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Text Chapter 230 Backdoor

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    According to the routine:

    After a newcomer becomes popular because of a certain work, there will definitely be a wave of hot search traffic, attending various events, selling press releases, accepting fashion endorsements, announcing a cooperation with a certain top streamer, fans are ecstatic, fans are tearing up, and then refute the rumors  There are so many falsehoods

    Xiaodaochang is now popular, but the company is like a grass-roots team that is about to go bankrupt, and no follow-up publicity is arranged.

    Zhen Te Niang is like a self-media, unhurriedly posting some long videos, or meditating, or walking, or practicing exercises, and she rarely talks.

    Of course, it also sticks to the fans, and even went out to the martial arts world.  Many people who claimed to be practicing martial arts jumped out to challenge, criticize, or support, creating a commotion.

    Because the video of her practicing is so real, it is so real that it is hard to doubt her fighting power, hanging and beating Master Tai Chi Ma.

    Coupled with the performance in "Down the Mountain", a little Taoist leader who is loved by everyone, is a fairy in the play, and a fairy outside the play, and the character set has been established.


    Under the guidance of the live-in teacher, Wang Juanjuan completed today's homework and got two hours of leisure time.

    She couldn't wait to turn on her mobile phone, instead of chatting or playing games, she watched the idol's video, and just updated one: In the bamboo sea, the leader of the path was practicing his sword, and pierced a thick bamboo with a soft sword

    "So handsome!"

    "Oh, it's beautiful!"

    In Wang Juanjuan's daily sighs, she is like an old mother looking at her excellent female goose.

    In the rice circle, this kind of powder is called "mother powder".  Because the age of idols is getting younger and younger, it attracts many older female fans, who love idols, support idols, and even discipline idols with the mentality of being a mother.

    Similar is "sister fan".

    Wang Juanjuan is only in her teens, but it does not prevent her from having this mentality.

    Xiao Daochang is so cute. He is handsome and beautiful when he is fighting, and he is cute and cute when he is not fighting, which can arouse the love of fans.

    Today's children are very different from before. They are born in the Internet age, and they play with smart phones. They are proficient in live broadcasting, games, Douban, tearing, and welfare Ji.

    She is already a great level 6 account at station b. After one-click triple link, she boarded a chat group and wrote: "Little Immortal National Support Club"!

    The group is complaining angrily:

    "It's outrageous! It's outrageous! What kind of bullshit company, it's such a good time that it doesn't arrange any activities at all, just know how to shoot videos! Take a picture, let her come out and make a debut!"

    "That's right, I don't even know the name now."

    "Hey, isn't your name Chen Yingning?"

    "That's the name in the play, the real name hasn't been announced!"

    "I have never seen such a hot company, Jimei (sisters), I think we are going to make a wave and let them hear our voice!"



    Just as the fans were making a fuss and were about to go to Xiaoyaoyou, a person suddenly said: "I have some inside information. Xiaoyaoyou and the Age of Miracles used to belong to the same family. The boss offended the boss and hid from the limelight for a while. He just came out recently.  Dare to show off.

    But Little Fairy is so popular, he already has a lot of film appointments and endorsements, and the boss has already accepted a few.

    The current state is just a transition, and a series of activities will be officially announced soon. Let's not get excited, but do a good job in support.  Speaking of which, our banners, roll-up banners, towels, and albums are not ready, so it's time to raise funds!  "


    "It's best to take action, I can't bear the garbage company!"

    "Yes, yes, let's get the support items first."

    "I expressed my doubts. I have a relative who is also in the circle. I haven't heard of any follow-up actions."

    "This is my exclusive news, there is nothing you can do if you don't believe me."

    "Then tell me, the Chinese don't lie to the Chinese!"


    After a while, that guy withdrew from the group.


    Wang Juanjuan booed wildly with everyone, and at this moment, another friend sent multiple links: "Jimei is at war, and Heizi has appeared!"


    As soon as they heard that there was a sunspot, everyone was gearing up and screaming.

    There is no way, Little Fairy Fen is too boring, there are no activities, so I can only chat in the group.  Wang Juanjuan was even more energetic, rushing to Weibo with her friends.

    Sure enough, I don¡¯t know who is jealous and jealous, bought the navy, and the marketing number is complete.I'm working hard, and I'm making things up.


    Personal design is the foundation of the Internet age, especially the entertainment industry.

