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Text Chapter 235: The World of Science Fiction

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    An exquisite suv drove into the industrial park and stopped in front of the building.  He Saisai checked her makeup in the rearview mirror. She was pure and pleasant, with a ponytail, the style of a female college student who came here for an internship today.

    There must be some fun in life.

    She has saved enough money, she has nothing else to ask for, and the rest is to follow the boss to watch the fun, this is called great wisdom.

    Opened the car door and went upstairs rattling. When he first entered the company, he felt that the atmosphere was not right. He grabbed one and asked, "What are you doing? What happened?"

    "It was reported by those grandsons!"


    "Damn bad luck!"

    He Saisai was puzzled, just in time to see Zhuang Zhou coming, so he hurried over.

    "Boss, "Down the Mountain" has been removed from the entire network."

    "what happened?"

    "Someone reported that we did not file according to the regulations. It is an illegal work. A notice came from Radio and Television, saying that it was temporarily removed from the shelves for investigation, so you'd better go to the capital."

    "Let me see."

    Zhuang Zhou took the paper document.

    As mentioned above, one of the conditions for filing is: online dramas with a cost of more than 1 million and online dramas with a cost of more than 5 million must be filed.

    The basis for the report is: the cost of "Down the Mountain" cannot be less than 1 million!

    The radio and television processing is also a process, let the company prepare the materials for self-certification, it is best for the parties to go there and explain it in person.  If there is no violation, it will be put on the shelves again.


    The staff really complained a bit, saying: "This movie is basically handled by you. We didn't participate in anything, and we don't understand anything. What's going on?"

    "Yeah, you didn't know the law and broke the law, did you?"

    "How could it be impossible for 1 million to shoot "Down the Mountain"!"

    "That's it, there is only one movie in Big Fish, and it has been taken off the shelves! What do you want users to watch?"


    Zhuang Zhou shrugged his shoulders at the resentful employees, and told He Saisai: "Bring a whiteboard."

    He Saisai took a white block and put it on the most conspicuous place in the office area. He picked up a black pen and wrote a series of dates on it, followed by: "Downhill" is online!

    On the second line, the date is written again, followed by: Big fish is online!

    Seems like a timetable.

    Zhuang Zhou turned around, and wanted to talk about the next step, when he suddenly heard a voice from an employee, ecstasy mixed with mournfulness, as if he had finally slept with the goddess he had been chasing for a long time, but unfortunately, he was about to wind up.

    "Old, boss, come and take a look"

    His voice was trembling.


    Beijing, a company.

    A group of social animals are working hard to cultivate the leek field for the boss's Maserati. This is called self-sow and self-fertilization waiting for harvest.

    In the office, only the crackling sound of typing was heard. Suddenly, it seemed as if a firecracker shot up into the sky, exploding on the ceiling, and the reverberation reverberated throughout.


    The skull of the person who screamed was numb, and he couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman.  Before everyone could react, one of them jumped up, waved his arms, and pounded on the table.

    Beating and shouting: "Unified! Unified!"

    "What is unified?"

    "Unification is better than Master Kong."

    "Damn it! Fucked!"

    The man was so excited that he couldn't say anything, so he ran out.  The boss was dumbfounded and angry, and was about to scold someone, when a few jumped up, howling like ghosts and wolves.

    The cry seemed to carry a strong virus, and human-to-human transmission soon appeared, and the entire department and the entire company became commotion at an extremely fast speed.


    The street outside the window also began to boil, and the car whistled suddenly, one, two, and three cars blinked together, shaking the glass to buzz, and there were faint sounds of firecrackers.

    More and more people ran out, and the screens of computers and mobile phones left behind were frantically swiped by a video.

    In the video, a guy who looks like a dog faces the camera. It is the new island chief of Baodao who came up after Nanako took office.  With a calm face and a calm tone, he said:

    "In 1945, Japan announced its unconditional surrender, and Baodao ended its 50-year Japanese occupation period. On October 25, the surrender ceremony was held in Taipei.  Political affairs have been placed under Chinese sovereignty."

    "The blood on both sides of the strait is thicker than water, and they have been separated for more than 70 years"

    "The change of the present era is the wish of the whole people, the wish of the motherland"

    the"We accept peaceful reunification!"


    No one knows where this video first came from.

    However, with explosive power and speed, it swept across the mainland Internet in just a few hours. The platform needs to be reviewed, it doesn't matter, there are also chat groups, circles of friends, and various small forums.

    Especially in the chat groups, in the groups that were previously occupied by old color batches, yellow pictures, and Jianzheng, if there is one post, there will be countless saved ones, and then countless forwarded ones will be born.

    The connection of the Internet has never been shown so vividly at this moment, and the whole world celebrates it!

    "Pass it on, don't pick the pineapples from my hometown!"

    "The rabbit keeps his word. Do you think it's a joke to build the high-speed rail to the island before 2035?"

    "Too sudden! Too sudden! Is it true?"

    "I also suspect, why did you announce it without any wind?"

    "Not suddenly, there are signs from 2021, and I still feel slow!"

    "Yes, yes, at that time, everyone was asked to stockpile supplies just in case. My mother bought 600 catties of rice, 400 catties of white noodles, and ten boxes of oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, and she was short of bringing 2 tons of cabbage home!"

    "My mother is touching. She stockpiled salt from SARS, stockpiled to prevent radiation from nuclear leakage, stockpiled to stockpile to epidemic situation, and stockpiled supplies Good guy, my family's salt is the contemporary history of China!"

    There is everything to say, in short, netizens exploded.

    Some companies announced holidays, many restaurants opened for free, congratulations to those who crashed their cars, all of them were unimportant, and there were only two big words shining:


    And just when the boiling fire was ignited, so many people were waiting for the follow-up official announcement; just when Baodao was in a daze, and the United States and Dongying Allies were surprised


    suddenly disappeared from the whole network.


    The debut of "Mr. New Zombie" triggered a wave of discussions on technology ethics.

    ? including:

    AI face changing will not only have an impact on the film and television industry, it will cause more problems!

    If the public is not familiar with the content before the face-changing, it is easy to think that the false content after the face-changing is real, which will cause rumors to spread, misunderstandings to arise, and conflicts to intensify.

    Once the technology is developed to be mastered by ordinary people, criminals can change the monitoring content, cheat the face login system of the mobile phone application, fraudsters can change the face of mature people, spread pornographic videos, infringing videos, and forge speeches of public figures to threaten social stability  .

    To make a face-swapping video, you need to collect photos, videos and other information in advance, which will also pose a threat to personal privacy.

    Previously, this technology was firmly in the hands of Zhuang Zhou. Under his control, it was only applied to film and television, or even a small part of film and television.

    However, after the technology was sold, the capital started assembly line production without any scruples, allowing its technology to flow out, which greatly increased the chance of causing adverse effects.

    If they have a long-term vision, strictly prevent and control, and sincerely create a new type of product instead of making quick money, they may not be able to create a new era.

    But the key point is: capital has a long-term vision, so is it still called capital?

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