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Text Chapter 231 "Shu Mountain" is Jinshan

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    The acquisition of Huayi is only the exit stage of a traditional old-fashioned entertainment company, but it marks that the old-school popular entertainment films represented by Feng Pants and Ge You are rapidly going away.

    At least in the hearts of two generations, Uncle Ge's face is the image of the nation and is well-known to every household.  But when you look behind the scenes of me and my motherland, there are really many young people who can't recognize Ge You.

    In the post-epidemic era, global theaters are declining, and online platforms are developing rapidly, and with it, there are also changing aesthetic needs of audiences.

    They don't like to watch Feng Pants' New Year's films anymore. They feel that Ge You is getting old, they feel tired of Hollywood blockbusters, and they think it's meaningless for big monsters to fight big mechas

    They are popular and professional, they are more entertaining, they have more demands, and they need freshness!

    Those who cannot meet the viewing needs of this new era can only be eliminated.


    Soon, Shushan will be launched on the whole network.

    ? Platform promotion, capital building momentum, the foreshadowing in advance is very sufficient, and there is a sense of long-awaited, 16 episodes in the first season.

    Zhuang Zhou shook his head when he heard this episode.

    He sold the company and left a large inheritance, enough for those people to pick up leftovers for several years, including the screenwriting team of the Shushan project.

    In the original book, the first chapter is about Li Yingqiong's father and daughter, and a few chapters lead to Zhou Chun and Zui Daoren's line, and then lead to Emei and the villains, and finally the battle of Ciyun Temple.

    After writing Chapter 40, Li Yingqiong reappeared.

    If it is adapted into a film and television drama, Li Yingqiong will definitely be the absolute protagonist and the core of the story, so the content of the first season is about how she learned Taoism, got Zhu Guo, received the sword, cut wood, etc., leading to several main characters, and has always been  It ends with killing the ghost Taoist and saving Qiu Zhixian.

    A total of 10 episodes, and then make a movie, add Li Yingqiong, a piece of fighting method at Ciyun Temple.

    ? In the second season, Situ Ping, the Qin sisters, and Qingluoyu fight, and then the second movie slays the ancestor of the green robe.

    ?Because Emei is domineering in the book, when a fight occurs, men, women, old and young go to battle, and magic weapons are flying all over the sky, making the villain pitifully weak and helpless.

    Therefore, in film and television dramas, the villain must be strengthened, Emei should be weakened, and the protagonist's effort to upgrade should be emphasized, otherwise it will be impossible to watch.

    From 10 episodes to 16 episodes, it doesn't seem like much, but with their pissing nature, Zhuang Zhou can figure it out: Why did the number of episodes increase?

    Definitely add characters, fall in love!

    Why add roles?

    Divide the pork!  Faces are in the hands of major companies, and they have to share some soup.


    To be honest, Tsui Hark thinks the original script is the best.

    But he couldn't help it either.

    Ever since the era of miracles, Zhang Jiazhen and others have been preparing for Shushan, and launched the "Top 10 Celebrity Faces in 50 Years" campaign, which caused a lot of excitement on the Internet.

    In fact, it is to create momentum for Shushan, and to better boost the stock price after the backdoor listing.

    There are bureaus inside.

    Of course, Zhang Jiazhen and others are not stupid, and the work is too bad to be hard-fought, so they spent some real money to make special effects for Shushan, but Tsui Hark felt that it was still petty.

    He hoped that Zhuang Zhou would do the job, but the other party sold the company and left, so he ignored him.

    ? Back in the day, Hong Kong films laundered money, followed trends, and sold fake films to fool overseas film producers. These are still the same people today, but the game has been upgraded.

    As for the work, just pass it by, the stock price is the truth!

    Tsui Hark is firmly optimistic. Although this version of Shushan did not go according to the original plan, the effect is indeed not bad, not to mention there are so many celebrity faces.

    In the unusually noisy atmosphere, Shu Shan made his debut, and broadcast 4 episodes a week, which was completed in just one month.

    In the morning, the bedroom.

    Zhuang Zhou was wearing A Yuan on his body, holding a mobile phone in his hand, and the two of them watched the fun together.