    Recently, there is a star character design that has aroused my interest, which is the so-called masterpiece "Down the Mountain" touted by countless 18th-line literary and artistic youths.

    I watched the movie once, and I also watched the legendary Taoist leader. To be honest, not only did I not feel the fairy spirit in the mouth of netizens, but I thought of a type of Internet celebrity that was very popular a few years ago: Daoyuan!  "

    "The newcomer of the year, Wang Hei, was picked up in history, and she actually did such a thing!"

    "Little fairy or little green tea? My best friend broke the news that he was on three boats, a senior fish pond owner, and cut his wrists twice in seven years while hanging boys!"

    "Mysterious and mysterious, the real identity is finally exposed, fights and smokes, only has a vocational high school degree"

    Get out!

    Wang Juanjuan was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and rushed to the battlefield with her companions.


    "I don't care what you do, you must find the information for me and recruit people!"

    "It's not that we don't want to do it. We really can't find it. I even asked my relatives in the public security department. I really don't have any information about this person. He may have been abroad since he was a child."

    "There is no information about the crew, and there is no record."

    "Xiaoyaoyou is now monolithic, and it doesn't recruit people, so it can't penetrate!"

    "It's so evil!"

    ?As the popularity of the Taoist leader fermented, not only Zhang Jiazhen, but more and more people were asking: "Who the hell is she?"

    It's too mysterious!

    Zhuang Zhou ignored their guesses, and after successfully launching "Down the Mountain", he only did one thing: expand the company's legal department.

    Can't find people, those guys can't even dig people, and the public market can't abuse portraits, but the underground market doesn't care, they steal them every minute.

    At the same time, he paid more attention to the dynamics of those guys in the capital market.

    Although the Taoist leader is popular, he is only one person. The goal of those guys is always to make money, big money!


    "The Age of Miracles officially acquired Huayi!"

    "Recently, an acquisition announcement detonated film and television stocks and the entertainment industry.

    After the Age of Miracles changed hands, huge amounts of funds were introduced at an extremely fast speed, and the valuation quickly broke through records.  It is predicted by various parties that it will go straight to the A-share market. Now this turning point is somewhat unexpected, but it is also reasonable.

    Backdoor listing is far faster than the IPO queue. What is really embarrassing is that it was Huayi who was acquired.

    Since Huayi started in the late 1990s, relying on the golden combination of Feng Trousers and Ge You, it quickly became one of the best film and television companies in the Mainland, and almost all influential stars are under its command.

    In 2009, Huayi was listed on the GEM, and the shining star shareholder lineup became a hot topic in the securities market that year, and was enthusiastically sought after by investors, becoming one of the listed companies with the fastest expansion of equity capital in the GEM.

    ?Unexpectedly, it soon became prosperous and declined, reaching the point where it was unsustainable.

    Before being acquired, Huayi's market value dropped from the peak of 90 billion to 3.2 billion. Before that, it was in debt of nearly 10 billion. The Wang brothers had to resell the subsidiary and reduce their shareholding to maintain blood transfusion.

    In recent years, the works have not been satisfactory and have not brought much revenue.

    Huayi is a traditional production + star + theater model, but in the global post-epidemic era, theater movies are becoming more and more polarized. There are only a few hits every year to support the market, and there are fewer and fewer waist works.  The gross profit margin of the company is decreasing year by year, and the cost of theater chains is increasing

    ? On the other hand, online platforms, whether it is online dramas or online universities, have developed rapidly in recent years, and even pioneered overseas, and achieved amazing results on Netflix.

    The Age of Miracles is the strongest online work, holding the world's most popular IP, and it is only natural that it is favored by capital.

    It is not surprising that Huayi has come to this point, not this year, but next year. Rather than going bankrupt, it is better to say that it was abandoned by capital.

    The acquisition of the Age of Miracles, in addition to the massive IP resources owned by Huayi, also has 30 five-star cinemas.

    People will soon forget the name Huayi Brothers, and I can only say one thing, the old era has come to an end, back away, let¡¯s go"

    "An article teaches you to understand the capital operation behind it!"

    "Mingxiu plank road secretly kept the warehouse, the stock price rose sharply after the backdoor, the capital bureau behind the era of miracles and Huayi!"

    "The Age of Miracles and Huayi announced the joint development of the "Shushan" universe, and the first season will meet you soon!"

    "Old Freak Xu said that "Mount Shu" can become his masterpiece, and he has no regrets in life!"??" can become my own masterpiece, life has no regrets!  ?
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