: "I don't want to be friends with you, and I don't think it's resistance."

    "Don't resist? Then why did you fight each other?"

    "Suddenly feel dissatisfied, kill it!"


    As soon as the last word landed, she already jumped up and pointed her sword at the opponent's throat.

    The Japanese hurriedly made a cross arm and blocked it dangerously.  She followed closely with the sword and stabbed back, but the Japanese were quite capable, so they immediately twisted their feet and swayed to dodge.

    The two of them moved around, stepping on the water-milled green bricks, and the sound of stomping on the ground kept going.

    Zhuang Zhou adopted a compromise in the fighting style of this film, namely: "It has both the wonderful design of Kung Fu movies and the skills and routines of actual combat."

    It's still a long shot of the whole body. You have to wait for a few movements to be completed smoothly, so that a blind person can tell that it's not a stand-in before changing the scene.

    The two sharp weapons intertwined with each other, and there was a sound of closing and closing.

    ? This is a private residence of a local rich family, with exquisite gardens and flowers blooming just in time.  Under the moonlight, there is a breeze, the jade crumbs are hazy, and the calyx is shining, which is the beauty of the world.

    But in this beautiful scenery, there is a fight going on.

    After fighting for a while, the little Taoist raised his hand to parry, suddenly rubbed his body forward, and launched a set of violent stabbing at an extremely fast speed, forcing the opponent to be caught off guard, and had to dodge back one after another.  He shouted loudly, holding the knife with both hands and slashing at the blade, trying to interrupt its rhythm.

    Instead of hiding, she stepped forward, moved her footsteps, swiped the blade of the sword, stuck to the Japanese sword, wiped the blade, and pointed directly at the middle door.


    The broken jade was stained with blood, and the sharp point of the sword protruded from the back!

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