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Text Chapter 229 Who are you?

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    The company has contacted some film and television up owners, some of them are free like girls, and some of them say that they will be released as a film.

    And when the feature film of "Down the Mountain" was released, these up masters started to work one after another.

    At the same time, other platforms are also promoting at their own expense, among which short videos have the best effect because of their convenience.  A short video, more than ten seconds, is enough for a young Taoist priest to make a face and make a few moves.

    Coupled with tragic music, at the end of the film, the leader of the trail goes down the mountain with a sword in his hand.  Kaka, two more lines of words: It is difficult for Sanqing to return to life, and the common people have to comfort me!


    This just extracts the most prominent feature of the film, not the content, not the picture, not the action scene, but that person!

    Just like Yamei said, it's not just a matter of people protecting the scene and people, but putting her in the picture, even if it's a pile of shit, people will like it.

    "Ahhhhhhh, I won't get tired from looking at this face for an hour!"

    "What's the name of the movie, where can I watch it?"

    "I unilaterally declare that I am in love!"

    Netizens drained from various platforms flooded into station b one after another. The number of clicks, likes, coins, and collections of "Down the Mountain" soared. When the newcomers opened it, they could see a raging barrage.  A shameless:

    "Congratulations on discovering my husband!"

    "Oh my God, I've swiped five times, I can't control my hand, I always want to see my trail leader all the time!"

    "The newcomer warns you, don't think too much about my little Taoist leader!"

    The comments below are more normal. Many people carefully analyze the plot and express their opinions.

    "The whole movie is like a well-structured short essay. The narrative is somewhat stylized, but the flaws are not concealed. What you see is the artistic conception. There are a lot of blank space and foreshadowing in the film, which can give the audience enough room for aftertaste and feel the creation.  what the reader wants to express.

    ? To put it simply, it is the process of the Taoist master's practice, from the gods to the mortals to enlightenment, and finally down the mountain to pursue his own way.  "

    "There is no deliberate expression of the concept of family and country, and the praise is deliberate. It is sensational. In the same way, the Taoist leader did not shed tears when he saw Cui Nong's body. It is out of the ordinary."

    "I've watched several fight scenes over and over again, and I really can't see any flaws. I guarantee it with my 30-year martial artist character, and it's definitely done by the actors themselves."

    "It's been a long time since I saw such a comfortable actor. The past two years in the entertainment industry have disgusted me!"

    "Suddenly I remembered "The Taoist Down the Mountain" by Director Chen many years ago. To be honest, I never understood what Director Chen wanted to express. I thought the original title of this film should be "Sister Zhiling's Panting."

    "I heard that Xiaoyaoyou and the previous Age of Miracles belong to the same family. Some employees of Age of Miracles belong to Xiaoyaoyou. Has anyone revealed the news?"

    "Really? I want to believe it!"

    "I think it's true. Age of Miracles likes to pretend to be big online dramas. This time it's even more extreme. It's actually pretending to be self-media. Where can I put the face of my domestic counterparts?"

    "I love to hear this. What's wrong with the self-media, and now many self-media are slamming those bastards!"

    Liked it.

    In short, those who watched the content saw the content, those who watched the picture saw the picture, and those who looked at the face saw the face, and they were satisfied in all aspects.  Including the up masters of editing, they are also eating.

    This is excellent material!

    Soon there were a lot of CP videos of La Niang and La Lang, and the normal ones were Liu Tianxian, Fat Di, Yan Kuan, Lin Daiyu

    The abnormal ones are all kinds of strange things, such as Monkey King, Zhang Fei, Spiderman, Guanyin Bodhisattva, lenaanderson

    In just a few days, "Down the Mountain" has soared to 3 million+ views, 20,000+ bullet screens, 400,000+ likes, 400,000+ coins, and 200,000+ favorites.

    In the past, theaters and television were called traditional industries, and online dramas were called emerging industries.

    Now, web dramas have almost become a traditional industry, but more emerging industries have not yet appeared, and self-media is not counted. There is no essential difference between self-media works and web dramas.

    If other self-media can achieve such results by posting a video, it will have to fly to the sky.

    But this is Zhuang Zhou, it's a bit funny to say that he cares how many people vote and like.  Don't talk about him, his opponents find it funny.


    "Down the Mountain" has been secretly watched by the entertainment industry.

    Hearing that Yang Tianbao dropped the table, Tang Yan giggled and giggled, and countless female stars felt a strong sense of crisis.  It is precisely because they got out by relying on their faces that they can better understand how lethal this newcomer is.

      More importantly, it is in the hands of Zhuang Zhou.

    In the office.

    After Zhang Jiazhen finished watching "Down the Mountain", he took out a cigar to hold, and the picture was also fixed on the body of the leader of the trail.

    He has seen the goddesses of the golden age of Hong Kong films, the Hollywood beauties of the 90s with their own strengths, and the female stars produced by the assembly line in the new era in the Mainland.

    But he also had to admit that this rookie was enough to beat him.

    "Where did you find the character, is this the confidence for you to come out again?"

    Zhang Jiazhen stared at the screen and said to himself, the Taoist leader is very powerful, but just because of this Zhuang Zhou, he wants to make a comeback?  Some difficulties.

    "Boom boom boom!"

    "Come in!"

    "Mr. Zhang, the information you requested has been collected."

    When someone came to put the materials on the table, Zhang Jiazhen showed displeasure as soon as he rolled his eyes. There was only a thin piece of paper, and he said, "So little?"

    "I'm sorry Mr. Zhang, we have tried our best, and there is really only so much."


    He waved the other party to go out, picked up the thin paper, on which was all the information about "Down the Mountain":

    There is no director, no producer, no screenwriter, no photographer, no crew information, and no shooting location. It can be said that the main creative team is blank.

    ?No capital investment, no filing, no platform cooperation.

    Only one point was written at the bottom: "I have rented portraits of several actors for a total cost of xxx. The list includes: the actor who played the role of the owner of the Lin family hall, the actor who played the role of the Japanese martial artist, and the actor who played the role of Young Master Zhangbut no substitute was hired."

    "He Saisai, the actor of Cui Nong, is an internal employee."

    "Chen Yingning's actor is unknown."

    Zhuang Zhou rented a few faces for filming "Down the Mountain".

    That's right, it's renting.

    At present, a large number of high-quality faces are controlled by various entertainment companies. Although the output of works has increased sharply, there are more faces than can be used at all, so the "rental" model has emerged.

    They also provide supporting services, such as renting this face, matching it with a suitable double, at a discounted price.

    Zhuang Zhou only rented his face, not a substitute.

    The role of He Saisai is also the same, but she didn't know it herself and thought she was filming with a stand-in.

    The purpose of these faces is to confuse the public and make the outside world think that "Down the Mountain" is a regular work, and Chen Yingning is a regular actor.  In fact, he did it all on a computer.


    Zhang Jiazhen frowned, took out his cell phone and kept making calls.

    "Hello? I want to ask about the news of "Down the Mountain". Do you know the leading actors in it?"

    "Hello? What's the name of the leading actor?"

    "Hello? Do you know the lead actor?"

    Not only he was asking, but other people also called him, all asking a question.

    Zhang Jiazhen played a circle, but became more and more confused. He didn't even have the mood to smoke a cigar. He leaned on his chin and looked at the person on the screen, muttering to himself:

    "Who the hell are you?" It took me a second to remember the address of this site.
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