    Compared with most of the works of the same period, it is indeed very attentive. The opening chapter has the momentum of the 01 edition of Shushan, with magnificent music and ethereal pictures, which are fascinating.

    Tsui Hark's understanding of the artistic conception of Xianxia is very good. If nothing else, he will talk about the flying sword.

    There is nothing to complain about flying a big sword like stepping on a door panel. What kind of brain circuit and aesthetic level will make a sword fairy step on a sword and fly?  It's not funny.

    Tsui Hark adopted the flying method of "human and sword unite, and the sword's energy turns into a rainbow", and the person turned into a little streamer with a swish and then flew away.

    ? At the beginning, the narration is used to briefly describe the general background. The original work is in the reign of Kangxi, but the dynasty is blurred in the play.

    Speaking of the generation of Shushan, there are legends about immortals, and some streamers are flying around.

      Then the feature begins:

    ? At dusk, smoke billows everywhere, the eyes are dark, and a bright moon hangs in the sky, shining brightly.

    A small boat went up the river from Wu Gorge. In addition to the boatman, there were two father and daughter. The father was over half a century old and had a very familiar face. He was an old Kaohsiung actor.

    The daughter is only in her teens, and she looks more familiar. She is naturally Qingxia when she was young. The role of Li Yingqiong, the daughter of the plane, is a reference to Jia Baoyu, who she played in reverse.

    ? Then it was time to go ashore, and met Zhou Chun, Li's father's sworn brother, and they made an appointment to go back to seclusion.

    Yu Yingnan's face is also very divine, Sister Qingxia's official partner, Lao Wang.


    After Zhuang Zhou watched an episode, the picture is really good, the content is not bad, the tension is relaxed and some funny elements are added, there are a lot of star faces, and the appearance of all the staff is at the peak, which beats similar works.

    After the first two episodes were aired, the entire network worked together as if they had made an appointment, and the news about Shushan was overwhelming for a while, and it was unstoppable.

    This is no longer big data push, this is to pry open everyone's mouth and forcefully feed them.

    "Ahhh! Qingxia! Sister Lin! I finally see you again!"

    "Xianxia will never regret it!"

    "I am honored to witness the most magnificent and epic work in the history of Chinese film and television!"

    "As expected of Old Freak Xu, this is called Xianxia aesthetics!"

    "Tsui Hark's three battles against Shushan did not disappoint me!"

    "I used to hate Xianxia dramas very much. I hated those rubbish who fall in love under the guise of Xianxia. I think Xianxia, ??a genre of works unique to China with rich cultural connotations, has long since died!

    Fortunately, we still have Tsui Hark, a veteran director who is nearly 80 years old. He created a new style of martial arts movies and created a world of rivers and lakes that we miss Today he brought us the third version of Shushan,  This is definitely a milestone for Xianxia dramas and even domestic film and television!  "

    Since the ai face change, the audience has become more and more accustomed to seeing many stars in a movie, some in the past and some in the present.

    But none of them has reached the pinnacle of this new type of work in terms of capital operation, promotion, form, and content like Shushan!

    Because of the people behind it, the meaning of making it appear is to reach the peak and attract social attention.

    Followed by the third episode, the fourth episode, and then a one-week break.

    Just let this heat ferment, covering more platforms and channels, as long as you go online, you can see Shushan!  It has successfully produced the most noisy work since the mainland entered the Internet age.

    Each platform also released data in due course:

    "Shushan broke 100 million broadcasts in 5 hours on the Goose Factory platform, and 200 million broadcasts in 12 hours after its launch. It has broken all records in the history of the platform in three days!"

    "Qiyi's popularity exceeded 100 million in the first week, and won the online drama Maoyan's popularity daily champion for 7 consecutive days, and won the Maoyan daily broadcast champion for 7 consecutive days!"

    "The Baidu index hit a historical peak of 1.009 million, the WeChat index hit a historical peak of 23.756 million, and the Weibo index hit a historical peak of 24.755 million!"

    "Shushan exploded, Miracle Age backdoored into gold, and the stock price skyrocketed in one day!"

    "Shushan is a golden mountain, star shareholders take stock!"

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