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Text Chapter 236: The Crash Begins (The Tree Is Changed Like This)

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    This time, the oolong reunification incident came like a tornado and went away like a beheading.

    When no news was found on the Internet, everyone understood, and they were all frustrated: Damn, if only it was true!

    The folks only regard it as a toy after dinner, and there is no big loss, but in the eyes of the officials, it is bad in nature!  Extremely bad!

    "Fortunately, the source of the video we finally found was outside the country. If it were in the mainland, we would be ashamed! Do you know how serious the consequences will be? If it is a little later, it may start a war!"


    The leader scolded so much that the tendons of his neck popped out, and he didn't dare to speak out after being scolded, because it was not alarmist talk.

    After a long time, the guy who was scolded said weakly: "Since the emergence of this new face-changing technology, we have filed records with various companies. The previous problem was mainly about stealing the portraits of celebrities and synthesizing pornographic videos for viewing.

    We have eliminated some gangs, but some of them are overseas, and we can only seize the server, there is really no way for people.

    In addition, recently there have been a small number of people who have used this technology to deceive face recognition to commit crimes, or synthesize videos of relatives being kidnapped, and defraud high ransoms

    In fact, I think the key is that there are no relevant regulations, and the technology itself does not break the law.  "

    "What about the identification method? You should research some identification methods, right?"

    "There are indeed, but you know, this is a new type of technological crime, and it is not universal. We also have one thing to deal with, and want to publicize it like anti-fraudWe don't count it."

    "Okay, I see, you go back first!"

    The leader drove away the other party, rubbed his temples and felt a headache.

    A few days after the oolong incident, finally came the official statement, characterizing it as: "A fake news made by an overseas user using AI to change faces, remind everyone to pay attention to Yunyun."

    In order to emphasize that it is not the first time, examples are also listed:

    For example, in 2018, Hollywood star Jordan Peele used the technology of his production company in "Get Out" to post a government order propaganda article about fake news by Ao Guanhai on a news website, and the number of clicks exceeded  100 million.

    Undoubtedly, it has aroused the discussion of technical ethics, repeating the same old tune, how to regulate.

    This kind of thing is very familiar to the public, just like every time a minor crime occurs, there will always be calls on the Internet to lower the age of criminal responsibility for minors.

    In fact, the country has seen it, but the law is not changed just as it is said to be changed. In the 2020 Criminal Law Amendment, the age has been reduced to 12 years old.

    Similarly, from the emergence of a new type of technological crime to countermeasures, to the promulgation of relevant laws, it takes a long time to brew.

    During this period of time, the behavior will inevitably cause adverse effects.  It's just that the adverse effects this time are too awesome!  I didn't dare to think about it before, as if a science fiction movie is coming!

    For this type of cases, there are usually simple and rude temporary solutions:

    Strike hard!


    Residential houses in the suburbs of Modu.

    The room is quite large, with no decorations, and a large bed is eye-catching.  Three or five people form a small crew, each busy.

    There is another Chinese hunk, 190+ tall, with thicker arms and legs than ordinary people, wearing only a pair of shorts, and his body is full of tendons, which looks like an iron master.

    Another big girl, 180+ tall, has the skeleton of a European and American woman, with huge breasts, wrapped only in a bath towel.

    The director with a beard and an artistic face is telling a play to the hero and heroine: "This film tells the story of the first princess of the Lighthouse Kingdom visiting China, accidentally getting separated from her bodyguard, meeting a domestic hunk, communicating with foreign countries, and combining East and West  "

    "Director, look how strong he is! You didn't say that there is such a strong man before, I'm afraid of getting hurt, can you increase the price?"

    "Add a hammer! With your figure, you can only play special models. If you like to shoot or not, no one will look for you except me!"

    "Who said that? Last time I played Taylor Swift."

    The director didn't bother to pay attention to her, and clapped his hands: "Be careful, lighting, your light is not good, I want the sunshine at 3:15 in the afternoon! What do you think I am doing? I am a serious professional, and I can't fool you when I shoot  "


    The door was kicked open and a gang of policemen broke in

    Within a few days, all welfare points hidden in the mainland were cleaned up, causing heavy losses.

    To crack down hard, it is natural to start from the hardest hit area - the domestic area.  And because this time has also had a great impact on Baodao, the unprecedented cross-strait cooperation,Strictly crack down on it.

    This is going to kill me!

    You must know that there are two major domestic brands, Ma Dou and sw. The former is a company in Henan and is resident in Baodao¡ªfor fear of being caught, while the latter is a local company on the island.

    ?It is not easy to start a business on your own. Once the wind blows the egg shell, the bird will die and the person will be happy.

    Ever since, the old porn critics have discovered that many leisure websites have been blocked!  Many young ladies who brought comfort have disappeared!  Many movie works with big brain holes are not updated anymore!

    Epic-level weakening of the domestic area!


    This event is destined to be a milestone.

    However, under the official's deliberate downplay, and under the seven-second memory of the Internet, it soon became less popular.  On the contrary, some news appears on the Internet from time to time, mostly:

    "There is another face recognition fraud case in a certain place, remind everyone blah blah blah"

    "A well-known director was arrested for shooting a pornographic video, and an insider revealed the inside story of his arrest and the details of the shooting."

    "Beware of new technology scams, keep the following three points in mind!"

    "Experts call for strengthening scientific and technological ethics supervision as soon as possible, and refining relevant laws and regulations and ethics review rules."

    The inside of Xiaoyaoyou was also lively for a while, and then worried about its current situation.

    ?Because when they calmed down, they found that their boss had ignored the radio and television notice as nothing, did not submit self-certification materials, and did not go to the capital to explain in person!

    He Saisai was scared.

    "Boss, do we really not need to talk to each other?"

    "Need not."

    "If you don't reply, "Down the Mountain" won't be put on the shelves! It's Radio and Television, boss, don't be self-willed, okay?"

    "Why am I being willful?"

    Zhuang Zhou shrugged, unable to explain clearly.

    Originally, his next move was to flip the table, but he didn't expect such a thing to be intervened.

    Well plugged in, saved some steps!

    The noise is big enough, awesome enough, enough for the officials to realize the worst consequences of this technology!  And with this east wind, he can double the effect of flipping the table!

    Zhuang Zhou walked to the whiteboard and asked, "What's the share price of Miracle Huayi?"


    The employee was stunned, and quickly checked: "68.5 yuan, which is about 23 times higher than when it was acquired! Good guy, how much money do these people have to make!"


    Zhuang Zhou wrote another line of date, followed by the price.

    After wiping his body, he said in a very calm but inexplicable tone that made everyone shudder: "I built a database, and there are some things in it, and you pass them on to the big fish.

    Find some sailors to promote, your social circle is also fine, just post it in the group.  "

    "Okay, boss!"

    "But Radio and Television?"

    "Radio and TV can't take care of us anymore"

    Zhuang Zhou waved his hand: "Let's start. ?
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