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Text Chapter 244: All Blocked

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    The leader did not know what mood he would return to the unit.

    Sitting in the office, he was in a trance, completely lost the demeanor of dominating life and death in the entertainment industry, and he was like an ordinary old man who was helpless, repelled, and fearful in the face of technology beyond his old cognition.

    Is the entertainment industry big?

    In a sense, it is very big, but at the level of national strategy, it cannot even be equated with the "cultural industry", it is only a part of the industry.

    China is not South Korea, which can shout the slogan "Culture (entertainment) rejuvenates the country".

    The rejuvenation of China is industry, national defense, education, high-end technology, and the sea of ??stars!  The cultural industry is only one part of it.

    "Boom boom boom!"

    A subordinate came in knocking on the door and said, "Leader, are you looking for me?"

    "Oh, sit"

    The leader came back to his senses and became very calm, briefly talked about the content of the meeting, and said: "The first thing is to cooperate with other departments to investigate the Bawang contract, the abuse of portraits and other issues.

    The second thing, you go to draft a statement and block them all.  "

    "All? 165 people?"

    "Include related works!"

    "I can't!"

    The subordinate was anxious, and panicked: "Didn't it be agreed that only the principal culprit should be investigated? If they are all blocked, there will be no one in the entertainment industry. What should the practitioners do? What do the audience watch? What does the platform broadcast?

    The food and clothing of millions of waterworkers!  "

    It's your mother's head!

    The leader just doesn't have a cigar cutter. If there is one, he must smash it like Zhang Jiazhen.  When is this, still don't understand?

    Do we still need stars in the future!  !  !

    The subordinate rolled out of the office, ashamed like a zombie, he took out his phone and wanted to notify him, he just thought about it.

    "I can't help you either, so please yourself!"


    The impact of this turmoil can still be described in terms of the five levels of the entertainment industry:

    The passers-by and melon-eaters on the fifth floor are full, and the fans are suffering. Some of them have lost fans and turned black, and some are still persisting, firmly believing that their idols are fine.

    Small companies and ordinary stars on the fourth floor have no ability to resist and wait for the verdict.

    The third-tier backbone companies and big stars are at the level of Li Lianhua and Da Mimi. They are a link between the past and the future, and have a certain ability to resist risks, but they will be thrown away by the top at any time.

    And the biggest problems they face are illegal contracts and a backlog of works. Once the episodes cannot be sold, the funds cannot be returned, and debt bankruptcy is the minimum.

    The large companies in the second tier are more losses in the financial market.

    The first-tier large groups relying on the Internet platform as a clear face, the financial loss can at most cut a piece of meat, but the works are too annoyed to be removed from the shelves.

    Each has its own influence, and they are all waiting for the official verdict.

    "Only kill the chief evil?"

    In the office, Yao Lin was excitedly answering a phone call: "Are you sure? Are you sure you said so? That's great, okay, right away!"

    She hung up the phone and said to the people below, "Don't worry, it's fine, only "Shushan" is being held accountable."

    "Very good!"

    "Let me just say, it must be fine, do you understand that the law does not blame the public?"

    "Is that work recoverable?"

    "That's right, recover immediately!"

    Yao Lin let out a long sigh of relief. It seems that the sky is about to collapse these days. The big factory is still awesome, and its ability to resist risks is too strong!

    She didn't have any old friendship with Zhuang Zhou, she was an enemy, and she secretly hated: This kid offended the entire entertainment circle, wait for revenge!

    Soon, works that had been removed from the shelves were put on the shelves one after another, which undoubtedly brought a signal: It's all right!

    "Damn! I knew it would be like this, it sucks, worse than men's football!"

    "Just get used to it, don't invest too much emotion, it's not worth it. Isn't it good to eat melons and watch dramas like me?"

    "Upstairs you said to your conscience, you are not angry at all?"

    "I have no conscience, so I won't say it."

    ? Fans rushed to tell each other, and it was rare for the support clubs to give up fighting and unite, and there was an atmosphere of "the world's traffic is a family".

    "Brother was originally innocent and was wronged!"

    "Woooooh, my boy is so beautiful, why does he always have to suffer? Ah, my heart hurts so much!"

    "We can't just let it go, those who slander and spread rumors must be punished!"

    "Yes, to?Get punished!  "

    So a large number of fans ran to the account of Xiaoyaoyou, and started a stormy counterattack.

    Xiaoyaoyou's heart is as calm as water, and he even posted the latest video of a Taoist leader. This attitude angered fans even more, and they became more aggressive and verbal.

    After a while, some passers-by wondered: "Where is it restored? Isn't it still off the shelves?"

    "No, it just recovered."

    "But I didn't see it, I really didn't see it."

    "Are you blind? I'll send you a chain Ga!"

    The fans were terrified. The works restored not long ago were gone. What was even more horrifying was that a hot search instantly grabbed the attention:

    "Performers engaged in broadcasting, television and online audio-visual, especially well-known entertainers, as public figures, have great social influence and exemplary role. They should consciously practice the industry's self-discipline standards, stick to the bottom line requirements of the industry, and assume the responsibility of guiding social fashion.  responsibility.

    Recently, a large-scale technical face-changing incident of entertainers broke out on the Internet. As an actor, he does not need to talk about his professional ability.  Impact!

    We will not provide opportunities and platforms for those who lose their morals to show their faces, and will continue to provide healthy and uplifting screen audio for the general public!  "


    Fry the pan again!

    "What do you mean? What do you mean?"

    "Are you a pig! Hahaha, I want to buy two hanging whips to release, I finally came here once and I was not disappointed!"

    "Fuck, why are you so ruthless this time? This is breaking the entertainment industry!"

    "Who are the 165 people?"

    "I have the previous list!"

    "Fuck, all these people are blocked, what else are we looking at?"

    Not only that, but after this statement, there were another:

    "The joint statement of the xx Association requires member units to boycott unscrupulous artists!"

    "xx talks about online audio-visual platform"

    "xx interviewed three TV stations"

    "xx indicates a thorough investigation of the issue of portrait rights!"


    "Who told you to put it on the shelves? Take it down!"

    "It's not that you said that you only punish the chief evil"

    "The culprit is a fart! This time it's real, all will be withdrawn, as long as there are participating works, no one will be left!"

    "Then we will lose a lot of content, what do members watch?"

    "Upload the unaffected dramas first. By the way, look for old dramas. Many actors in old dramas are fine. We are trying to find a way!"



    "It's over, the company has suppressed five dramas!"

    "Think of a way, so many things were handled lightly before, this time it is impossible to kill them all!"

    "Old, boss?"

    "If you fart, let it go!"

    "The higher-ups have set up an investigation team to investigate the portrait contract! We have signed hundreds of newcomers, but they are all witnesses!"

    "It's over, it's over!"

    The boss of a company slumped on a chair, motionless like a dead dog.

    He used to be a mixed producer. Not long after the company was established, he also signed a few newcomers. He wanted to make a fortune with new types of works, but he didn't make much money, and suddenly the landslides and ground collapsed, and everything was scrapped.


    All 165 people are blocked, all participating works are removed from the shelves, and any performing arts activities are prohibited!

    If it was temporary before, after the official ban statement came out, it will be long-term or even permanent!

    Seeing him get up from Zhulou, seeing him entertaining guests, seeing his building collapse.  I have slept on this pile of moss and green tiles, and I have seen the rise and fall of fifty years.

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