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Text Chapter 234 Counterattack

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    Zhang Jia was furious.

    The nearly 80-year-old gangster became angry, as if the bloody storm had returned.

    This is not an exaggeration, the Hong Kong circle has a strong gang atmosphere, and the veteran practitioners are all fighting from that bad era, far from being comparable to the little wolf dogs now.

    For example, Huang Yu, who sat next to him, did not dare to breathe.

    Zhang Jiazhen patted the table a few times, looked at his favorite, and said in a slow tone: "You go first, you must have a copy of "Global Online."

    "Thank you, Mr. Zhang!"

    Huang Yu stood up quickly, he was held up by this old guy, so he naturally had to be concerned: "Don't get angry, it's nothing more than a villain, it's not good if you get angry."

    "You do not understand¡­¡­"

    Zhang Jiazhen wanted to explain, but suddenly became bored, and waved his hand: "Forget it, you can go."

    Huang Yu, who is also regarded as a leading star in the mainland, left the house obediently.  Zhang Jiazhen was the only one left in the private room, who drank a couple of sips of wine and let out a cold snort.

    After Zhuang Zhou sold the company, he disappeared for a long time. He thought he had quit the circle, but he returned to the arena this year.

    ? A sss-level rookie was launched immediately, which caused a huge upsurge. The entire entertainment circle was looking for this rookie, but there was no information.

    It's just in time for the critical moment of the acquisition of Huayi by the Age of Miracles, so let's skip it for now. If Zhuang Zhou is honestly doing something from the self-media, these big bosses can't let him go.

    Unexpectedly, he would go up to the top and provoke openly, which caused "Shushan" to be ridiculed by the crowd.


    Zhang Jiazhen took another sip of his wine, and said to himself: "I thought I would teach you a lesson and change your temperament, but I didn't expect that you are still so aggressive, so no wonder we are there!"

    In the eyes of this group of people, Zhuang Zhou no longer has any advantage.

    If you keep your head down and pretend to be small, the platform is still willing to cooperate. After all, the production ability is strong. Now they are doing their own thing, and they have a thousand ways to get him.


    Shen Cheng, Xiaoyaoyou Company.

    He Saisai used the money he saved to buy a house and opened a store. He had no worries about food and clothing for a long time, but he was still keen to work as a staff member in the company. He wore a bulging white shirt when he had nothing to do, and carried a tea tray to deliver tea one by one.

    I change my look every few days, such as wearing glasses or something

    This kind of blatant cosplay behavior was welcomed by all employees, regardless of gender.  At this moment, she leaned closer to Zhuang Zhou again and put down a cup of tea: "Old~ban~"


    "Why are you ignoring others?"

    "If you want to be free, just mop the floor. It just so happens that Auntie Cleaning is on leave today. Or go back to visit your hot pot restaurant and count it as your sick leave."


    He Saisai bent over and said aggrievedly: "I am far away from my hometown and big cities, and I came here just to serve you tea and water. Are you still not satisfied? You always say that about me!"

    "How fresh, you are doing it for social security!"


    He Saisai pouted, I was clearly here to join in the fun, how boring I am in the capital, how can I follow you


    At this moment, an employee shouted: "Look at the video we just posted!"


    Zhuang Zhou didn't know, so he opened station b, looked at his account, and updated a video of a trail leader about 4 hours ago.  The content is fine, but the data has a big problem!

    In the past 4 hours, it was enough to accumulate considerable playback, likes, coins, and favorites, but it seems that no one cares about this, and the playback is pitifully small.

    "Boss, what's going on?"

    "The flow is limited, it's normal!"

    The current limit of station b, or the current limit of the network platform, is a major feature.

    One is low-level content creation, or marketing accounts, which limit intelligent recommendations, which is understandable.

    The other is man-made, including but not limited to: the up owner does not sign a contract with the platform, does not participate in platform activities, does not accept advertisements through platform channels, and even, simply because the platform is not happy with you!

    The methods of current limiting usually include: lowering the playback volume and not ranking, not giving recommended positions, and searching and blocking.

    Therefore, friends who play station b will find some treasure up masters from time to time. They are obviously a big boss, and the content they make is awesome, but they have never seen it before!

    After all, uncle, I hate things that don¡¯t make money the most!

    Zhuang Zhou didn't respond, but the employees were blown up. He Saisai's eyes lit up, and he was suddenly excited. Oh, this is why I stayed!

    ???Fans reported in private messages that we can¡¯t see our update in the news, you can only see it by clicking on the homepage!  "

    "Ask the customer service, the customer service is doing Tai Chi!"

    "The search is also restricted, and our content cannot be found at all!"

    "Don't panic"

    Zhuang Zhou waved his hand and said, "I didn't let the technical team develop the platform before, so let's launch our website and app."


    "Ah what? Go!"

    This website and app are something that Zhuang Zhou started to prepare after he came back.  The employees grinned and muttered to execute.

    Has the boss lost his mind?

    People who develop new platforms rely on financing to spend money, cover the widest market in the shortest time, and attract fans to register as much as possible.

    But what do we have?  What to promote?

    Furthermore, now that the platform has long been divided by You, Ai, Teng, Mango, Station B, and Watermelon, even if the latecomers have strong financial support, it will be difficult to break out of the market.

    For example, happy premiere.

    This is a streaming media platform jointly founded by Dong Ping, Ning Hao, Xu Zheng and others. In 2019, it started trial operation with the exclusive broadcast of "Crazy Alien" on the entire network. Later, Maoyan injected 300 million yuan and reached a strategy with ByteDance  cooperate¡­¡­

    What the result is, it is still tepid, few people know.

    "I just said, I just said, why provoke others for nothing? Well now, revenge is coming!"

    "Pull it down, when "Shushan" was ridiculed by the crowd, didn't you feel happy to be like a fool? Now we have separated the relationship? The boss ordered, we will do it, and do nothing!"

    "We all came here with the boss. At this time, we should stand up and leave if we don't want to do it!"

    "I didn't say I didn't want to do it"

    The mumbling employee shut up resentfully, and he is not stupid. Outsiders see Xiaoyaoyou as a small broken company, but only after being in it do they know that such a good place can't be found even with a lantern.

    Ever since, the website/app platform that Xiaoyaoyou developed casually was launched casually, and then promoted casually.

    Even the name is perfunctory, called Big Fish.

    The logo is exactly the ugly big fish pretending to be Kun that Zhuang Zhou hand-painted many years ago.


    "A platform developed by myself?"

    Everyone, including Zhang Jiazhen, was shocked, and hurriedly found Big Yu to have a look, and they all laughed again.

    Usually new platforms will buy some cheap old movies and TV series to enrich them, so as not to look empty.  But Big Fish didn¡¯t buy anything, and there were only a dozen items in it.

    "Down the Mountain", and a series of videos by Xiaodaochang.

    "This guy, what does this guy want to do?"

    The bosses are confused.

    Could it be that he really suffered a serious blow and became mentally abnormal?  Not like it, but can this thing have 10,000 registered users?  Even thousands?  ?

    The core of the platform is the content, without content, no matter how infatuated fans can support it!

    Zhuang Zhou has always acted imaginatively, but this time he really didn't understand, and those people didn't bother to think about it: Forget it, let's work harder and completely let him withdraw from the stage.
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