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Text Chapter 241: Big Crash 5

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    Qingdao, the Oriental Movie Capital.

    In the special effects studio, the second season of "Shushan" was intensely filmed.

    The influence of the first season exploded. Although Zhuang Zhou added to the block, he took the lead in the results.  The second season was extended on the basis of the original plan, reaching 18 episodes.

    Tsui Hark was full of energy. After working all night, he only slept for a few hours without feeling tired.

    The coercion is hung in the shed, and the large LED ring screen is used as the background. It is no longer the green screen that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.  A group of stand-ins were flying around in the air, acting like sword fairies.

    "Crack! Rest!"

    After taking a break for dinner, Tsui Hark just sat down, and the assistant handed over a tablet falteringly: "Director, take a look at this."

    Tsui Hark glanced a few times, his beard curled up: "Why didn't anyone notify us?"

    "I don't know!"

    "Youforget it, I'll fight!"

    He immediately called Zhang Jiazhen, but the line was busy, and he called several other bosses, but the line was also busy.

    ?Old Freak Xu's heart was churning, and he looked carefully at the recent news, stood up quickly, and called a few of his cronies: "Let's go!"

    "Where to?"

    "Go back to Hong Kong!"

    In the meantime, the producer has returned to the hotel and is packing his things.

    "Boss, are we not going to shoot anymore?"

    "The company is going to disappear, so what a fart!"

    "What about such a large crew?"

    "I take care of them!"

    The producer packed his luggage, paused, wiped himself open a safe, took out a combination box, looked at his subordinates, and threw a bundle of money over.

    The subordinate hurriedly put it in his arms.

    This is not an electronic transfer, it is cash, and cash means it is not clean.


    In the blink of an eye, the director and producer all blinked.  After the crew finished their meal, the assistant director looked for people everywhere, until he returned to the hotel and saw the messy room, he was stunned, and then cursed:

    "Fuck you!"

    He still has a bit of conscience, and when he returned to the set, the set learned everything and just blocked him.

    "What should we do? We haven't paid the money yet!"

    "I don't care, I don't care if you ask for money anyway!"

    "What the hell, the director and producer have all gone, who cares about whom!"

    Similar scenes happened in various crews in major film and television cities.

    All fools know that AI face-changing is out of the question, and the company is in danger, so what are they doing?  Those who can hold the money leave with their arms around, and the substitute starts to ask for salary, and those who have grudges take the opportunity to break out and fight.


    "Falling! Still falling!"

    "Sell, quickly sell for me!"

    In the stock exchange, on personal computers and mobile phones, there are all kinds of yelling.

    All of this is like a dream. The stock price of Miracle Huayi was still at a high level of 68.5 at the moment, a 23-fold increase!

    The moment after the result, when the news first broke out, it fell slightly; when the whole network was carnival, the decline accelerated;

    ?The market reopened the next day, the official media entered the venue, and Optoelectronics made a statement until "Shushan" was removed from the shelves.  The stock price was like eating ten packs of laxatives, unable to support it, and fell to the limit again.

    And everyone knows that it is hopeless!

    Before 2017, the domestic stock market was loosely regulated, reducing holdings and cashing out was like picking something out of a bag, and cut countless leeks.  After 2017, restrictions were introduced:

    ?In any consecutive 90 days, the shares that have been lifted from trading restrictions through bidding transactions shall not exceed 1% of the total share capital.

    ?The shareholding reduction through bulk transactions shall not exceed 2% of the company's total shares within 90 consecutive natural days, and the transferee shall not transfer within 6 months after the transfer.

    This 90 days refers to a cycle, during which the holdings can be reduced by 1% at most. If you want to continue to reduce holdings, you have to wait until the next cycle, which is 1% at most.

    Effectively restricting the random harvesting of major shareholders, although there are other ways to obtain cash, such as pledging stocks, there are also restrictions.

    Moreover, Miracle Huayi was born too shortly before it was torn apart by a sudden storm before it could be manipulated.

    ? When the stock price falls below 1, it will be delisted for 20 consecutive trading days.

    The key point is that now it is no longer a question of how to avoid delisting, but the company and "Shushan" bear the brunt of it, and they will definitely be thrown out of the car to protect their handsomeness.

    "Mr. Zhang, the previous financing has been suspended!"

    "Mr. Zhang, the securities company notified us to increase the margin, otherwise the position will be closed!"

      "Mr. Zhang, Optoelectronics asked us to provide investigation materials!"

    "Mr. Zhang, our stock"

    Yang Tianbao and Tang Yan found here directly. They are the trump cards of the company, but they got a good share and spent a lot of money.

    Just about to cry when I entered the door, I was smashed out with a bang.


    Sitting on a large chair, Zhang Jiazhen suddenly cursed, without even looking at the two of them.

    Although he is old, he used to be very energetic and looked very young, but now he is stooped, with gray hair and an old face.

    If there is no unified fake news before, the nature will not be so serious.

    But just after the fake news came out, when the government cracked down and emphasized the danger of technology, Zhuang Zhou made an effort.  Holding the demon mirror, he dug out all the ghosts and monsters, and showed them to the country and the masses.

    Well, this is the entertainment circle~

    This is what unfettered capital will do~

    A crushing defeat!

    This time, all the projects and personnel involved in the AI ??face-changing, Miracle, Huayi, and even the bosses behind the backdoor listing, all suffered a crushing defeat!

    Zhang Jiazhen sat for a long time, but still picked up the phone and dialed out.

    "Congratulations, you are always so unexpected."


    "But I really don't understand. If you try your best to hurt both sides, and expose your shortcomings, you will also defeat us. Aren't you afraid that you will be troubled? Baby is yours, and you can't escape even if the authorities track it down."

    "Then don't bother you"

    The other party smiled: "What are you still doing in the Jianghu when you are old? It's time to retire and drink tea when you have time!"


    Getaway Company.

    The employees have been up for several days. They go home in shifts, pack up and rush back home.  They were physically exhausted and excited, and looked at Zhuang Zhou as if they were looking at a god.

    It was still noisy outside, and the protests of the fans downstairs could be heard from time to time. The police station specially sent a policeman to communicate in time.

    Zhuang Zhou scanned the latest news and walked to the whiteboard again.

    This whiteboard has become a "memorabilia", starting from the launch of "Down the Mountain" until the last few words he wrote.

    "Let's all go back!"


    "Go back, get off work, everyone have a good rest."

    "how about you?"

    "I'm leaving too, I'm fine for now."

    Zhuang Zhou thanked the police, drove away the employees, and drove back to Lingshui County overnight.

    The night was charming, and he still had time to appreciate it. When he got home, A Yuan had already cooked wontons and filled a large bowl: "I'm back, wash my hands and eat!"

    "Well, it smells so good!"

    Zhuang Zhou sat down, poured vinegar and chili oil on it, and ate a hot Chiliu.

    "How about this time?"

    Ah Yuan held the bowl and asked.

    "It's okay, we need to work harder."

    "What else do you want to do?"

    "Little Daoist!"

    He suddenly yelled, and the bedroom responded: "I'm here~"

    "Accompany me to Beijing tomorrow!"

    "Okay! ?
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