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Text Chapter 242: It¡¯s not good for young people to be proud of their talents

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    Beijing, a certain department.

    in meeting.

    The leader was furious in the silence at the scene, patted the table and said: "I have opened my eyes, I never knew that film and television dramas can be filmed like this? Let me ask you, does anyone know about this?"

    He refers to the AI ??face swap.


    The people below continued to be silent, some really didn't know, some knew, but they couldn't admit it even if they were beaten to death.

    We have always been people who don't raise officials but don't prosecute them. Changing faces and filming does not break the law.

    Just like the traffic of those cutout pictures, a few burst out from time to time, but there is nothing wrong with it.

    But this time is different. It has already involved doubts about the official supervision and review, the blatant fraud of the awards, the deception of the platform, the film crew, and the crew, and the joint petition of netizens for a thorough investigation!

    Since the birth of the Internet in the Mainland, has there been a joint petition?

    On the contrary, tens of millions of Chinese netizens jointly signed a petition to check Fort Detrick.

    All this broke out in a very short period of time, and the spread and expansion of the Internet were fully reflected. The department was quite passive, so it had to throw out a notice of "removal, investigation" to appease, and hurriedly held a meeting to discuss it.

    Seeing that no one responded, the leader snorted and said, "Forget it, this incident is too complicated and has a lot of context, who is it, you should explain it to everyone first."

    The person who was named prepared a manuscript, and said: "This incident originated from a public opinion storm caused by the cracking of the AI ??face-swapping technology used in large-scale film and television works.

    The list that has been released so far has as many as 47 works and 165 actors, including well-known celebrities and newcomers.  "


    Some people who were not very clear about the incident were shocked, no wonder it was described as "large-scale", 165 people!  How many famous people are there in the entertainment industry?

    "For the authenticity of this incident, that is, whether they used AI to change their faces, it is not difficult to check"

    The man paused, and said: "I initially asked a few people, and the answer is yes."

    He briefly summed it up first, and then began to sort it out: "The source is a company called Xiaoyaoyou, which suddenly released a restored video, which spread rapidly on the Internet.

    The fans were the first to be affected. In the name of protecting their idols, they chased, intercepted, insulted and threatened Xiaoyaoyou, and even a small number of irrational fans went downstairs to the company to protest. It is said that a group of teenage girls  child.

    The behavior of fans accelerated the expansion of the incident, and more and more netizens participated in it.

    The year before last, there was an online movie "Mr. New Zombie", which restored the youthful appearance of several old and deceased actors, which caused heated discussions on the Internet.  Since this technology has precedents in Hollywood, it is more of a discussion of ethics.

    In the past year, many actors with poor acting skills have suddenly improved by leaps and bounds, which has already made some netizens suspicious.  However, there was no trigger for the public opinion incident, and no waves were caused.

    Later, Xiaoyaoyou released more restoration videos, as well as a detailed list of stand-ins, and videos of stand-ins filming on the set.

    Netizens found that one by one they could match the number, and with this as a boundary point, they entered the next stage of public opinion expansion.

    Relevant stakeholders also began to withdraw hot searches, which further caused a rebound in the sentiment of netizens, so that there was an extreme act of mixing in theaters and throwing eggs at an artist.

    Immediately, some self-media practitioners issued a joint petition Do I need to read it?  "


    The leader seems to be distracted, and seems to be thinking: "Read it!"

    "At a time when my great country is making great strides, when literary and artistic works should be strong and heroic, but they are full of people who disrupt the market and rape the audience!

    We hope that the official media will pay attention, optoelectronics will pay attention, and the country will pay attention!

    We request a thorough investigation"

    "Following the comments of several newspapers, the announcement of the two major awards, and the voice of the department This incident, the specificity of the content, the speed of dissemination, and the wide influence are the result of the superposition of multiple factors, and the possibility of fueling the flames cannot be ruled out.  .

    And the problems we urgently need to deal with:

    One is how to deal with related works and personnel?  Among them, "Shushan" is the most serious.

    The second is the gray industry spawned by AI face-changing, including but not limited to overlord contracts that monopolize portrait rights, arbitrary abuse of portrait rights, and so on.

    The third is whether it is necessary to make relevant regulations and establish a regulatory system.  "

    ? This person sorted it out quite in detail, listing all the main points, and the restNext is the discussion.  The meeting room was quiet for a moment, and someone suddenly asked, "Who are those 165 people?"

    "Let's put it this way, there are basically all popular stars."

    "If everyone is punished, there will be no one in the film and television industry?"

    "That's not true. Actors who are drama-themed actors, actors who are not well-known, and a few powerful actors are not affected much."

    "The issue of the contract needs to be carefully investigated, and the institutional system also needs to be studied. The most important thing is the first point. What I mean is that all 47 works have been removed from the shelves, and 165 people are temporarily not suitable for activities."

    "It's okay to be removed from the shelves, but have you ever thought about how many influential stars are there among the 165 people? How many crews, variety shows, cultural performances, and commercial activities can they cover?

    I heard that some scenes suddenly broke up during filming, and the crew didn't even get their salaries.  Because the star has an accident, the company has an accident, it is meaningless for them to shoot again.

    The food and clothing of millions of waterworkers!

    The scope of punishment is too large, but don't be another film and television winter!  "

    "More than that, I think it's going to be a landslide!"

    "I also think the same way. It's enough to go after the first offender. The entertainment industry is not easy to develop today. Is it possible to catch all 165 people in one go? Isn't that an artificial retrogression?"

    It is a common way of thinking to pursue the first offender and kill chickens to make an example of monkeys.

    Back then, Xiaopang evaded taxes and paid 800 million yuan. After her, the entertainment industry collectively paid 11.8 billion yuan in taxes!

    The list has not been exposed, and it will be fine if people complete it, and continue to make money.

    Although Xiaopang was not wronged, this kind of thing is very disgusting.

    This is the same thinking now, isn't "Shushan" the first to bear the brunt?  Then fine the parties involved in "Shushan" heavily, and others will beat and beat, so don't make it too big!

    For a while, a consensus was quickly reached.

    After discussing this topic, someone asked again: "What kind of company is that Xiaoyaoyou?"

    "That is, the previous era of miracles was all under the name of one person, Zhuang Zhou."

    "Oh, the one for "Red Tide"?"

    "Yes, yes, I remember "Red Tide", very talented."

    "Can you do whatever you want if you are talented? He can't absolve himself of the blame for making such a big deal!"

    "Hey, that's right, I remember someone reported it to him, and he didn't file according to the regulations. Didn't he let him prove himself?"

    "Uh, there is no reply so far, and the materials have not even been submitted."


    Someone slapped the table and scolded: "It's outrageous! It's outrageous! Tell him to come to Beijing immediately and explain to him what's going on!"

    "That's right, it's not good for young people to be proud of their talents, they should"

    Just as he was talking, there were two thuds, and the secretary hurried in: "Leader, urgent notice, I'm calling you to a meeting."

    "A meeting? What kind of meeting?"

    "I didn't say the specific content, and those from the Internet Information Office, the public security department, and the science and technology department have all been called to a meeting!"


    The leader suddenly felt bad.

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